Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? By Jean Fritz

Jean Fritz ß 8 Read

This entertaining volume, by Newbery Honor winning author Jean Fritz, sheds light on the life of England's King George III.

It begins when he was a bashful boy who blushed easily, goes on to his early days as king, and finally examines his role in the American Revolution when Americans ceased to think of him as good King George. Fascinating history made accessible for young readers.

The lively text includes plenty of amusing, personality revealing anecdotes. Children's Literature Cant You Make Them Behave, King George?

My son had a book report on historical fiction and this book kept his attention. English I particularly like the mailer it came in. Very eco friendly and simple too recycle English My daughter was assigned this book as one of her summer reading books. (She is in fourth grade.) She read through it rather quick so it seems good for her age group. This book takes a humorous approach to the historical facts, and the picture emphasize this. The book English We used this book as part of our homeschool history lessons. It held all the kids' attention and they loved it. It is the American Revolution from the perspective of King George. It is a fairly quick read. The pictures are really comical, almost caricatures. My homeschooled English Funny book. My second grader enjoyed reading it out loud to me and needed minimal help. English

Jean Fritz has done an excellent job once again of bringing historical characters to life! Great reading for any elementary student learning about America's Revolutionary War! English Most of our students know little about George III, so this is a valuable book in this set of unrevised history books. Students love this one! English Great book! English