Concepts of Calculus with Applications By Martha Goshaw


KEY BENEFITS Martha Goshaw's Concepts of Calculus with Applications is the next generation of calculus textbook for the next generation of students and instructors. Martha is a new kind of textbook author, drawing from her many successful years in the classroom to bring calculus to life. This text is written in Martha's natural classroom voice, using a cheerful, student-friendly presentation to engage non-majors in the modern applied calculus course. With her deep knowledge of how students think and study, Martha's approach helps students with every homework assignment and exam, with ample algebra review before every topic and multiple types of study tools. Now for the first time ever, MyMathLab(R) makes available a wide array of online homework, tutorial, and assessment tools, making the most of both students' and instructors' time. KEY TOPICS Function review, Limits and Derivatives, Applications of the Derivative, The Integral and its Applications, Multivariable Calculus. MARKET For all readers interested in calculus Concepts of Calculus with Applications

characters Concepts of Calculus with Applications