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Ms. St. Klaire has become a master at sexy romantic & at times, terrifying suspense stories. Some of her characters are members of a high class security team called Brothers Keepers. They protect people from the worst dangers & do it successfully. This story is the continuation of Part 1. Cane is a member of that team. He’s protecting the only surviving victim of a gruesome serial killer. This story kept me on the edge of my seat. You knew they were going to be in tense situations but you had no idea how they were going to get out of them. Smart, terrifying serial killer vs. sexy, savvy Cane. It was witty. It was sexy. It was scary!! Stephanie St. Klaire WOOZA!! Heart pounding, edge of your seat suspense is what Ms. St. Klaire delivers in this amazing story. I got lost in this story as I was reading and that’s my favorite part of reading, the escapism factor. Cane and Charlie rise again and this time they get their man/woman. Eddie and Skye showing up again was a bonus. If you’ve read Part 1 you are REALLY going to want to complete the story with part 2. If you haven’t read either and your a romantic suspense fan, you don’t want to miss this fantastic story. Stephanie St. Klaire Close Encounter Part 2 picks up from where Close Encounter Part 1 left off. It is the continuation of Cane and Charlie trying to figure out who is after both of them. With a target on both of their backs along with the rest of the O'Reilly family they race against the clock to find out who is after them, is it Anson Deveraux or is someone else? There are many twists and turns that will leave you trying to guess who it is. Ms. St. Klaire definitely out did herself with this book. Stephanie St. Klaire Continuing from part one. The nightmare continues for Cane and Charlie, the explosion left very little in the way of evidence and more murders point to the devil having survived. Killian working hard on ciber starts to find clues, but can he find enough and soon enough to keep them all alive. This was tense, there is suspense and some action. The budding relationship builds and Charlie slowly starts to heal a little. It is a fast paced read and ends with a happy conclusion so no cliff this time. I really enjoyed it. Started and finished 1/11/21 Stephanie St. Klaire The story of Cane and Charlie/Emily began in Close Encounter Part 1 and must be read before Part 2. Charlie is the only survivor of a serial killer and is under the protection of Brother's Keeper, specifically Cane, until the murderer is apprehended. Both of these books deliver an edge of your seat, white knuckle suspense that had me reading into the wee hours of the morning.
The writing is crisp, the storyline interesting with well-rounded characters that drive the plot at a rapid pace. There are multiple threads to this tale and Stephanie St. Klaire is masterful as she weaves these threads into a winning romantic suspense. 5 stars! Stephanie St. Klaire

The Keepers series will keep you on the edge of your seat as Cane and Charlie find romance on the run amidst a cult uprising, a diabolical killer who won’t stay dead and a trail of bodies from Vegas to Portland...

Victim turned witness, Charlie finds herself the center of a blood bath, back in protective custody and safe in the arms of bodyguard Cane O’Reilly.

When the lights go out in Portland, it’s Vegas all over again, as the diabolical killers take to the streets and try to shake Charlie out of hiding.

From copycats to cold blooded, there is no rest for the wicked, but if Anson is dead who’s calling the shots? Close Encounter, Part 2

This is as gripping and enthralling as the beginning was. The main issue is who’s behind the rash of murders crossing the nation? Anson Devereaux’s dead, or is he? Are these just copycat killings or something much more sinister? Trust the Keepers to figure it out.

Cane and Charlie are back in Portland for this exciting, edge of your seat conclusion, and it’s a real corker! With all of the intelligence and technology contained in Watermark Tower, it should be a cinch, but there’s a surprising twist or two which add to the overall suspense of the story and are sure to keep you guessing.

The passion between Cane and Charlie is only growing stronger as their feelings for each other and the situation become more intense. There’s a lot in this tale that is sure to keep you glued to its pages from start to finish. It has been an explosive spin-off from the Brother’s Keepers series, and one that’s sure to leave you anxious for more.
Stephanie St. Klaire This book is fast paced and so so so good! I couldn't put it down. Charlie and Cane are back in Portland and still dealing with the crazy man after Charlie. But oh man does all craziness breakout. I loved it! Stephanie St Klaire has a way of making you feel like you are right there in the book! This book was even better then part one and I didn't think that could happen. I love The Brothers Keepers series and am loving this spin off as well! I can't wait until the next book!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Stephanie St. Klaire 🎁 FREE on Amazon & on Apple iBooks today (3/23/2022)! 🎁 Stephanie St. Klaire RATING 4.5 STARS

Familiar Threat is book two in The Keepers series by Stephanie St. Klaire. This is the conclusion to Charlie and Cane’s story. The first half of their story was book one, Final Deception. Note: This book was previously published as Close Encounter, Part 2.

After everything that happened in Las Vegas, Cane, Charlie and the team have moved to their base of operations, Portland, Oregon. They were sure that the evil serial killer, Anson Deveraux is dead. There is no way he could have survived that explosion. But as soon as they arrived in Portland, the bodies again started piling up, not just in Portland but all over the place! How could this be? Who is behind it?

“She lived on edge, and he lived to neutralize the fear that left her there.”

All Cane wants to do is keep Charlie safe. Where their relationship began while in Vegas as benefits only, scratching an itch, fulfilling a has grown to so much more. Cane has fallen for Charlie as she has for him.

“After all the ugly I’ve seen in this world, I didn’t think it could ever lead me to something so beautiful.”

This again was fairly non-stop from the start. And I was delighted that Eddie and Skye were back in the mix again. These two have changed so much since we first met them in the first book. I was so glad to see Charlie making strides to overcome her triggers. It was Cane that gave her the courage to do this. These two have been through so much, I was cheering from my couch for them to finally get their bad guy and have a chance at their HEA! And of course, the author had to throw in a twist to surprise us. If I had one complaint, it is that there was a lot of back and forth, arguing or whatever, between the characters at crucial points when there should have been no talking at all and action only. I was thinking, “why are you standing there arguing? Get going!”

Both of these books were so suspenseful, but also steamy and sweet, with some witty banter thrown in. I enjoyed them both so much and will definitely be coming back to this author.

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Stephanie St. Klaire WOW!

We knew there just had to be more! To continue this intense story, one needs a very large beverage and a comfy sitting area! It’s finally time to see what really happened at the end of Part One. Let me just say, the description of Cane’s brother, Killian, makes me sit up and pay very close attention! He sounds HOT!

The writing here is superb. The feeling of being absorbed right into the story and into this electrifying series of events with the need to identify the killer, Anson Devereaux, or to verify his death from the deadly explosion at the anti-climatic end of Part One. The team assigned to solve this case is top-notch and deadly in their own right with serious elite skills minutely finessed to track, flush out and destroy the threat against their friends and family.

We can feel Charlie’s fear, her absolute conviction that Anson Devereaux is still alive and still hunting her. We can also feel Cane’s frustration at not being able to honestly relieve Charlie’s fears that her life is still in danger. He is also confused on a personal level where Charlie’s feelings about him are focused while his are becoming more clear.

Right away this story gets intense and twisty, but has you determined to help guess who is involved and how was Anson’s survival possible? How is he always one step ahead of them? Did he survive or is this some copy cat serial killer? Either way, he has Charlie completely freaked out as if he can be coordinating this from the grave.

I love this storyline and the progression of Charlie’s healing and acceptance of Cane in her life. I also grew to love Cane’s determination to help Charlie recognize and let go of her fears and to count on him to always be there for her. I love that he is her protector and her hero, not perfect, but hers. I enjoyed the interactions of the secondary characters and feel their familiar connection from previous stories. I am looking forward to what is coming next with the other characters in this story, specifically, Killian and Mercy, they will be exciting as well! Stephanie St. Klaire