C# 9 and .NET 5 – Modern Cross-Platform Development: Build intelligent apps, websites, and services with Blazor, ASP.NET Core, and Entity Framework Core using Visual Studio Code eBook : Price, Mark J. By Mark J. Price


Pontos fortes:O livro explica se aprofunda bem em C#, e faz uma boa e clara explicação da linguagem de programação. Várias coisas que eu tinha dificuldade em entender tanto em c# quanto em.net core ficaram mais claras pra mimPontos fracosNão é muito didático. Em minha opinião, ele deveria comentar melhor os códigos, que deveriam vir acompanhados do número das linhas e comentado linha por linha. A estrutura do MVC é meio confusa para quem está iniciado. As coisas são distribuídas em vários arquivos diferentes e referenciadas. Por isso acho importante entender como elas se conectam, e tal recurso ajudaria.Bonus: eu peguei um bug em um determinado código, avisei ao autor e ele respondeu imediatamente, e publicou a errata no github. Achei isso muito legal da parte dele.No final das contas, recomendo pra quem quer aprender. É um ótimo recurso. Kindle, Paperback A gify Kindle, Paperback I've been coding for a while but not C# and.NET and this book was perfect for me. Love the exercises at end of each chapter (but could do with a few questions). I started trying to read O'Reilly's C# in a Nutshell and although thorough and to the point, it is very Kindle, Paperback Buen libro, muy completo Kindle, Paperback This book is real whirlwind tour of modern.Net. It covers a huge range of the features of the.Net ecosystem in a single book. It strikes a good balance of covering material in enough depth to be at least somewhat useful without bogging the reader down in a lot of detail that might not be relevant to all situations. Since most real world projects require a greater degree of understanding of certain specific topics than this book could possibly cover, this book offers many helpful pointers to resources for in depth learning throughout.For a beginning developer, I would say that this book would be useful as a basic road map to the skills required to become proficient. It confers just enough skill to get the reader started. However, it is not a complete course of training in any of the topic covered. That would be impossible. Object Oriented Programming alone is a field that nobody other than a few gifted students could expect to gain proficiency in without a substantial, months long effort in two semesters of college, or self study with a dedicated text on the topic. And, even after that, getting good at it requires years of experience.If you're already an experienced developer, but you're new to.Net, or you're coming back to it after a long time away, this book is a great way of quickly familiarizing yourself with the terrain so that you can jump in and start being productive in the shortest time possible. Kindle, Paperback

Publisher’s Note: Microsoft stopped supporting.NET 5 in May 2022. The newer 8th edition of the book is available that covers.NET 8 (end of life November 2026) with C# 12 and EF Core 8.

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Key FeaturesExplore the newest additions to C# 9, the.NET 5 class library, Entity Framework Core and BlazorStrengthen your command of ASP.NET Core 5.0 and create professional websites and servicesBuild cross platform apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and AndroidBook Description

In C# 9 and.NET 5 – Modern Cross Platform Development, Fifth Edition, expert teacher Mark J. Price gives you everything you need to start programming C# applications.

This latest edition uses the popular Visual Studio Code editor to work across all major operating systems. It is fully updated and expanded with a new chapter on the Microsoft Blazor framework.

The book’s first part teaches the fundamentals of C#, including object oriented programming and new C# 9 features such as top level programs, target typed new object instantiation, and immutable types using the record keyword. Part 2 covers the.NET APIs, for performing tasks like managing and querying data, monitoring and improving performance, and working with the file system, async streams, serialization, and encryption. Part 3 provides examples of cross platform apps you can build and deploy, such as websites and services using ASP.NET Core or mobile apps using Xamarin.Forms. The best type of application for learning the C# language constructs and many of the.NET libraries is one that does not distract with unnecessary application code. For that reason, the C# and.NET topics covered in Chapters 1 to 13 feature console applications. In Chapters 14 to 20, having mastered the basics of the language and libraries, you will build practical applications using ASP.NET Core, Model View Controller (MVC), and Blazor.

By the end of the book, you will have acquired the understanding and skills you need to use C# 9 and.NET 5 to create websites, services, and mobile apps.

What you will learnBuild your own types with object oriented programmingQuery and manipulate data using LINQBuild websites and services using ASP.NET Core 5Create intelligent apps using machine learningUse Entity Framework Core and work with relational databasesDiscover Windows app development using the Universal Windows Platform and XAMLBuild rich web experiences using the Blazor frameworkBuild mobile applications for iOS and Android using Xamarin.FormsWho this book is for

This book is best for C# and.NET beginners, or programmers who have worked with C# in the past but feel left behind by the changes in the past few years. This book doesn’t expect you to have any C# or.NET experience; however, you should have a general understanding of programming.

Students and professionals with a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) background can certainly benefit from this book.

Table of ContentsHello, C#! Welcome,.NET Core!Speaking C#Controlling Flow and Converting TypesWriting, Debugging, and Testing FunctionsBuilding Your Own Types with Object Oriented ProgrammingImplementing Interfaces and Inheriting ClassesUnderstanding and Packaging.NET TypesWorking with Common.NET TypesWorking with Files, Streams, and SerializationProtecting Your Data and ApplicationsWorking with Databases Using Entity Framework CoreQuerying and Manipulating Data with LINQ

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C# 9 and .NET 5 – Modern Cross-Platform Development: Build intelligent apps, websites, and services with Blazor, ASP.NET Core, and Entity Framework Core using Visual Studio Code eBook : Price, Mark J.


completo e dettagliato con riferimenti per approfondire Kindle, Paperback This is the 2nd edition I've read and I find Mark's book to be a great way to get up to speed with new editions as well as to practice even the most basic stuff. There's always something you'll find out that becomes very useful in day to day coding. The practical examples are excellent, and Mark has found a great balance between explaining key features but also introducing the reader to niche features that you can explore further on your own.Looking forward to the C# 10 edition, and it remains to be seen if the whole book will be based in VS Code this time ;) Kindle, Paperback