Bursting His Beached Babysitter By Faith Brightwing

Let's get the minor problems out of the way: The girl's belly seems to change size and firmness from scene to scene and sometimes from line to line. There's also some farting, but it's sparse and mostly referenced obliquely. I still wish it wasn't there, because I don't like the idea of inflation with nasty smelling gas, but it wasn't bad enough that I stopped reading. Also, some people may find the characters actions a bit unrealistic, even for porno land, but it never threw me out of the story.

On to the good bits:
Pretty much everything else. There were no obvious grammar or spelling mistakes, and the story flowed well and smoothly insert joke about lube>, which is a welcome change from most self published stuff. The characters, while pretty flat, were fleshed out enough to engage the reader and make the kinky stuff exciting. The kinky stuff was top notch, even with the inconsistent belly. It focused on all the right things in all the right places, dropping little reminders about the expansion throughout, and the actual sex scenes were brief but hot. Aside from the inflation, we get a bit of stuffing and implied mind control, which is extra nice.

If you are into belly inflation, stuffing, mind control (implied), magical weight gain, and a (very) little bit of lactation, I highly recommend this one. This is the first of Faith's books I have read I really hope the others are similarly well written. English

When this chubbed out COLLEGE girl shows up BRATTY to her beach BABYSITTING gig, the ALPHA must show her who's boss when he's the MAN OF THE HOUSE. His DISCIPLINE and their UNPROTECTED encounter gives her a big BURSTING belly for all the beach to see, and this FERTILE girl BALLOONS bigger and bigger. Her belly's PACKED full will she POP from the HOT, TIGHT, INFLATED pressure? Bursting His Beached Babysitter

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