Chopper AUTHOR Peter Cave By Peter Cave

Chopper moved into position. The skinhead was still bent double. Bringing up his knee, Chopper felt with satisfaction the scrunch of broken bone as the kid's nose made contact. The kid went down, while blows from boots rained upon his body. He lay groaning, spitting out gouts of deep red blood and pieces of broken teeth.

'Don't ever pull a blade on an Angel.' snapped Freaky before they left the kid. 'It's not friendly.'

This is the story of Chopper, of his bike, his pills, his girls and his violent bid for gang leadership. Author Peter Cave tells like never before how a greaser grows up to become a fallen Angel. Chopper AUTHOR Peter Cave

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A difficult read in many ways, this was a fairly enjoyable read with some disturbing ideas and a central character who is mostly very unlikeable. Chopper AUTHOR Peter Cave I’d forgotten how good this one is. It’s not as far fetched as the other 1970s UK Hells Angel books I’ve been re-reading lately, and the writing is above average for this type of book. Chopper AUTHOR Peter Cave Read this at school when all others were reading about skinheads and suedeheads. Never stopped reading it since but the follow-up ('Mama ') was absolute tosh. Chopper AUTHOR Peter Cave