Carp Fishing Manual: The step-by-step guide to becoming a better carp angler By

This one of the best course fishing books I've ever seen it's literally got every information photography and text words step by step instructions number as well on how to set up anythink on fishing I very highly recommend this product book I'm definitely going to buy some for friends for Christmas gift I was so shocked with all the information contained in this book Hardcover All budding Carp anglers should purchase this book immediately, I've been struggling along following you tube trying to aquire the basics of this wonderful sport, it was brought to my attention during a charity fishing zoom meetings two weeks ago in which Brian SKoyles took part this book was finished by him & Mick Rouse after there good friend Kevin Green made them aware of his illness and unfortunately passed away R I.P. MR SKoyles kindly offered his personal copy as a prize which unfortunately I didn't win, so I bought it myself and wished I had got it a year or so previously as it has answered a lot of question's and would have put me much further earlier on in my quest for Carp. Hardcover Thanks Hardcover I have the Haynes Course Fishing manual by the same author and was very impressed by it that on the back of that I progressed to the Carp Fishing manual. Mainly for my brother in law who is carp mad. Excellent pictures and narrative throughout the book with very easy to understand instructions. A must for the serious carp fisher. Hardcover There was nothing to dislike, I found the chapters very interesting, crystal clear explanations with no bias to any brand. Excellent diagrams and the step by step processes also clear to understand. It was sad to hear about the passing of Kevin Green, co authors Mick and Brian have done Kevin proud in creating what I think to being a must have Carp book for the complete beginner, novice and experienced angler. Hardcover

I’m returning to Carp fishing after a 20 year break and this book answered all my questions, very well written, clear and concise. Hardcover Quality book that puts everything at your fingertips. Great for American anglers that are trying to break into the sport Hardcover Only reason this book does not get five stars is for its omission of method leads used here in the US but not in Europe for carp fishing. Hardcover Another great resource for learning, the techniques and the how and where to catch these fish. Hardcover Wonderful book just what I wanted and even arrived earlier than predicted. Many thanks. Barbara Hardcover

Carp fishing, once considered a niche sport, is now one of the biggest growth areas in angling today. Specimen (fish of above average size) carpings approach seeks out the biggest carp in lakes, rivers and canals. Presented in full color throughout, with clear step by step photography, the Carp Fishing Manual will give readers all the information they need about rigs, tackle and techniques for this exciting branch of sport fishing. Carp Fishing Manual: The step-by-step guide to becoming a better carp angler


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