Passions Promise By Danielle Steel

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Smart, beautiful, and very rich, Kezia Saint Martin leads two lives: one as a glamorous socialite jetting between the poshest places in Europe and America; the other, under a false name, as a dicated journalist committed to justice and her profession.

But the two worlds are pulling her apart, leaving her conflicted about her identity and the lies she tells to every man she meets. Then she meets Lucas Johns, a bold, dynamic crusader for social change--and an ex-con. Their attraction is immediate, but their love may be just one step from tragedy at any time. Passions Promise

What the fuck just happened?!!! I'm still in shock really! I can easily say that this was the messier, worst book I have ever read in my whole life. I really don't understand how such a book could ever be published. SPOILERS AHEAD : Kezia is just a spoiled rich person who hates her life without doing ANYTHING to change a single thing about it, and then she meets Luke, who wants to abolish the prison system from existence ( BTW murderers and rapers should all live freely with us in this one happy world, right? ). They fall in love ( in 2 days !) And she learns the meaning of life. But then he gets sent back to jail where he's murdered by a fellow prisonner. By that time, Kezia has turned into a crazy alcoholic person that spends all her days drinking at home. When she learns about the death of Luke by his friend Alejandro, she tells Alejandro that she's been in love with him all along instead, and turns out he was in love with her too!
AGAIN .... WHAT THE FUCK?? 1 STAR IS TOO MUCH FOR THIS SHIT English Kezia Saint Martin poor-little-super-rich girl falls head over heels in love with ex-convict, prison-reformer-wannabe Lucas Johns who's just too sexy for his shirt, too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it hurts.
I thought I'd be reading some juicy, fluffy romance but this book actually takes itself seriously. Kezia has an existential crisis and wears mink. People are out to get our crusader. Will they succeed? Will he survive to pretend to sneer at his brand new brown suede Gucci shoes another day? And what about Ale-ale-jandro, Ale-ale-jandro?
It's also very sexist and homophobic.
And... he calls her Mama.
Was that a thing in the 70s?
'Nuff said! English Read this the second time and enjoyed it just as much English It pains me, truly pains me, to rate a DS book 3 stars. But I couldn't bring myself to give it anymore than that. And I am going to explain why.

First off, I should point out that it was an okay story. It was written well. It was different then what DS usually does. It was like more grittier than normal. Not the normal light and fluffy. Kezia was almost selfish and rude. I understand that she wanted to do things for herself but she could have went about it a different way. Kezia just throws people away without any regard to their feelings. Not to mention she lies. Yes, I know that she has to protect herself but outright lying is just wrong.

When she met Luke, she became a totally different person and it wasn't a good thing. She became whiny and needy. She gets bitchy at everybody around her. She constantly demanded the attention of Luke, even though he was busy doing his thing. Luke was recently released from jail and was an outspoken advocate for better treatment of prisoners in jails. That was good. I appreciated Luke and who he was.

I didn't really care for the world building either. The world was the socialite world. I know that it's supposed to be pretty fake and not deep, but it was almost way too fake. DS just made the world seems too fake. It felt forced.

The ending killed it for me. I thought this was a pretty dumb ending. It felt forced, like he had to . I also didn't like how we didn't know what Kezia was going to do. If you are going to do an ending like that, I would at least want some sort of direction so I had some idea of what was going on.

Overall, I'm not impressed. It was an okay book but there were so many things that could have been done differently. English I am not big on romance novels but this book is unlike any romance novel I have ever read and will always be a favourite as well as being truly unforgettable! English

not Steel's best by any means. While I was intrigued by all the places the character went, I found this novel lacking depth. She just travels from party to party, restaurant to restaurant and club to club for the first third of the book, possibly more, gathering information for the column. I found the pairing of her and Johns to be unlikely in her elite set and while it was sweet in concept, I didn't find it believable. the best part of this book is all the traveling and fashion that are mentioned and the way the main character parodies it and the materialistic set that must have a pair of gucci Other than that, it was a bore. English Mi promedio de estrellas para este libro es 2.5, pero como todos sabemos acá hay que redondear y decidí hacerlo para arriba.

Estaba MUY entusiasmada por leer este libro, me pareció interesante la sinopsis y había leído tanto sobre la autora que pensé que ya era hora que lea algo escrito por ella. Por si no saben Danielle Steel escribe romance y yo soy fan del género. Pero después de haber leído este libro en particular no se si me dan ganas de leer más de ella.

Para seguir con la reseña, me meto más en detalle en lo que me pareció la historia y sus personajes...

En general me parecieron un poco planos y aburridos, muchos parece que van a ser importantes a lo largo de la historia pero terminan quedando en el olvido y siendo irrelevantes. Con algunos sentí que la autora los vendía con entusiasmo pero esa fuerza iba aflojando y terminaba siendo débil.
Puedo decir que los que realmente importan en esta historia son Kezia, Luke (o Lucas) y Alejandro. E igualmente de ellos hay cosas que no se aclaran, o que lo hacen muy vagamente. Kezia me pareció insoportable, es la típica mujer hermosa que todos quieren tener, de la que todos se enamoran (literalmente hablando), sentí un poco de empatía por ella pero igual no terminó de convencerme. Aunque sí tengo que decir que me gustó como terminó, dándose cuenta quien es realmente y aceptandose de esa manera.
Como dije antes, a mi me gusta el romance pero me pareció demasiado goloso de a momentos, pasaba algo y se tiraban un ... pero te amo y es como que llegó un momento que me cansó al nivel de rodar los ojos cada vez que lo decían.

El comienzo del libro fue lo mejor, arranque leyendo a mil por hora, me gustaba, me parecía interesante. La idea de una it girl en New York (a lo Gossip Girl) que se enamora de un ex-convicto me entusiasmaba porque no había leído nada del estilo, pero cuanto más me adentraba en el libro menos me interesaba, me aburría, no podía concentrarme en lo que leía, aprovechaba cualquier excusa para no leer en absoluto. Se me hizo MUY largo para la historia que cuenta, me parece que hay partes que pudieron ser totalmente omitidas porque en mi opinión no suman a la historia. Y además de que se me hizo eterno, nunca terminé de engancharme, casi que no tenía problema en dejar una conversación a la mitad, lo que normalmente detesto hacer.
Las últimas 80 páginas se me hicieron interminables, por ahí había un par de cosas buenas que me enganchaban y leía rápido unas 10 hojas y después me volvía a trabar, pero necesitaba terminarlo y lo logré.

Por último, algo que quiero señalar es que no tiene elemento sorpresa, por lo menos yo me imaginé todo lo que pasó, me pareció flojo en eso porque con la idea general del libro la autora pudo haber planteado un montón de situaciones para dejarte speechless (sin palabras), pero no lo hizo. Aunque quiero remarcar que el autodescubrimiento de la protagonista hacia el final del libro, como mencioné antes, me gustó porque si hay algo importante es ser independientes, aceptarnos como somos realmente y querernos de esa manera, sacándonos el miedo al que podrán decir y dejando de lado las máscaras con las que finjimos ser quienes no somos para que los demás se sientan cómodos. English Not the typical Ms Steel novel, if the lady has one. However, it's plot was well veiled as you were led you were invited the world of the privileged. Sometimes we tend to forget that having money and opportunities bring their own burdens and expectations. These can then lead one to look cross the tracks to escape the pressure and experience life as it can be. In this novel you get to read about the hazards that this can bring.

You will also appreciate that decisions made when our living under one situation may create further choices that aren't so easy to make. Can you turn your back on commitments because the grass is greener and leave those you've helped behind.

I won't mention how the story ends, however, in a world were social media, peer pressure, and cultural expectations tend to dictate if not influence the decisions we make it's not surprising it pans out the way it does. English I really hate that the main character Kezia became a whiny needy woman when she got involved with Lucas Johns. I also didn't like the fact that she kind of turned into her mother by becoming a drunk and almost killing herself. I thought that if you saw someone go through that in your life you definitely would not want to repeat it and you would take that on as a life lesson especially since she watched one of her good friends Tiffany go through the same thing and then commit suicide as well. However I did like the fact that she became her own person and decided to not do what was expected of her given she was an heiress. I also didn't really care for the fact that they let us to believe at the end that she was going to try to have a relationship with Alejandro. English First I will start off with what I didn’t like about this book. I thought Edward was a controlling old pervert that was in love with someone half his age. I felt that when Kezia didn’t see things and do things his way, he threw a childish little tantrum. I also thought that Lucas was full of himself. I didn’t like him either.

What I did like about the book is how Kezia found herself. She didn’t like the rich fancy party scene and just wanted to be herself and the fact that she did it against Edward’s best judgement made me happy for her.

All in all a very good book. I liked it very much English