Classical Electrodynamics. 2nd Edition, Edition En Anglais By John David Jackson

Great book for studying theoretical Electrodynamics, can't imagine working without it. It is written very compact though, so one might need some own thoughts or check another source to fully understand every step taken in its calculations.Book itself is very old and looks like it's falling apart at each second, but I obviously didn't buy it for it looks (and to be honest, I kind of like the look of it as a former book from a library). John David Jackson If you are learning electrodynamics at the graduate level, this is the standard textbook.There are new textbooks in the market which claim to update, improve or modernize over this one. In my opinion, they are not the match to this classic textbook. Additionally, don't go with those using the International Units. In electomagnetism, the good old cgs unit system is rational: ) John David Jackson I bought it as Used good condition. Has some fingerprints marks but is like new. You will need to understand calculus, vector analysis, and differential equations to grasp what Prof. Jackson is trying to communicate. Nevertheless, his insights are the best I had read in a longtime. John David Jackson Yes, Jackson's book is notorious for being difficult, but is designed to be so to cultivate the minds of graduate students in physics. However, being an engineer with a master's degree in EE and an undergraduate degree in physics, I am well acquainted with Jackson's book. I have repeatedly used this book as my reference in E&M for many engineering applications in RF and electromagnetics over the years. I am very familiar and comfortable with the level of mathematics in this book to spend the time digesting the physics for engineering application. Excellent reference book! John David Jackson I write about five pages of my own notes for every page of this text that I work through and haven't even attempted the problems yet. It will take years of self study at my rate to work through this book.I'd prefer expanded treatments of many of the topics with less haste and compactness. I understand that this would at least quadruple the size of the book. Much of the content presented isn't actually inaccessible, but the presentation makes it initially scarier than it really ought to be. Some sort of middle ground, than an intro e&m course provides, and less than this advanced treatment would be ideal (for me). John David Jackson

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