Cancer and the New Biology of Water By Dr. Thomas Cowan MD and 2


Fabulous book! Everything in this book is directly associated with our current society. I use this book as a text book. I don't think I can write a review for this. There's so much to say. However if you are on a journey to wellbeing and health, this is a fantastic book for English This book is fascinating and a great read. I’m a fan of Dr. Cowan and was not disappointed in this book at all. My fiancé can’t put the book down either. English Really good book, well written, and loads of information I did not know. I have implemented some of the dietary changes and have seen results already. Looking forward to my next CT scan to see if my tumor has shrunk! English Kinsightfull read and very informative English Dr Tom Cowan is an excellent medical professional who examines things outside of the box. English

When President Nixon launched the war on cancer with the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971 and the allocation of billions of research dollars, it was amidst a flurry of promises that a cure was within reach. The research establishment was trumpeting the discovery of oncogenes the genes that supposedly cause cancer. As soon as we identified them and treated cancer patients accordingly, cancer would become a thing of the past.  Fifty years later, it’s clear that the war on cancer has failed despite what the cancer industry wants us to believe. New diagnoses have continued to climb. One in three people in the United States can now expect to battle cancer during their lifetime. For the majority of common cancers, the search for oncogenes has not changed the treatment. We’re still treating with the same old triad of removing (surgery), burning out (radiation), or poisoning (chemotherapy).  In Cancer and the New Biology of Water, Thomas Cowan argues that this failure was inevitable because the oncogene theory is incorrect or at least incomplete and based on a flawed concept of biology in which DNA controls our cellular function and therefore our health. Instead, Dr. Cowan tells us the somatic mutations seen in cancer cells are the result of a cellular deterioration that has little to do with oncogenes, DNA, or even the nucleus. The root cause is metabolic dysfunction that deteriorates the structured water that forms the basis of cytoplasmic, and therefore, cellular health.PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. Cancer and the New Biology of Water

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First of all i haven't read the book yet, but i wanted to tell that there was a two week delay in delivery to Germany.
Also it came with so scratches on the side.
But all in all i'm very excited to finally read the book. English A must read! English Love his writing style; how he applies the principles of correspondence (as above, so below) into a medical discourse has opened my eyes to other explanations which make sense than the mainstream narrative. This book on cancer also stays consistent with the English Bought this after hearing a lot about the author and how knowledgeable he is. This book is a must read. English Good book but print too small English