Christmas Oranges By Linda Bethers

The illustrated edition of the timeless, classic story Christmas Oranges

Linda Bethers Ø 8 read

This book made me feel so much love for spirit of Christmas. It takes place in an orphanage. It reminds me that kindness and thoughtfulness are the best gifts to give at Christmas. It also taught me why there was always an orange at the bottom of my stocking. English The narrator of my tape, has a very nice sweet voice. She tells the story of a baby left outside at an orpahage. The baby was named Rose, and she was much loved by Mrs. Hartley. There were 30 children, who all loved each other as brother's and sister's. Mrs. Hartley died during an epidemic of flu, along with some of the children. The town could not support the children, and sent them to other orphanages. Rose was sent to one that was run by a mean hearted man. A man would give the orphange a box of oranges for Christmas, and a tree would be put up on Christmas Eve. Each of the children were given an orange on Christmas morning, and this was their only Christmas gift. It tells of the wonderful gift the children gave to Rose and to each other. This is a beautiful little book. I also have a copy with lovley illustrations. English This beautiful story has left me unable to stop crying . My own precious mama always placed an orange in our stockings and it was treasured, just as the orphans treasured theirs. Just thinking about it , I can hear my mother's wild and infectious laughter! How lucky I was to have her, my grandmother and my grandfather! As I sit and ponder about this very touching story, I think about my own biological father. He, like Rose, was raised in an orphanage. An orphanage, unfortunately, that I know very little about, somewhere in Pennsylvania. Sadly, we are often unaware of the many ingredients that go into creating who we are, sometimes leaving us a tad bitter, too harsh or just needing a little bit more of this or that. Sometimes we can never measure up to what people want us to be. True joy comes from loving people for who they are , which Rose seemed to be able to do, no matter the circumstance. This book may very well be the impetus for my own journey. English Aubrey’s favorite Christmas book and a good excuse to buy a chocolate orange to eat as you read English I bought this book to add to our Christmas reading collection solely for the fact that the title was about Christmas oranges. There is an orange in each of our stockings each year and I hoped this story would give my boys something to think about when they pull out their oranges each Christmas. While it was a longer story, the illustrated version was a blessing as it gave my son something to look at while he was listening. I wasn't sure when we started reading how it was going to turn out, but I'm glad I kept going. I am hoping my son realizes how kids that live in an orphanage may not have many things, they do have each other. It was one that made me glad I read through to the end and can remind my kids that sharing with others is what the holiday season is all about. English

Christmas Oranges is a very short story, but a moving one. Little Rose only knew the orphanage as her only home. The caretaker, Mrs. Hartley, was very loving to all the children. But after an epidemic of the flu, Mrs. Hartley passed on. Now Rose was off to another orphanage that was not as welcoming as the one she had previously been in. She makes a few friends, but silence and daily chores were what welcomed her to this new home.

At Christmas, a generous neighbor donates a box of oranges for the children. But the headmaster, who dislikes noise and children, only lets the children have the oranges on Christmas morning. The oranges are hung on the Christmas tree. The other children had told Rose of this and she was so excited that she had to see for herself. The headmaster had seen what Rose did and did not let her have an orange. She had triple duty as punishment for getting up in the night to look at the tree with the oranges.

No orange for Rose on Christmas morning. The other children decided not to eat their oranges until supper time, only to each save a piece of their orange for Rose, who had never even tasted one.

What a wonderful gift for Rose. English I love this book! The author is a gifted writer and a dear friend of mine, so some would say that I am biased. This book, however, speaks for itself... it has had one of the longest runs (and I'm sure the longest among Christmas books) with the publisher. It has been re-packaged numerous times and its sales are astounding!

Enough of a commercial endorsement...

The story behind this story is as equally wonderful as the book. I honestly wish everyone could hear it, but I imagine that it is a story that Linda saves for special and appropriate occasions. I just have to say, that the unwritten story is filled with an equal amount of generosity and heart. I honestly believe that this spirit is carried between the lines of the book.

Please read Christmas Oranges and share it with someone else. It is a story that is relevant and rich in meaning. It is a poignant reminder of the true gifts of Christmas--friendship, gifts of the heart, and sacrifice. Though it is not directly contained in the storyline (for obvious reasons), these gifts point to the one who is the center of Christmas... a Babe born in Bethlehem who loved and sacrificed all for His friends.

Well done, Linda! English When I first looked at this book, the pictures captured my attention right away and I had to sit down and read the whole story. Oh, it was sweet. And yes, I wanted to cry! And I wanted to write a sequel to it. This is a book every story lover should have on their shelf to remind them that Christmas is not about getting, it's about giving. English Sweet story and spectacular illustrations.

Update 2016: it is one of our yearly favourites.

Update 2017: This book’s illustrations are amazing!! It became a Christmas tradition, we have been reading it every year. (Review by Bella age 10).

Update 2018; a heartwarming read that is a Christmas must! English I have a limit to how many orphan stories I can handle at Christmastime--but this one is so beautifully illustrated and the ending so sweet that it almost got 5 stars. This one will be an annual read for us. English