Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) By Megan Wade

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A BBW royal romance

Go on a singles’ cruise, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
It wasn’t fun. It was cringey and awful.
The moment the sour breath from my ‘perfect match’ touched my nose, I longed to go home.
I spent most of my days in hiding—not an easy thing to do on a cruise ship, let me tell you.
But when we dock on an island in the French Riviera, I get the chance to purposefully lose my tour mates and enjoy exploring the island in solitude.
As luck would have it, all is not lost in my search for a soulmate. I happen upon the private beach of a delicious-looking man who is infatuated with my curves on sight.
It’s a misunderstanding that gets me inside his house. But it’s a real connection that gets me into his bed.
Then I find out who he is—a prince. A prince who thinks I was paid for by his valet.
This is not the happy ever after I was hoping for…

Please Note: this quick read contains insta-love, over-the-top declarations and, molten hot moments between a curvy girl and a cheeky prince who wants nothing more than to claim her curves in the name of his kingdom. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3)

Sweet and little steam and safe guys.. even with the misunderstandings.

Poor Jill thought maybe this singles cruise would meet her one.. bit she didnt the guy she was matched with is a pig/jerk so she has a plan next stop shes getting off and going home. Lucky the captain knows someone she can stay with. And that's how this mishap happened.. Jill kinda went to the wrong address and when Dominic is confused and alittle shocked his cousin sent him a hooker he didnt think he was telling the truth.. Jill thought Stephen knew Dominic.. when in reality he didnt. 🤣🤣🤷‍♀️
Stefan and Stephen are 2 different guys same name.. so that added to the confusion.

And when Jill finds out he thinks shes a hooker shes hurt and leaves, it doesnt take Dominic long to go find his girl.

No ow/om drama, no cheating, Drama, sexy times, virgin girl

Recommend- maybe

No condom
Epilogue Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) When you are mistaken for a lady of the night, what's the worse that can happen? Let's just say that your v-card doesn't stay intact for long in this over-the-top novella. While Dominic thinks Jill is at his for for less than innocent reasons, his insta-lust drive his actions to make her his. I enjoyed this as part of the Royal Curves box set.
Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) I am already a big fan of this author and this was a great read for my lunch hour. I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book.

Jill agreed to accompany her best friend on a singles cruise but so far things could not have gone worse, deciding to escape the next time the ship docks she is ready to make a run for it when the captain offers her a place to stay for the night. But when she arrives it’s to find a man who makes all her dreams come true, the morning after brings a harsh wake up call when she realises the night before was a huge misunderstanding. Can she recover from what she has learnt and will she find her happiness ?

Dominic is fifth in line to throne and left to carry out all the jobs that no one else wants when his best friend suggests that he needs to have some fun for a change, when Jill arrives at the beach house she is just the fun he needs and can see why his friend chose her for him, it takes one kiss for him to decide that no matter the reason she was there he is keeping her and she will be his princess. But when she overhears him on the phone and runs he knows that he has no choice but to find his heart, will she still want him after what she heard?

I do love a quickie and this was hot, entertaining and the five year epilogue was the icing on the cake. Highly recommended. 4.5* Read
Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) Megan Wade has written a short 5-star book that is about how Jill meets a Crown Prince. Jill gets talked into going on a singles cruise with her best friend Belinda. On the cruise, she is matched with Craig who she doesn't like so she hides from him when she can. The ship has pulled into port and as she waits for the passengers to leave so she can avoid Craig. As she leaves, she runs into the Captain and he tells her that he heard that she would not be returning for the rest of the cruise. She tells him about Craig and he tells her that the crew could keep Craig from bothering her if she wanted to return for the rest of the cruise. She tells him no, she just wants to go home. He tells her that he has a friend that allows him to use his home when he is in town and that there is no way for her to get to the mainland until the next morning. The captain gives her a code and the address and she goes off.
Dominic is so tired of being sent to places no one else wants to go and handle problems that are too far gone to fix easily. Dominic's cousin Stefan tells him it is about time to have a little fun instead of taking care of everyone else and he was going to find Dominic, someone, to have fun with. Dominic is doing some research when the intercom buzzes and he answered with a What do you want? a female voice comes back with I'm Jill and Stephen sent me. Dominic thinks back to what his cousin and he were talking about and he thinks this is who is cousin sent him. He asks her if Stefan sent her and she answers Yes Jill tells him that the code doesn't work and that it would only be for the one night since she needed to go to the mainland the next morning. If it was a problem she could leave. Dominic sees her on the camera and has an instant attraction to her. He goes down to open the door before she gets to it so he can watch her walk up. When she gets to the door, she said: Hey, I'm Jill. Dominic gives her his name and asks what instructions Stefan gave her? She tells him, Not any really, he just said that his friend owned the place and that she should use it that night instead of him. Dominic asked how many times she had done this and she said never. Dominic has wanted Jill since he first saw her and when she sees how hard he is she spills her drink and when he tries to help her clean it up, things get more heated. He tells her that her skirt needs to come off and he helps her with it. He tells her to go and take a shower and then lay on the bed. They end up sleeping together and the next morning when she wakes up she goes to the kitchen and gets a roll and coffee as she starts to go back to the bedroom she hears Dominic on the phone and what she hears causes her to return to the bedroom and get her bag and leave. She can't believe Dominic thinks she is a hooker. She finds her friend Belinda and returns to the ship with her. When she gets back on the ship she sees the captain and he asks how her night was. She said that it was fine and his friend was nice. The captain was a little confused by that and asks about letting her use the apartment. Jill said Apartment it was a beach house. Stephan said that he sent her to an apartment building and that it could be seen from the ship. Jill asks what his friend's name was and the captain said, Lucien. Jill said Lucien not Dominic? The captain told her that he knew a Dominic and that he was the Crown Prince and that he was in the city. She asks the captain what he looked like and he tells her as he pulls a picture of Dominic up on his phone. Jill looks at the picture and passed out. Dominic gets off the phone and goes back into the house and feels something is off. He looks for Jill but she is not there. He walks into the kitchen and notices that a roll is gone and then thinks that if she was there then she could have heard him on the phone. He goes out front to look for her but she is nowhere in sight. He doesn't have a clue on where to start to look for her. He calls his security guy and he fills in the blanks for Dominic. As Dominic gets near the ship he sees Jill and he watches as she goes down. He rushed to her side and asks the captain what happened? The captain tells him that they had been talking about him and that what he came upon was the result.
This was a wonderful book and I would recommend this book to anyone.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) Loving this series from this author. Another fun read from Ms. Wade. Loved how a case of mistaken identity lead to love for Jill and Dominic. Great chemistry and attraction between them.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3)


This is a short ARC book by author Megan Wade and it features curvy girl, JILL and a saucy prince, DOMINIC.
After being convince to take a singles cruise, where you are match with your perfect mate. Jill is sneaking off the ship to get away from her match, when the captain spotted her and offered a place to stay that his friend owns and offered to him to stay when he was in town.
Dominic is the fifth prince of Cassaco and when he arrived on one of the small island as a face for the Royal Family, and confronted with a labor strike. After trying to solve the problem with out success his cousin Stefan suggested he party, drink, and have fun with a woman.
Just as Dom gets off his cell, someone tries to enter the apartment, thinking she is a hooker Stefan has send to him, so he lets her in. Jill arrives at the house and is let in by a gorgeous man, when the code doesn't work. What will happen when Dominic fines out Jill is not a hooker.
I am volunteering to leave a review for a ARC of this book.
Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) Jill agrees to go on a singles cruise with her bestfriend Belinda. Belinda and Jills matches do not pan out, where as Belinda finds another guy, Jill is stuck trying to avoid her match Craig. At the end of her rope she decides to leave the cruise in the middle of it after a week of hiding and not enjoying herself she just wants to go home.
So while disembarking from the ship the captain STEPHEN pulls het aside to apologize and offer her a friends apartment for the night.
Prince Dominic is the fifth in line to the crown of his island country. He and his cousin STEFAN do most of the clean up with no time to spare. So when his cousin suggests some play time Dominic is not on board.
So this is a case of major Mistaken Identity, Misunderstandings, Love at first sight and a whole slew of confusing feelings.
But Love or Lust special things happen words are said vows are made until the misunderstandings are unraveling, ease dropping on one side of a conversation never has a good outcome, pieces starting to fit hearts breaking and the embarrassed Jill runs back to the ship.
Only when she finds Belinda tells her side of the story then learns of the address mix up and the captains friends name is Lucien not Dominic and the only Dominic he knows of on the island is a Prince well she faints after seeing his picture.
When Dominic puts two and two together but still wants Jill he is very disappointed to realize she overheard his side of his telephone conversation with his cousin about a HOOKER.
Oh Boy!!!****##%$$#
Oh yes and his apartment is empty!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) I liked this story a lot. The characters were interesting and entertaining. I got a real kick out of Jill and her determination to not be around her cruise line match.

Jill's friend talked her into going on a singles’ cruise where they match you with your perfect match. Unfortunately, Jill's perfect match is less than perfect and is pretty awful. She isn't having fun and has been hiding from her match while waiting for a chance to escape the cruise ship so she can go home. They dock on an island in the French Riviera and Jill decides that now is her chance to make her escape. The captain of the boat tries to help her out, but things get interesting when she gets to where the captain told her and meets a man that is more than a little interested in her. Jill is very attracted to Dominic the hottie and their mutual attraction lands them in bed together. In the morning she finds out that he thinks she is a hooker so she leaves, only to find out that he is a prince.

I liked that Dominic was attracted to Jill and thinking about ways to keep her even when he thought she was a hooker. Jill had people willing to stick up for her on the cruise ship even though she didn't know them and I thought that was awesome. I liked that the captain tried to help Jill too. I loved Dominic and Jill's happy ever after. I recommend reading this book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) Jill is on a singles cruise with her best friend who thought that it would be fun but Jill got set up with a weasel who drools every time he looks at her boobs, the ship has just docked and Jill has all of her luggage ready to go back home she’s had enough of this cruise. The captain Stephen tells Jill that if she really wants to leave then she can stay at his friends place tonight that he was going to stay at just in case she decides to stay. Dominic the 5th in line to the throne gets a call from Stephan that he is sending a woman over for him and when Dominic see’s her he thinks that she is a prostitute but it’s her curves that win him over but he thinks that she is pretending to be innocent but Jill actually is a virgin. Jill gets quite a big surprise and so does Dominic when the truth comes out. Fantastic story I loved it and I highly recommend this book it’s definitely well worth the read. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3) Jill lets others talk her into joining a singles cruise. The worst mistake she ever made. The match she gets is awful and she ends up hiding on the ship. When they get a chance to tour the French Riviera she ditches her group for some alone time. The captain of the cruise ship helps her and tells her of a place she can go to stay if she's really wanting to end her cruise early. Once on her way she breathes a sigh of relief. Dominic just wants to be left alone and is surprise when his cousin tells him that he sending a surprise his way. When Jill shows up Dominic assumes she's the surprise and lets her in. Sparks fly between them the moment they meet. Dominic and Jill spend an amazing night together however the next morning she hears him talking to someone on the phone and learns he thinks she's a hooker. She gathers her things and returns to the ship. When she runs into the captain and they talk she learns that she misunderstood where she was to go. When she describe who she met at the beach house she was so stunned by what she learns she faints. Will Dominic reach her before she leaves? Will she give him another chance?

This is a great story that once I started it I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between them is off the charts hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Cheeky Prince (Royal Curves #3)