Always Enough: Gods Miraculous Provision Among the Poorest Children on Earth By Heidi Baker

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An interesting, and inspiring, testimony of the Bakers' years serving the Lord in Mozambique. However, as much as I would love to see such revival and works of the Lord happen in America, unfortunately we are not nearly as needy as those in Mozambique. I am not sure American believers WANT to be in such dire straits so as to see such miracles as the Baker's describe in this book. Paperback This is one of the most life-changing, life impacting books I've ever read. Heidi and Rolland are radical lovers of God who have lived in garbage dumps and shacks all across Mozambique, taking in thousands and thousands of orphans with no way of taking care of them. They depend on Jesus every day to be all that they need...and He shows up and multiplies food daily, raises the dead, opens blind eyes and ears...etc. You can't come away without your heart being broken for the orphans and the widows. Paperback Always Enough tells the story of Rolland and Heidi Baker's ministry to the nation of Mozambique. From small beginnings with a run-down orphanage, they have started a movement that planted 5,000 churches in ~6 years. Their amazing work is a testimony to the grace and mercy of God and continues to this day. So, what's the book like?

Roughly alternating between Rolland and Heidi, the book begins with descriptions of their early lives and briefly details their work in Hong Kong and London; the main focus, however, is Mozambique. Mainly narrative, the story is interspersed with testimonies, diary entries and encouragement/challenges to the reader.

The content is really, really good, but I felt it wasn't arranged to its full potential. Also, some details, such as where their resources come from, would have been interesting to read. They mention donations, and frequently mention miracles, such as when they fed 100 orphans from one pot of chilli; however, some information on the non-miraculous, mundane nitty-gritty of their ministry would have really added to the information.

I get the impression this book is more of a summing up of their ministry in Mozambique (up to the date of writing), encouraging and challenging the reader. I believe they have written other, more narrative books, but this one really gives you the broad idea of God's amazing work in Mozambique through their ministry. If you want to be challenged, amazed, and knocked down by God's love, I highly recommend this book. Paperback It turns out, I'd read this book before I got it. The fine print inside reveals Originally published under the title 'There is Always Enough'. So, don't buy both. Either is fine. Paperback Love this book written by Rolland Heidi Baker. They give great perspective on what it looks like to live fully surrendered to God, and what it looks like to live a life of desiring more of Him, and less of our human, selfish ambition. I am deeply touched and challenged by this book, and was super blessed by the short last chapter. They talk about the reality of the challenge the face with the life they have chosen, but also about the great glory and joy of surrendering your life to Him. Paperback

Even the most desperate poverty, the most devastating illness, the most heart-wrenching grief is not beyond God's help. His love and power have no limits-and that's a message readers from all walks of life need to hear. The modern miracles that Rolland and Heidi Baker experience every day in their work with Mozambique's throwaway children, movingly chronicled in Always Enough, will inspire anyone looking for hope in the midst of suffering.
The Bakers, formerly missionaries in Indonesia and Hong Kong, share how their work for the past eight years in Mozambique, one of the poorest nations on earth, has borne spiritual fruit beyond their wildest dreams. Every day presents multiple impossible needs. But in the face of everything Satan can do, as Rolland and Heidi lay down their lives and minister to the one, there is always enough.
Readers will discover that the simple practice of choosing to step out and trust God every day unleashes his provision for every need. Always Enough: Gods Miraculous Provision Among the Poorest Children on Earth


A friend stopped by to give me this book over the weekend. I read the first chapter the first night and it so captivated my attention that it leap-frogged my to-read pile and I finished it in two days. The stories of God's miraculous provision, healings, and restoration of children inspired and challenged me. Think Acts meets Mozambique. I give it four stars only because the later chapters dragged a little for me. Not because they weren't amazing stories, but I think I hit what Donald Maass calls the churning of emotions: getting weary of revisiting the same emotion (in this case, equal parts compassion and awe) over and over. But I'd definitely recommend this title to anyone who wants to know if the Holy Spirit is still active and powerful in our world today, or who wants to be challenged to live sold-out for God's kingdom. Paperback Wow ... this books is so so good.

Rolland & Heidi Baker outline the early days of their relationship, their awakening to Christ's incredible love for them and the start of their ministry work in Mozambique. Heidi asked for a nation to minister to and the Lord gave them Mozambique. Their story demonstrates that old chestnut that the Lord simply desires those who are available. Those who make themselves available will be used and through daily surrender will be used extraordinarily.

We get to see the sparseness and poverty of the people they love amongst, how the Lord uses them to powerfully demonstrate His love for the brokenhearted, poor and needy. We experience miracle after miracle as people are raised from the dead, the blind given sight, the deaf the ability to hear ... God wants to do all this and more. But it's not just the Bakers who are the conduits of Christ's love; far from it, the many pastors of the thousands of churches that have been established are also the conduit for Christ's miracles.

It is a powerfully convicting life the Bakers are living. The power they experience but also the battles, the personal illnesses and devastation that the enemy throws at them like hundred-year old floods that set the country back decades. But through all of it we see an immense love, the Bakers for Jesus and Jesus for the Bakers. I want what they have.

Be warned. Reading this book will challenge you to a life of daily surrender to Jesus. Paperback What a wonderful account, 5 stars all the way! I had two concerns initially: were the Bakers false prophets and would I get a detailed account of a missionary journey? After reading this book in it's entirety I am convinced the Bakers are legitimate (there's too much super detailed information), and my curiosity was satisfied about the real experiences of a missionary closer to the present time. I've seen some footage of them via youtube, and that's possibly somewhat spiritually amiss. However, the book's account is gritty and heart- wrenching, the writing is simple, and the key applications are priceless. I highly recommend this book. Paperback I read this book while on a mission trip to Tanzania and it REALLY heavily inspired my service there and my outlook on life. I am currently re-reading the book, which is very rare for me, so that says a lot. I really love her love story that is sort of dug into in this book, and I just really admire this woman's story.

I would suggest this book to those that want to be stretched and want a greater understanding of God's work in other parts of the world. Those with a heart for service and missions would especially love this book and benefit from it greatly. Paperback I really enjoyed reading about what God has done/is doing through the Baker's ministry; a lot of the testimonials were excellent.
I was not so much a fan of some of the written style: Often it seemed they were trying to get across the major difficulties faced by the nation on a large scale, but generally in a way completely lacking in style. Undoubtedly, the attempt was to show these trails on the large, national, scale - yet I often felt like I was merely reading lists of statistics rather than seeing the graphic depiction (I think they were going for), which would have more readily drawn the reader in to the reality of the situation. They did subsidize the statistics with more personal testimonials (as I mentioned above), which were really what kept the book going most of the time.
The other aspect of the written style I was not a fan of was that I often felt like the author (mainly Heidi (she and Rolland wrote chapters off and on)) was often too 'preachy.' I get that the point is to motivate the reader into action, but most people reading a book like this are already people who want to be in the action, besides, most of the content of testimonials is fairly challenging to the average Christian reader as it is. Paperback