Campbell : The Sigurdsen Incident (Childers Universe #6) By Stephanie Osborn


Captain Mary Rao, Jablonka's planetary tactical officer, seems to be under the gun from all angles, but neither the Sigurdsen Base military police nor the counter-intelligence investigations personnel believes that it's anything more than a confluence of accidents.

Lieutenant William Campbell of the CSF Intelligence Division believes differently. What he doesn't know is who or why.

And if he can't figure it out soon, he could die with her.
Campbell : The Sigurdsen Incident (Childers Universe #6)

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Having read all the previous books in this series, I jumped right into this. I didn't even realize until I was nearly finished that this was written by another author. True, there seemed to be a few inconsistencies in language and dialog, but I didn't think much of it at the time because I was so absorbed by the story itself. Excellent work, and a great contribution to the story!

People complaining about those inconsistencies - how about you stop worrying about what color the ice cream truck is, and just enjoy some ice cream? :-) Campbell : The Sigurdsen Incident (Childers Universe #6) I'm rounding up about half a star.

I enjoyed this story, set in the Childers Universe but not by series author Richard Weyand. After several books involving Bill Campbell, it was satisfying to find out more about his training and early exploits. Anyone interested in intelligence activities, in general or as they might be carried out in the future, will find interesting details.

One format issue that annoyed me a bit: the author puts Campbell's thoughts in single quotation marks (') rather than simply including them or, alternatively, italicizing them. I've never seen that before and don't regard it as conventional or correct. It's the more confusing because such quotation marks are standard UK usage for spoken dialogue. Campbell : The Sigurdsen Incident (Childers Universe #6)