Cherishing His Forever (Forever #3) By LeAnn Ashers


Cherishing His Forver is the third book in the Forever series and the first book by this author that I have read. I had a hard time putting this book down, it was that good! I loved following Chase and Jessica's story, and meeting all the other characters. I look forward to reading more of her books in the future. LeAnn Ashers Can’t get enough of this series and these characters! After leaving an abusive relationship, Jessica is definitely focused on making sure her baby and she are safe and stumbles upon a job affiliated with a local MC who ensures her they will help any way possible. Through the MC she meets Chase, who makes his feelings known through constant flirting even though Jessica doesn’t believe him, and over time he wears her down right as she’s about to give birth. This storyline was jam packed with action and suspense in multiple ways that I didn’t even see coming! Something I continuously love about LeAnn’s storylines are that things are never just as they initially seem, and in Jessica’s situation that continues to be true. Per usual, I love LeAnn’s style of writing and the attention to detail she provides in her stories making sure that all questions are answered for those characters. In addition, I loved in this storyline how the MC and the characters from this series come together to help and protect Jessica and her child. The combination of all the elements in this story made for a great book and I can’t wait for the next one in this series (or really any book from LeAnn)!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
LeAnn Ashers 5 Stars!

LeAnn writes the sone of BEST safe romances that I've ever read/encountered and this series, a personal favorite, continues to get better with each new release. It's been quite a while but soooo very worth the wait.

Cherishing His Forever is the third standalone in the Forever series, telling Jessica and Chase's swoony, sexy, suspenseful, complicated journey and I couldn't get through the pages fast enough... ALL. THE. FEELS.

From the moment these two met, it was insta-sparks and an insta-connection. But it's a wee bit complicated. You see she's pregnant and running from a crazy ex. But Chase wants Jessica and her baby to be his... forever. He'll stop at NOTHING to protect what's his.

Edge of your seat moments and others that'll leave you fanning yourself from all the heat. Unputdownable. Unforgettable. Unstoppable in all the best ways.

LeAnn, never let this series end please 😉😄 and never ever stop.

I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog. LeAnn Ashers Finally I getting this book. Since the beginning of the series I've been really excited for this one.
And fucking hell it did not disappoint at all. It was amazing and I loved reading every moment of it. LeAnn Ashers Cherishing His Forever by Leann Ashers is book 3 in Forever series. This has characters from her previous series interwoven in with her story which could be read as a standalone. This is Chase and Jessica's story and what a story it is!!!
Jessica has had a sad life which is one where she just wants to be loved and where she wants a family who cares and loves her. Because of the lack of that sends her into the wrong arms and into danger. That danger sends her running all the way to Texas to protect herself and her unborn baby. That's where the story really gets going...because that's where Chase comes in and the sparks fly. Chase immediately makes it known where his feelings are (she doesn't believe him) but he doesn't falter. The insta-love romance is just perfect but there is danger lurking and we get the drama and action and MC Awesomeness along with the feels and steam that makes this story just so fascinating and fabulous!! I don't want to give any spoilers away so know you will get a great read with heart and heat. I can't wait for more in this series. Chase and Jessica's love story is just beautiful with the feels and heat and HEA that makes this a perfect fit for anyone who wants to read an MC story.

My Rating: 4.8 stars ******** LeAnn Ashers

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I was eight months pregnant and on the run from my ex when I met the love of my life. The Navy Seal who saved me in more ways than one.

Chase made his way into my life, completely turning it upside down. He made me feel safe and gave me so many things I’d never fathomed I could have.

He became a dad to my son.

But just as my life started to feel perfect, I was hit with a bombshell. The mafia my ex belonged to had a bounty on my head.


My life truly started the day I met Jessica, and I vowed to keep her and our son safe.

But now they wanted her. And even worse, they were after my son.

What they didn’t know was that I was waiting for them. I had been trained for this.

I’d never let anyone harm my family. They’d have to go through me first.

They tried taking it all away, but they quickly realized it was a battle I would never lose. Cherishing His Forever (Forever #3)

LeAnn Ashers We have seen Jessica in other books mentioned now its her turn and story!!!

Jessica had enough being abused by her boyfriend so when she found out she was pregnant she didn't want her child to grow up in that environment, so she ran away to Texas and was protected by the MC since they dislike when woman are abused. Already 7ish close to 8 months pregnant shes been spending alot of time with Chase he is smitten and already falling for sassy Jess and is there for her every step of the way. From building baby items to massaging her feet, im glad she didn't back away or play games she knew she felt something for this man who was kind and protective of her and her unborn baby.

But drama found her after she gave birth her ex wants to kidnap her baby and kill her, bless Chase was never far and made sure the ex never got his family. Beside that drama Jess finds her long lost sister River and her mother who was also in a absuive relationship. So maybe more MC guys getting happy endings since 2 guys were looking at them ;)

Mavericks has his eye on mama Bell.. and a Grimm member has his eye on River.. idk who but i would love to see Rivers story.

I was also blessed the writer tone down the alpha woman 😊😊😊

Low angst, No ow drama slight om drama (her ex), no cheating, secondary charas, Drama, no virgins or manwhore

Recommend- yes

Abusive relationships (her ex and her mother was in a abusive relationship)
No condom
Epilogue LeAnn Ashers I've been waiting for Jessica and Chase's story For-ev-er! I absolutely adored her quirky sense of humor and his calm acceptance of who she is right from the first story of the Forever series! I just knew that their story would be fabulous! And I was totally right! As soon as it hit my kindle, I started reading, and didn't put it down until I was finished!

Jessica grew up alone, a product of the foster care system. She longed for love and family. And she thought she'd found it, until the one that was supposed to love her back turned out not to be who she thought he was. Running for her life, and that of her unborn child, she found herself in Texas, with more family than she ever could have imagined!

Chase grew up in a happy home, served his country proudly, and then came back home to Texas. He had a good life, but one look at Jessica showed him exactly what he was missing! And he was determined to make her his, no matter how long it took, or what he had to do to convince her!

This book tells us why Jessica is the way she is, and gives us the background into Jessica and Chase's relationship. It also gives us some surprising glimpses into the lives of some of our favorite characters! This book is full of family, love, drama, and danger. It was everything I could have hoped for in their story, and so much more!!!!!

LeAnn Ashers Chase and Jessica story is everything I hoped for!!!! Best book of the forever series can't wait to read the next book. Loved the epilogue. As always LeAnn's epilogues are amazing!!!!! Wish I could give it more stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LeAnn Ashers Cherishing His Forever was the third book in the Forever Series by LeAnn Ashers.

When the story opened, Jessica was eight months pregnant and on the run from her ex. For the prologue, Ashers had taken us back six months for an introduction to the ex and set the stage for Jessica’s background.

Chase was former military, gorgeous and all alpha. He was pulled to Jessica from the beginning, and vowed to protect her.

It had been awhile since I read the last book in the series so it was like I was starting over. It was told from a double POV with Ashers

I can always rely on Ashers to provide a quick, action packed, drama filled, steamy and over the top HEA. Cherishing His Forever was no exception. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading them in order for the full experience. LeAnn Ashers