Castles in the Mist (Akora, #3) By Josie Litton

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She was just a child when she was washed ashore on the exotic island of Akora, shipwrecked and orphaned. Now she must make a heartbreaking choice: to reclaim her past--or to face her future with the most powerful man she has ever known.

Raised in the fortress kingdom of Akora, Brianna's memories of life before her parents' tragic death at sea are blurred and fleeting. Though embraced by Akora's elite, she longs to know her true identity--and the truth about her haunting fear that she is to blame for her parents' fate. But while the answers lure her to far-off England, a fiery passion she never knew existed may bind her to Akora forever.

Handsome and headstrong, Atreus is a powerful warrior whose clan has ruled Akora for centuries. A secret ritual has made him the chosen ruler of his people--and revealed to him a vision of the lovely Brianna as the woman he is meant to marry. Fearing she will never return from her journey, Atreus sets sail to win her. But a treacherous enemy looms, and it will soon fall to the brave couple to unite their hearts and share even their darkest secrets to save not only their burgeoning love--but their very homeland. Castles in the Mist (Akora, #3)

As a young child, the heroine's ship sank just beyond the borders of the enchanted and mystical country of Akora. She was adopted by a lovely family and quickly became beloved daughter but that never stopped her from questioning her origins. Now, she's been given that opportunity.

The hero, the chosen king of Akora has traveled to England to make peace with the Prince regent and he's taken his two advisors, their wives and the heroine. Ever since he awoke from being badly injured and saw her pretty face he knew that she was meant to be his wife. When he was chosen as King, he was granted a vision of what his bride will look like and she is that woman. He is not a cruel man by any means, and in fact he is much beloved in Akora and by the Prince regent and by most of those who meant him. He has the aura of command and a magnetic presence that draws one in and gives him the air of being something larger than life. That's how he's seen on Akora and that's how the heroine sees him. But he is arrogant. Hard not to be in his position and he's convinced that he knows what's best and the everyone is to fall in line. He'll listen to advice but in the end the decisions are his. And in his mind the heroine has no choice but to marry him.

Despite advice to love the woman you take to wed and not just marry someone who you're supposed to, the hero is not to be swayed. But things don't go entirely to plan. The hero may be shy and intimidated by the hero but she has pride and she had opinions. And one of those opinions is that the hero keeps far too many secrets from his people. She's of the mind that he shouldn't be revered as a God but rather as a man, problem with this belief is that she's utterly and hopeless attracted to this man. And she confused as to why he's suddenly showing her so much attention. All she wants is to find out about her parents before returning home but the hero is making this complicated. He's so charming, not at all like the man she imagined him to be. Yes he is arrogant but he is patient and kind and he listens to her views and speaks with her as if she is his equal. Yet it's still shocking when he offers for her hand. They are nothing alike! She's a member of an organization under suspicion of working with the enemy to see his assassinated. And yes the hero is disappointed with her belief in his tyranny but nothing will stop him from having her. And once she gets what she wants from England, they return to Akora where the heroine feels is her true home. She and the heroine become closer and closer though she still has reservations about him and hesitations when it comes to marrying him. Then she discovers the truth about her parents death and it pushes her further away much to the hero's distress. As she's no longer just a vision in his mind but the woman he loves. Yet is he strong enough to let her go if that is truly what she desires?

This was a lovely book with a deep concentration on dialogue but it was never boring. The hero and heroine shared debates about the running of the country and even if the heroine didn't acknowledge it, the simple fact that he opened up to her that much and allowed her difference of opinion is a sign of a good man and a good king. He desired her so badly and he practiced great restraint when if came to denying himself her body and forcing her into marriage as well as her belief in a difference ruling capacity for Akora. She was a bit annoying at times and I much preferred her to be that shy timid woman she was in the beginning and I desperately wanted her to shut her mouth and open her eyes as the hero was hers for the taking but one has to admire her fighting her for beliefs. I loved the hero. He was an artist, a King, a warrior and he was a good man, one that carried a lot of responsibility on his shoulders but knew he would do the best thing for his country and his people.

It was an interesting book and I'm excited to read more of the series as I'm finding this author to be a great historical romance novelist. She writes with not a lot of melodrama but instead real heartwarming love stories with good plotlines. English 1.5 Stars

This just wasn't what I expected based on the author's previous books. It wasn't a bad story in general, just a bad story for me.

The hero was kind of weak in my opinion and the heroine annoyed me greatly. English This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance
When Brianna was a child, she survived a shipwreck and found herself on the island of Akora. She was soon adopted by an Akoran family who raised her as their own. Brianna always wanted to know more of her own heritage. She feels a need to find answers to the questions of her past and she she goes to England to find what she is searching for. Attreus, the ruler of Akora, knew that Brianna will be his wife and seeks her out while handling political meetings in London. He knows its not going to be as easy as he thought, because Brianna is a power of her own and he will have to win her heart before gaining her agreement to be his wife. But there are secrets that Attreus and other Akoran's have kept from Brianna, that could put a hold on the powerful bond between them.
The Hero 
Attreus, is a man and a powerful warrior and leader. He went through a ritual that proved him to be the right ruler of Akora, where many others didn't survive from. He has always put duty and honor above his own happiness and freedom. He has known for a long time, where his destiny would bring him to and never had doubts until he met Brianna and worked to win her heart even if he would just prefer to marry her and get to know her after it was all said and done. But Attreus is a wonderful hero, a character that learns along the way. He has always known a warrior's life, Brianna is his first attempt at courting and wooing. He stumbles a bit, makes mistakes along the way, but is true to who he is and doesn't hold back. I adored Attreus. In the beginning, he was a bit ourtrageous at times but it was quite humorous seeing the ways he would go about trying to win Brianna over. Throughout the book, we see the different strengths to his character, and with each chapter you fall hard for him.
The Heroine 
Brianna has always been seeking answers to her past. Even though she was raised by a loving Akoran family, she still has nightmares of that one fateful night where she feels the guilt for what happened to her parents. Brianna has a certain magical gift, a gift she sees as a curse. Because of this curse, she believes that she was at fault for the death of her parents. She wants answers, and so she goes in search of them in England. Brianna was a interesting heroine. She had many different facets. She is feisty, strong willed, playful at times yet shy and reserved. She holds secrets of her own. She is intimidated by Attreus because of his position, but also because she has different beliefs than most Akoran's do and is part of a passive yet secret organization. We see her personal growth, and how she comes to terms with certain aspects of her past and comes to the truth of who and what Attreus truly is.
Plot and Story Line 
Castles In The Mist is the third book in the series, but is my first Josie Litton book. I have had Castles in the Mist on my wishlist for a little while now. But as I was browsing through library e book titles, I came upon this one....SCORE!! I was super excited to start it. The blurb is what really drew me into this one. I love the whole royalty set up for the theme of this romance and Josie Litton rocked it so much. The chemistry these two have is breathtaking...honestly I just couldn't get enough of these two.

His touch was light, even teasing, as was his manner, but it didn't seem to matter. Her own response was entirely serious. She could not look away from him, could scarcely breathe, and her body--her body seemed to have developed a mind of its own. She'd been warned of this. Her mother and the other women had made it clear: Men could banish sense, shatter control and make irrational thought impossible. 

Their first meeting is actually in Akora, when Brianna aids her aunt in healing Attreus when he is almost killed by extremists on Akora who seek to overthrow him. This is when he realizes she is his future wife. But I do like that he doesn't rush her too much. While in England, he pursues her slowly. I really admired the way he goes about it. It pulled me into the story even more. Although there were some moments in the story where the flow wasn't completely smooth, for the most part I couldn't get enough. Its the only reason I put this story at a 4 star instead of five rating.

What really made this story quite fun was the paranormal elements---which I wasn't expecting very much. It isn't too powerful, I felt that Litton really added it in with just the right amount to make the  reader even more intrigued than before. What I found unique was seeing that the moment they agree to be together---its not the end. We see that even when you fall in love with someone, that life interrupts at times and can put a hold on the relationship or even cause a set back. These two are tested by secrets of the past, on both sides. But in the end, what really brings them together is love and redemption and forgivness. I truly got pulled in especially in the end here. The emotions are high in the story, but I was enraptured seeing these two overcome obstacles and fight for their happy ever after. All I can say that I can't wait to read the rest of the series!!! I am intrigued by the Akoran people and want more of these fun characters and exotic setting.
The Cover 
What a gorgeous cover, I really love castles on covers and it has such a mystical feel to it.
Overall View 
Castles In The Mist is a story that is bound to tug at the readers heartstrings with vividly portrayed emotion, vibrant characters, and a story line that engages you from beginning to end. I never wanted this book to end....SIMPLY MAGICAL!!

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English Add this to my readings by Litton. Good historical romance author. Drama, action, great characters. English I didn't get around to finishing this novel, as I allowed a friend to borrow it while I was only halfway through. Sad for me, yes. But what I did read of it - and what I remember of it - is fairly positive. English

Read the first two books years ago. This is the conclusion. This book was much better written than some of the other romance novels I have read recently. The characters seemed more flushed out and interesting and while the plot was formulaic, it was still a fun read. English If I read this book twice. Do you think it any good? Lol. English Medieval Trilogy:

1. Dream Island
2. Kingdom of Moonlight
3. Castles in the Mist English