Britney: Inside the Dream: The Biography By Steve Dennis

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This book was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend, and he was very thoughtful in picking it out, noting that I, as a huge fan of Britney Spears, did not have even a single book about her.

I wasn't sure what to expect upon starting this book, but I was curious. I was hoping it wouldn't be some paparazzi-storm about all the minutiae that would be a gross invasion of privacy. And it wasn't, at all. Instead, this book is a veritable biography of Britney Spears, from her early childhood years through 2009.

I learned a lot from this book, and I definitely appreciate the hard work that must have gone into writing this and gathering information from various sources. Dennis does an excellent job of showing us Britney Spears, the person. The reader can see how her childhood development lead to actions she took once she became Britney Spears, the world-wide pop sensation.

The saddest part of the book is, unsurprisingly, the events comprising her breakdown. I always knew that there were issues she was dealing with in her private life, such as the divorce, losing her two young kids, and the constant media swarm, but there was so much more. And my heart goes out to her, because what she went through, to survive all that, is nothing short of a miracle.

And reading about the conservatorship that her dad initiated, I find it admirable that he really did turn his life around to save his daughter. None of us can really know why, in 2019, the conservatorship of a 37-year-old woman continues, but now Britney's dad is extremely ill and she's devoted all her energies now to taking care of him and being with her family. This is probably what she's craved for a long time now, the solace of a private life away from the cameras and the crowds.

Even if you're not a huge fan of Britney Spears, I think this is an excellent book to read to learn about the person, rather than the performer. Hardcover It's fitting, in some respects, that one of Britney Spears' hits is called Piece of Me. Everyone, it seems, wants a piece of Britney, whether it's in the form of a news story to accompany their morning coffee, or a familiar tune on the radio during their drive to work. It's a sad comment, perhaps, on the modern obsession with celebrity, and on what happens when a person is sold as a product. For most of Britney's life, she has been at the centre of a circus (another eerily appropriate name for one of her records). And I suppose that, in buying and reading this book, I became part of that circus. (I read it for research purposes, if that makes it any better. Yes, research. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it...)

Behind that circus, though – behind the miles of column inches, the photographs, the performances, the constant stream of stories that set the Internet alight – is a real person. What do we know of that person? The obvious answer is, Not much. Steve Dennis's biography is probably as good a place to look as any for those in search of answers, though of course one can always question how close a biographer gets to capturing his subject. The closer the scrutiny applied to an iconic figure, the more nebulous they become. Britney is no exception in this respect.

Dennis tells a rather sad (and sympathetic) story of a good-natured girl from America's Deep South, who dreamed of and – almost incredibly – achieved stardom. There was nothing in Britney's past to suggest that she was destined to become a star. Yes, she was talented; but so are many others, most of whom are bound only for anonymity. The odds were certainly against Britney. She was born into obscurity. Her family circumstances were far from ideal, her childhood blighted by the banal misfortunes of warring parents, poverty, and drink. But, thanks to her own inner drive – that, and a mother who was either supportive or pushy, depending on your interpretation – Britney found the fame she craved, first as a Mouseketeer and then as a pop icon. But what did she lose in the process?

It's impossible to read this biography and not feel at least a smidgeon of sympathy for Britney. She might have been the architect of many of her own misfortunes, but you have to wonder how much better anyone could realistically have handled her situation. Not many people are thrust into the middle of a media firestorm at the age of sixteen; Britney was, perhaps, spectacularly ill-suited to the experience in many ways. Sceptics are probably partly right in considering the young Britney – the sweet-natured, doe-eyed, God-fearing Baptist girl – as being a cynical commercial creation. Partly, but not entirely: as Dennis convincingly argues, that was to some extent the reality. And how Britney was betrayed – it's unlikely that any of the moguls, executives, managers, or media types who surrounded her ever had her best interests at heart. An intriguing, if sad, story. Hardcover That last page was incredible.

But it’s more than just an ageing facade: It is the symbol for an intoxicating drug called fame; the world’s most chased and addictive substance. Go on, try it; you’ve little idea what it contains, and no idea of its power. But go on, take it; the rush it gives and the lasting sensation it provides are out of this world. Go on, you know want to. It will change your life. It will make you feel better. Just ask Britney.

The power behind the last punch of this book stunned me. I thought it was incredible and I had to share it.

Overall, the book held a lot of details that I hadn't known previously, and the psychotherapist's analysis was very intriguing. The only thing that bothered me was silly mistakes that were made with information, like the turnaround of Britney's sons name and saying songs had come from an album they didn't. Other than that, this book was great. Hardcover A must read for Britney fans or anyone with an interest in how toxic fame is. A tough read, your heart will break multiple times for Britney starting at a young age. Steve does a great job at giving a holistic view of her career and very public life. The notes from the psychologist lend further insight and put into perspective her behaviours and struggles.

What makes this even sadder is that the conservatorship is still in place 13 years later, she’s not in control of her own life and has yet to live authentically. What shines through however is an ever bright, friendly, kind, wonderful woman who wants to be understood, respected and treated with compassion. Hardcover Nem sei o que escrever depois de a vida da Britney (até agora, obviamente, porque ela vai andar por cá a brilhar até aos 100 anos) me passar pelas mãos! Esta é uma biografia não oficial, com relatos de fontes próximas da Britney, pedaços de outras biografias e pedaços de documentários sobre ela. Tem também análises de um psico-terapeuta, que esmiúça mais em profundidade alguma das etapas mais conturbadas. Não posso dizer mais nada a não ser que adorei. É engraçado, porque eu sou fã dela há mais de 10 anos e há muitas coisas que eu sei, mas há neste livro coisas que eu não fazia ideia, coisas que explicam certas atitudes e que não passaram cá para fora. Identifico-me com ela em algumas coisas, o que foi uma das razões porque me tornei fã na minha adolescência e só o pude confirmar com esta leitura. Todos os fãs deviam ler este livro, porque faz-nos gostar ainda mais dela, porque faz-nos pôr na pele dela e perceber que ela é apenas um ser humano! Hardcover

Following the astounding success of her 1998 hit single “. . . Baby One More Time,” Britney Spears quickly became an international pop idol. At just 27 years of age, she has racked up five number-one albums, seven top-10 singles, and seven sold-out world tours. For all of her success, however, over the past decade Britney’s private life has been a difficult one. She has endured numerous failed relationships as well as a very public divorce and custody battle, all in the full glare of the international media. Drawing on exclusive interviews with those closest to her, this is an engrossing portrait of fascinating superstar. Britney: Inside the Dream: The Biography


I'm the loneliest person in the world.

Britney: Inside the Dream was fascinating. Conditioned and controlled all her career, it's no wonder that Britney broke in 2007. Her father's conservatorship makes every choice for her: who she can and can't see, whether or not she has to perform, whether she can drive, drink alcohol or have a phone, what (of her own money!) she's allowed to spend. It may have helped her initially, but right now Britney is fighting for her freedom. #freebritney Hardcover It never ceases to amaze me how much Britney endured and survived during her most trying years. Not only that is really engulfing to read, but the thoroughness of her entire career history prior to that is baffling.
She is such an inspiration who has lived a remarkable life. I will forever stan Britney, sue me! Hardcover So I have to be honest.... I may be a Britney fan, but it got this book mostly as a joke. While it gives a lot of info on Brits rise to fame and not so pretty years, it's all listed as close sources. What I thought was interesting is that it included a psychotherapists thoughts around Britney's behaviors. Hardcover Fascinating. Well written. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I wish Britney the best. I hope she can get through some of her demons. We all have them and she's no different than anybody else. Fame is a bitch BTW and if you plan on being a star, you need loads of people to protect your mental health. This book is not vicious and is believable. #freebritney....kinda...
Hardcover One of the best biographies of a famous person I have ever read. She had such a fascinating, albeit depressing, whirlwind experience with fame that I expect very few other celebrities ever endured. She had an unparalleled level of fame in the 2000's decade and Steve Dennis does an excellent job at making the reader grasp just how high the stakes were for Britney. Hardcover