Cookies by Simon St. Laurent By Simon St. Laurent

Suppose you had the only cookies in town? That's what this book gives you. Cookies is the only book to focus on this important programming tool that helps users keep track of where they are in a Web site. This book gives developers and content providers every crumb of information they need about cookies!Cookies' Unique Ingredients:
-- Details that developers need to create cookies with maximum functionality
-- Tools, techniques, and standards for both Netscape and Explorer
-- Cookies and Java -- when, how, and whether to use them
-- Help in anticipating and meeting new standards
-- Simulated cookies for browsers that can't handle or refuse cookies
-- Alternatives to cookies, including Open Profiling Standard, digital signatures, and proposed security models
-- Site architecture considerations
-- Facilitating electronic commerce with cookies
-- Cookies, responsibility, and privacy Cookies by Simon St. Laurent

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