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Good book for beginner kit builders. If your just starting out with guitar kit building it covers most of the important setting up guides with quality photographs that will guide you step by step through the process, there are some helpful hints and tips too along with some case studies. English I bought this book for some insight into the workings and details of Brian May's famous Red Special guitar which this book features as a case study that includes a comparison with the high end, limited edition, hand built replica built by English Luthier, Andrew Guyton. The rest of the book is interesting enough for people embarking on building any of the other types of electric guitar covered in the book, but Brian May enthusiasts or potential Red Special builders should also appreciate the material. However, there is nothing that isn't already out there in the public domain on the various internet forums dedicated to the Red Special and other Brian May equipment. English This wasn't what i was expecting hence the 3 star reviews. It's good at what it's actually about. Shoulda been titled build your own electric guitar kit. English This book is a portal to hell, so far it has cost me around two hundred quid! So engagingly written, and laid out as per a standard maintenance manual, it's very easy to fall into the it's payday, I'll buy this bit.
If you buy this book, and have always fancied building your own guitar, this is the ski lift to the top of the slippery slope you Will end up on.
Also very useful for looking at the set up on any guitars you may already own, and helps to make them sound sweet again.
Absolutely awesome English As with Haynes motor manuals this book is written clearly making it very easy to follow with its help I have built two guitars and in case you are thinking I must be some whizz kid craftsman I assure I am not I drive a truck for a living English

As described English Very good book. English Was hoping for a detailed and concise section on wiring electric guitars. English I am in the process of building my first guitar and found this book helpful even though the book was centered around building a kit guitar. there was some useful information. English book was ok would have liked it to be descriptive. English

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This all color, fully illustrated practical book brings the unique Haynes Build your own approach to a new audience. Comprehensive step by step procedures show both novice and experienced guitarists how to build their very own unique, high spec custom S type instrument, tailor made for their needs, for far less than the cost of buying a factory built equivalent. Various body, neck and hardware options are covered to suit all requirements, along with advice on how to build a guitar to give the desired sound. Details of fine tuning, along with set up advice, helps to ensure that the finished guitar will be a joy to own and play Build Your Own Electric Guitar