Daredevil, Vol. 2: Parts of a Hole By David W. Mack

Parts of a Hole collects Marvel Knights Daredevil #9-15

Okay, this was some gooooood shit. David Mack of Kabuki fame writes a tale of the eternal conflict between Daredevil and the Kingpin. In this installment, the Kingpin unleashes Echo in the Man without Fear's direction. Echo is a deaf woman with photographic reflexes and a bonafide bad ass. Echo and Daredevil's alter egos getting mutually infatuated certainly complicates things.

David Mack's writing brings something new to the table. It still feels like a Daredevil story but also seems like a kung fu story, albeit one with some very human touches. The pace is fast and furious and some serious thought went into the fights between Daredevil and Echo.

Joe Quesada draws some of the issues and David Ross draws others. I'm wondering if deadlines or Joe Q's bloody rise to power in the Marvel hierarchy behind the scenes had something to do with it. Anyway, a lot of it happens during the day, which is a nice change of pace for a Daredevil book.

The events at the end made me glad this was part of my Daredevil haul from shopgoodwill a few weeks ago. Four out of five stars. 9780785108085 At first i thought Mack's writing is either (a) simply better than Kevin Smith (who immediately preceded this volume) or (b) first-rate. I now realize it's the latter. Mack is a gifted storyteller, and this story is a gift.

The art is generally as bad as the first Queseda DD volume with some incredible pages thrown in. It turns out that the layouts (blocking, in stage terms) for these pages were contributed by Mack, so Queseda had some really strong inspiration to drive the improved though sporadic quality. 9780785108085 David Mack takes over the writing and some of the art in this volume, which introduces the character Maya Lopez, also known as Echo. The Kingpin again messes with Daredevil's life by telling Echo that Daredevil killed her father. Meanwhile, Matt meets Maya and they become close quickly, which becomes complicated when Matt recognizes that Maya and Echo are the same person.

Echo is another very interesting romantic foil for both Matt and Daredevil, this time representing a sensory contrast to Matt's blindness - Maya is deaf but is also a perfect mimic, able to even replicate Matt's fighting style. Several scenes are very reminiscent of scenes from the Daredevil movie, where Elektra takes the place of Echo. The story itself is very straightforward but well told; Mack's non-traditional panel layouts are excellent, especially when he uses children's crayon drawings for Maya's inner thoughts. 9780785108085 This book was close to a five. Unfortunately Mack wasn't around for one issue and the quality suffers. Mack makes Quesada art bearable. No small feat.

I really thought that Bendis created Maya. I love her character and her short straw as a character is one of my biggest Marvel failures. 9780785108085 Oh Matt Murdock. I believe I'm developing an unhealthy obsession with his character. That thin line between Matt the lawyer and Daredevil the vigilante superhero is something that I can't get enough of! He's such a sweet guy. Such a kind person, that definitely deserves some semblance of a normal life. But he won't ever get that, because he's too good. Oh, Matt. You're just too kind for your own good.

In this volume, we meet Echo. Maya is her real name, and she's a prodigy. Being deaf has allowed her the ability to exactly copy anything that she sees. Whether it's a piece played on a piano, a dance routine, or brand new fighting skills, she can learn it all simply by watching it happen. Which means, of course, that she's Daredevil's ultimate match. Because she can watch what he does, and copy him exactly. It's not easy to fight someone who knows your every move.

I missed Mack's art like crazy, but Quesada does a pretty amazing job as well. The panels in this volume are a lot more vivid, a lot more crisp. It works well with the story, especially the panels where Maya is talking about her childhood. The incorporation of drawings and the scrawling handwriting of a child, really hit the point of this part of the story home. Maya lost something, just like Matt did. She became Echo. He became Daredevil. The two of them are so alike.

There's something deep between these two. I think I have a crush on Echo/Maya too, despite the fact that she and Matt just can't be together. 9780785108085

Matt Murdoch falls in love with a tragic figure who has been programmed by the Kingpin to destroy his alter-ego, Daredevil. Worse yet, the assassin, Echo, can absorb every move and detail of Daredevil's fighting style to turn his own strengths against him. Collects issues 9-15. Daredevil, Vol. 2: Parts of a Hole

DNF. Po prvním sešitu jsem tím zběžně prolistoval a kresbu nedávám.

A už konečně chápu, kde vzali tvůrci filmového DD všechny bizáry jako hořící DD nebo bitvu na hříšti. :)) 9780785108085 Davida Macka si vážím jakožto kreslíře, proto jsem měl trochu obavu z toho co napíše. Jeho Daredevil je malinko bizarní a místy se pere s tím jak ho pojmout. Bude to spíš surrealistické nebo typicky superhrdinské? Kdo ví, náznak je tam obojeho ale ani jedno to jasně není. Tomu nepomáhá ani kresba, nesnáším Quesadu a Palmiottiho takže jsem trpěl strašně, ale místy něco dělá Mack což je hezké a i je tu pár panelů a nápadů které mě nadchly. 12 issue který je na konci jako mezihra je totální zbytečnost ale bylo to fajn.
Spíš jde o slušné překvapení, bavilo mě to a rozhodně jsem si to užíval víc než Guardian Devila, 3,5☆. 9780785108085 Echo is such a baddie. 9780785108085 Parts of a Hole is a story I always wanted to read when I first started reading Daredevil five years or so ago, but it wasn't available in paper form at the time. Thanks to Marvel Unlimited I got a chance to read it finally and I'm very impressed. First off, the story is very long, but also pretty organic. The kind of story you don't see lately, because it would cost nearly $30 to put it out in trade paperback form. Some of the best parts of the story are the origins of Echo and the Kingpin. Both of these sub-stories were detailed, interesting, and they felt real and superhero-y at the same time. Having just read Moon Knight, it was cool to get some background on Echo and I think she is the perfect love interest for Matt, outside of Elektra, because of the unique way they interact. For a superhero comic, the story had just a little more depth and layers of meaning than a lot of others I've read. The ending of the story just felt really satisfying too. The plot of this story really sets up some key parts in Bendis's run so if you're at all interested in that, this is also worth reading either before or after.

There were a few areas of this story that kept it from getting five stars. The goofy twin-assassin brothers who speak in cliched expressions did not belong in a Daredevil story, though I understand what purpose they served the plot. There is also a one-shot story in the middle of the arc about how Daredevil helps a lot of people (mostly accidentally) and while the intentions were nice, it was too melodramatic to really have an impact on me. Finally, the art is pretty good, but not great. There are some cool one page spreads and some really nice uses of the medium like the puzzle pieces. Whenever David Mack draws a panel, it is always something special, but these three things kept me from giving it the highest marks. 9780785108085 As many others have noted, this is a dramatic improvement over Kevin Smith's work in volume one. Mack opts for the pathos approach over an unnecessarily convoluted plot that relies on trickery and revelatory climaxes (that disappoint in the depths to which they are cliche) to produce an emotionally appealing and satisfying Daredevil story.

Parts of a Hole is aptly titled as the volume spends most of its pages sounding the depths of Murdoch's sense of loss. In the wake of the death of another love interest, Murdoch is once again set adrift. Mack does a great job treading a fine line discussing depression and the psychologically devastating effects of abandonment without straying into melodrama either in plotting or dialogue. There are no Woe is me moments, and the emotional appeal is subtle, almost refined. The entire arc is satisfyingly symmetric. Filling the void in Daredevil's life is Echo, a deaf woman who is both his physical opposite and equal - a point Mack maybe drives too hard with his Newton analogies.

In short, the arc was thoughtfully constructed, compelling told and brilliantly (except for a single issue in the collection) illustrated. The side-focus on the Kingpin's backstory was especially helpful for a Marvel newbie like me and really helped in providing context for the world of Hell's Kitchen moving forward. 9780785108085

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