Cuckolded - My Wife on the Submarine By Victoria Kasari


Firstly, the sex was hot if you like the gang bang filthy stuff. However as a story it fell down. There was very little dialogue between husband and wife before the husband became the reluctant cuckold so it was very difficult to feel empathetic to his situation. When the wife's past is revealed he was reduced to more of a narrator describing someone going about their usual business. There was no emotional connection with the reader about the absurd situation he found himself in. However, it did keep me reading to the end and did I say the sex was hot. Cuckolded - My Wife on the Submarine

A massive 60,000 words. Special launch price - normal price will be $4.99
My gorgeous, Eastern European wife and I were on board the sub to film a documentary. When the captain took a liking to her, I thought it was harmless. I enjoyed watching her flirt.

But when war broke out between our two nations, the sub was forced to dive, trapping us on board. My wife found her old loyalties ran deep and became the captain's nightly companion. And that was only the beginning. As the sole American on board, I was the enemy. Every man on board wanted to humiliate taking my wife. Cuckolded - My Wife on the Submarine

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