Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars By Susan Haught

Ryleigh Collins isn’t fond of surprises, and when Logan Cavanaugh’s resort business takes them overseas to the heart of Tuscany for Christmas, she leaves forty-four years of tradition behind to spend their first holiday together on the other side of the world.

Her only wish is to celebrate Christmas with the man she adores renovating the vineyard’s two-hundred-year-old villa, host an Italian Christmas Eve party for the Casa sul Vigneto Resort employees, and wait for her son to arrive from Tokyo.

But an ill-timed phone call unravels what’s left of her Christmas spirit, and when a little boy appears with a startling Christmas wish, Ryleigh discovers their ancient villa is home to more than crumbling walls and bursting pipes, and her holiday plans take a haunting turn.

Logan is determined to find out who the little boy is, but when he fails to return from the village, it sets in motion a string of events that threaten to shatter their holiday. Ryleigh must let go of the past and hold on to hope—for Logan’s sake and the boy she calls Little Boy Blue—keys to a future she dares not wish for.

There’s magic in the water and love in the air, but sometimes it’s not Santa but the spirit of Christmas who makes wishes come true.

Buon Natale!

Join Ryleigh and Logan in Italy for a Christmas sure to lift your spirits! Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars

Susan Haught, thank you for this beautiful story! I loved catching up with Logan and Ryleigh, to feel their love, and to see how it’s flourished since they met that snowy day in Colorado. This is a book that will fill your heart to bursting! Logan might very well be the most romantic man ever, while Ryleigh is the kindest, most loving woman. I loved the fact that they are an older romantic couple, with grown children of their own. And they each bear deep scars of their own—wounds that will never heal, but wounds that have shaped their lives and their love. This is a beautifully written book, brimming with emotions, as these two wear their hearts on their sleeves. The setting of Tuscany is glorious, and I can’t think of a more romantic setting for a Christmas book! Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars Ryleigh and Logan are spending Christmas in Italy where Logan is renovating an old villa, combining business with the pleasure of celebrating Christmas together. Ryleigh really wants to bring some of her past with her to the villa, but this just isn’t happening for her. Deeply disappointed, but determined to forge ahead with a happy holiday with Logan, Ryleigh starts seeing and talking to a little boy. When the young boy disappears and Logan soon follows, Ryleigh has to follow her heart to find her true love and what she really wants this Christmas. This was a quick romance to read and a lot of fun to read as well. I enjoyed the sprinkling of Italian in the book, especially since I could understand most of it because I know Spanish. The characters were well-developed and portrayed in a realistic manner. I wanted to be Ryleigh, celebrating Christmas in Tuscany! Although this includes characters from previous books, this was the first book by this author that I have read and I had no problems understanding the story or empathizing with the characters. Fans of contemporary romance with a little paranormal will enjoy this book.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Booksprout. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.” Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars Tis the season for gift giving and this author has given her readers a superb novel through here storytelling. This is the story of Logan and Ryleigh. It takes place in Tuscany where magic seems to surround the characters. This is a sweet read with wonderful characters. The author has gone to significant effort to make them believable and developed them fully. This is a story of finding joy in just living every day. A few ghosts along the way keeps the story interesting. This is one book you will want to read if you need a boost of Christmas spirit. While it is a stand alone story, the reader would benefit from reading her previous novels. Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars A timeless Christmas story.

Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars is about Ryleigh Collins and Logan Cavanaugh, the couple who found their HEA in Susan Haught's previous book, A Promise of Fireflies.
They travel to the Tuscany Region of Italy where Logan's company is opening a resort to add to the other exclusive properties as well as renovating an old villa for their personal use when they come to Italy. The story takes place leading up to Christmas. Ryleigh and Logan are busy planning a party for the employees of the resort when some strange occurences begin to take place. According to the village residents, ithe occurences are related to a magical well on the villa's property and holds an ancient spell.
There is romance, happiness, sadness, intrigue, a touch of the supernatural and always love. The love of family, friends and the true love Ryleigh and Logan hold for one another.
Susan Haught writes her prose as if it is poetry. You can feel her characters emotions come through the pages. I love her writing and this book! Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars will bring a touch of romance and Christmas to you. A timeless Christmas story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars Christmas Adventures in Italy

This is a beautifully written book; I loved the author's descriptions of Tuscany and how she seemed to be able to get into the heads of the hero and heroine. This isn't a standard romance, if the cover made you think it might be. This is a couple who was already happily together, so the novel is more like their adventures in Italy. There's a little suspense and even a hint of the paranormal in what would otherwise be a pretty straight-up book. The hero and the heroine were believable and relatable. This book continues on from another in this series, the one in which this couple fell in love. Unfortunately, I had not read that book, but it didn't really hamper my enjoyment of it. Though, if you are interested in this book, you might prefer to read them in order. It was fun to imagine Christmas in such a romantic place as Tuscany, and the author’s way with words helps make it so.

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

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A sweet and fluffy romance. Logan and Ryleigh had a great relationship and it was good to watch them finally achieving their happiness. Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars The book had all the feels for me! What could be better than Christmas in Italy, with an intriguing ghost story thrown in, and an ending that will warm your heart? I've wanted to hear more about Ryleigh and Logan's story, and now I have! But if you haven't read A Promise of Fireflies, no worries, as this is a stand-a-lone novel. Perfect for this time of year, and a perfect Christmas gift for the reader on your list. Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars Christmas in Italy!. I loved everything about this. The setting, the characters, the mystery. I have to go back and read the beginning of this series. A heart felt romance with some mystery. Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars Ryleigh and Logan are two of my favorite romance couples, so I was excited to meet up with them again, this time in Tuscany for the Christmas holiday. Their story is timeless, poignant, and beautiful, both having suffered tremendous loss before finding each other. They found their HEA in A Promise of Fireflies and we catch up with them about a year later.

When Wentworth-Cavanaugh Properties purchases a Tuscan villa for their next resort property, Logan sees a perfect opportunity for a getaway with Ryleigh. But Ryleigh rolls up her sleeves, working together with Logan to see the villa renovated and planning a holiday party for the employees. As more things fall in disrepair, they plan to fill in the old wishing well, despite the legend attached to it. That plan changes when Ryleigh meets a boy that only she can see.

With an element of the supernatural, a touch of mystery and kissed with magic, this story will enchant you from the very first page, and you’ll find Ryleigh and Logan have stolen your heart by the end. These poetic, moving words will touch your heart and stir your soul with their abiding messages. Here’s just a taste:

“You’re the reason I want to make every moment count, for God only knows the number of our days.”
“Sometimes life surprises us and love lasts a lifetime.”
“Loving you has healed something I thought irreparable.”
“You’ve proven extraordinary exists in the ordinary.”

That last one is my favorite because it's a reminder to look for those small, everyday miracles, but don’t these just reach deep inside and squeeze your heart? And fair warning, your heart will never be the same once Ryleigh and Logan's story becomes a part of you. If you haven’t read their first book you’ll follow things in this book easily enough, but once you meet this couple you'll want more. Deeper and more profound than many contemporary romances, Ryleigh and Logan's story is one you won’t want to pass up! Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars A romantic Christmas story set in a villa and vineyard in Tuscany. Ryleigh has finally let go of her painful past and is enjoying preparing for Christmas with her true love, Logan. Good to read about an older heroine, enjoyed the dash of mystery and also the way the author describes the friendships of the characters. This is a heartwarming read guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit! Christmas Under the Tuscan Stars

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