Buttercup (The Oracle, #0.5) By Merry Ravenell

Ithe, daughter of King Suennon and one of his lesser consorts, has the blue-light veins of a MoonForm, but proves to be a weak disappointment to her father and his court.

Being an embarrassment also means escape from the suffocating life of royalty and politics. Ithe has spent her entire life preparing for the moment when her father quietly dismisses her from the royal family, and she will be free.

Her plans are shattered when her father's cunning duplicity delivers into the unwilling hands of King Ceryr, Wyvern King of the East.

Humiliated and even a laughing stock in his own court, Ceryr vows revenge on Suennon... and Ithe, willing or not, will be his instrument. Buttercup (The Oracle, #0.5)

Summary Buttercup (The Oracle, #0.5)