Chubby Cheeks - Species Appropriate Hamster Care for Beginners By Alina Daria

This book is super helpful for learning about a hamster you already have, a hamster you are planning on taking in, or if you just want to learn hamster knowledge in general! Paperback

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets and enrich the lives of adults and children. They are cute, agile and interesting to watch. Nevertheless, many myths about hamster care still persist.For the layperson, it can be difficult to separate correct from incorrect information. For most people, the pet shop is the first port of call when it comes to buying a hamster and the advice that goes with it. Often, however, the advice given is incorrect and the customer is advised to keep hamsters in a way that is very outdated and outmoded.Many hamsters become very trusting in the course of time, like to come out and let themselves be touched voluntarily. Other hamsters do not like closeness or need time. Therefore, it is important to consider each hamster as an individual and to respect its wishes. After all, it is not a toy, but a living creature that can greatly enrich our lives and that we want to take good care of.So, what needs to be considered when caring for a hamster? We want to get to the bottom of this question in this guide!The author is an expert in animal care and animal nutrition. She has been caring for small animals for than 25 years, mainly guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters. She is happy to pass on her intensive experience to other hamster owners (and to those who want to become one)! Chubby Cheeks - Species Appropriate Hamster Care for Beginners

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This book does a good job teaching about cage types. It includes good photos of cages. Paperback This book was very educational and informative! I have kept Syrians in the past and have learned that their conditions were less than ideal I have a robo dwarf now and while I'm older and did research prior to owning her, I still learned a lot from this book and will be changing her habitat a little bit over the next week as I get hamster appropriate toys and enrichment activities.

It is written in simple terms so anyone can understand and has things easily divided up so you can find what you are looking for easily. It starts with the very basics of differentiating between different breeds and even goes as far as to mentioning specific types of illnesses and diseases to be on the lookout for with your furry friend!

I highly recommend this for anyone who has hamsters as well as those considering getting one in the future. It is also full of cute pictures showing different types of hamsters and some ideal habitats and activities for them like a wheel. Not only does it recommend the ideal environments for hamsters, but the author provides information as to why the popular hamster accessories are not ideal and harmful in some cases. Paperback This is an excellent book! It has very accurate information on hamster care. I know a lot about hamsters, and all of the information in this is correct. Thank you for making this! Paperback This book is very informative with important information about hamsterson all levels I loved it so will you Paperback Very helpful book for newbie hamster owners like myself. It’s hard to know what information to believe these days when looking things up on the internet so it’s nice to have a book like this with reliable information. Paperback