Cant Get You Out of My Head By Raj Persaud


Hmmm... a few word summary - 50 shades of pyschiachology. I found it a bit annoying to flip between two seemingly disparate storylines (egotistical politician vs irritating pop star) in which a not very likeable psychiatrist/psychologist is helping to investigate the stalking that both are subject to. In themselves, they'd be good standalone stories. What bugged me more than anything else though was the sudden ending and having to wait for the next book to find out what actually happens. I did enjoy reminiscing about some of the music that was part of the storyline, and the novel was quite gripping towards the end (or the middle, depending on whether you read the upcoming book). Cant Get You Out of My Head

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William James is a young psychiatrist specialising in the psychology of stalking. A rather dry academic, but already a world authority on obsessive love he s certainly not the type to get mixed up with beautiful women until he s recruited by the Foreign Office to join a unique police protection unit, exclusively focused on besotted admirers who unpredictably flip into assassins. He now finds himself mingling with Philippa Foot, the unusually glamorous Foreign Secretary, and Dread, a notorious rock star. A spate of bizarre and inexplicable threats mean he s now battling with antagonistic police forces as well as obstructive personal bodyguards. Can the offbeat psychiatrist apprehend these deadly stalkers, relentlessly evading sanity, hunting their prey even from behind prison bars, ever-willing to die for their delusion? As Dread prepares for a diva s ultimate global audience the largest charity concert in history, opened by the beguiling Foreign Secretary William races against time. Can he prevent a massacre of the famous on a world stage? Peppered with real-life true stories from luminaries, and other victims, this psychological thriller, already endorsed by genuine experts in the field, lifts the lid on the dark side of our infatuation with celebrity and possessive love. ALL PROFITS FROM SALES DONATED TO THE SUZY LAMPLUGH TRUST. Cant Get You Out of My Head