Cop Blocked (Too Hot to Handle #4) By Aubree Valentine

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She was the one he didn't see coming.

He's the one she may have been looking for all along.

With his smooth talking southern charm, Logan Campbell has a way of winning over the ladies. He may be a gentleman to the core, but he was far from innocent. Committed to one thing in life - protecting and serving his country, and his community, didn't leave a whole lot of time for relationships.

But, Rachel Monaghan has everything he's looking for, and even a few things he didn't know he wanted.

Love. Marriage. A family. And fresh baked cookies.

How could something so simple turn into something so important? She's the one he's craving and damn if he's not ready to make all of her dreams come true.

Their love story proves that life is full of surprises, and sacrifices are often always worth it. Even if it means occasionally getting Cop Blocked. Cop Blocked (Too Hot to Handle #4)

Rachel and Logan have both had disastrous dates in the past. They meet at a bar and end up chatting about said dates. A simple exchange of numbers and these two end up giving things a go. Problem is Logan doesn't want kids and turns out Rachel has a three year old daughter. Logan fights it but he falls in love with Rachel and her adorable daughter. Will this couple end up together or move on? A sweet, good read. English What an awesome read!
Author Aubree Valentine pieces together an intriguing story with compelling characters and a few fabulous twists and turns!

A chance meeting after a couple of disastrous dates (with other people) leads to something both Rachel and Logan want to explore.
Until Logan discovers Rachel is a mother, and he is deathly allergic to kids.

I adored the secondary characters in this story so much. The two most notable ones have to be Piper and Nana.

Cop blocked is a great story with humor, angst, steam and ALL the feels! Highly recommended!

4.5 stars English I really did enjoy this book, it was written very well with great characters.

Rachel was a single mum who would like to start dating again, Logan was a Reservist Marine/police officer, he met Rachel when she spoke to him about his disastrous date! Numbers were exchanged and plans made to meet again!

Things are going well, until a comment Logan makes and Rachel backs off a bit, that is until they meet at mutual friends and her secret is out - her 3 year old daughter! What follows is an attraction that cannot be halted. A little girl who breaks through the wall that Logan has built round his heart and a love a man feels for a woman and her daughter.

Things are not easy, as Logan has to go on tour, and after what happened in his previous relationship he is nervous about going and how Rachel will cope, but like all good wives/girlfriends who wave their men off on tour, she takes it in her stride and promises she will be there when he gets home. And he has something to look forward to make the days go quickly!

This was one of those books that you didn’t want to put down! English Holy Moly! Where do I begin with this.

Logan is out on a date from an app and she is driving him insane.. Rachel is at the same restaurant watching this nightmare unfold after being stood up on her blind date.. When Logan sends his date home he sits at the bar and starts talking to Rachel. Who would think two nightmare dates could turn into anything. When they realize they also have mutual friends they cant believe they hadn't met before and honestly could it be any better? Until Rachel tells Logan the one thing that could send him packing. And What will happen when Logan tells Rachel he is being deployed again?
English Cop Blocked steams it's way through heartache and forces it's way into your heart. Rachel and Logan are determined to get under your skin and believe me they do. Valentine gives emotions orgasmic pleasure with heartstopping results. Cop Blocked left me breathless.

Of the 4 books in this series this one was my least favorite. I found it boring and unrealistic to the point of flipping pages. I guess I’m not a fan of the slow burn romance trope. Two mature adults who have decided to have a relationship don’t wait months to have sex and then their first time do it in a bar bathroom. 🤢 The steam in the first 3 books was written very well. This book lacked steam and the chemistry was boring. The 3 yr old girl acted more like she was 5. Too many new characters in the book that added nothing to the storyline except banter. A good editor could have condensed the fluff in the story and made this a much better book. English I LOVE me some Aubree Valentine and her talented writing style with is highly addictive. AND I LOVE the Too Hot to Handle series, plus I really LOVED the majority of Cop Blocked, except there's this whole issue that I have with endings being a bit too rushed, and it breaks my heart to say this, but I wanted this ending to be a bit bigger. This is the story of Logan Campbell, who has self diagnosed himself with allergy to tiny humans, so he absolutely doesn't want any himself, however, he finds himself looking to maybe find a plus one in his life, so his close friend circle talks him into getting a date from a dating app. It's like the worst date ever, and as he pours his date into an uber, another woman, Rachel, comes to sit down with him, and frankly, was laughing about his situation, even though her blind date was a no show. They find themselves having a good time, and neither can get the either out of their heads after they go home separately. Rachel Monaghan was a NICU nurse, who isn't afraid of commitment, just very careful about it since she has a tiny human at home. So, she doesn't tell him that she has a daughter, and not because she knows of his allergy because of being careful. They have sparks, but it's a slow burn story as they get to know each other. And the cast of secondaries really added to this story in big ways, especially Rachel's tiny human daughter, who kept me laughing hard. There's even an f-bomb worthy twist or two, some angst (but not a ton thankfully) with a tiny side of drama, so yeah, it ticked all my boxes. So, what happens when Logan finds out about Rachel's tiny human?! Will he continue their dating, or run in the other'll have to one click Cop Blocked to find out! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! English I loved Logan and Rachel's story! I haven't read the other stories in this series (I don't think, it's Friday and my brain is on strike) but you don't need to. I want to read the other couples stories because they just have such a fun friendship and they all crack me up!

Logan is not a commitment guy. Kids scare him, well as long as they aren't his kids. He is fine with his friends' kids. So really he's not scared of them either I guess. But don't tell him that, he doesn't seem to be that self aware. And Rachel is a single mom with an adorable young daughter Piper who immediately is taken with Logan.

Talk about awkward circumstances, gossipy friends and a completely precocious daughter and you're laughing throughout the story! English Who is Logan? What does he do for a living? Who are Gunner, Louis Shortstack, Sunny, and Ryker? Who is Rachel? What does she do for a living? Who is Rhys? The conversation between Rhys and Logan is so funny! Miss Beasley is a hoot of an old lady. I love her. The interplay between Rachel and Tori at work is fun to read! This turned out to be such a fun read. I need to pick up more of this author's stories. Loved the ending. Nana is such a hoot, again!

RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR/HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin' With M. Brennan. English COP BLOCKED by Aubree Valentine is book 4 in the Too Hot to Handle Series. This is the story of Rachel Monaghan and Logan Campbell. This was a standalone book for me. Rachel is a nurse who is a single mother who doesn't take time for herself much. When she happens to meet Logan they talk and seem to hit it off. Rachel doesn't want to scare him away so she keeps her daughter from him. But Logan is a cop who gets called to a older ladies (grandmother) several times in his career and has a friendship with her of sorts. But he quickly finds Rachel's secret.
This was a quick easy read. English