Conundrum: Cadburys creme egg mystery By Don Shaw

I never took part in the actual challenge, it was long over before I got the book. But I remember my dad and I had a great time reading this book and working out the clues together. somehow, I think we got all but one of them. Looking back over the book years later, I had no idea how we even worked them out. The pictures were also good, and the spooky story about the Hand of Glory never failed to give me shivers.

The poem bit of it went something like this.

'If all the household lie asleep
A flame on every finger burn
But if a servant be awake
The others to their dreams return.'

For those nostalgic for the book, there are some pictures here:

It tells you where the eggs were found, too.
Conundrum: Cadburys creme egg mystery

Conundrum: Cadburys creme egg mystery

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