Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen By Mary Nell Wyatt

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Scholars, even Biblical scholars say the Exodus either never took place or didnt happen as the Biblical story states. But one man, Ron Wyatt, believed the Bible held the answers and all evidence should be interpreted with the Scriptures as the foundation.
Now, for the first time, complete documentation of the Exodus which fits the Biblical account perfectly is available. Battle for the Firstborn documents Ron's research and fieldwork which led to:
The identity of Joseph in ancient Egypt and the exciting evidence of the center of the selling of grain to all the nations during the great famine
The identity of pharaohs daughter who rescued Moses
The identity of the amazing young man in ancient Egypt who fits the profile of Moses perfectly
The identity of Moses parents and their tomb which tells the exciting story of Moses refusing to be called son of pharaohs daughter
The location of the Red Sea crossing and how Ron determined the exact location
The identity of the pharaoh who drowned in the Red Sea
The identity of the firstborn son of the Exodus pharaoh, whose life was taken by the angel of death, Tutankhamun, or King Tut
The picture of chaos revealed by the tomb of King Tut
The internal strife within Egypt after the Exodus which almost led to its demise
The story of the discovery of the real Mount Sinai and the 75 days Ron and his sons spent in prison in Saudi Arabia, accused of being Israeli spies after being betrayed by a friend
The battle for the truth about the evidence at ancient Jericho
Based on his discoveries in the Red Sea and his study of ancient Egypt, Ron was convinced the Exodus took place during the 18th Dynasty. Some early scholars also believed the 18th Dynasty was most likely the correct dynasty but the accepted number of years for each pharaoh didnt work in the timeline.
Then, when Ron did his research, he noticed something which changed everything. Because of alternating similar names in the ancient Egyptian kings lists, he came to a startling conclusion. He believed the pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty had different names when they were co regent and then when they became the emperor pharaoh but they were the same person. This meant that the long list of pharaohs was shortened as the years of a pharaohs coregency was contained in his list of years as the emperor pharaoh.
Ron tasked his wife, Mary Nell, with documenting his beliefs concerning the Exodus. Mary Nell approached the task by first laying out a timeline based on the Bible and the ancient Egyptian evidence found on monuments, tomb walls and inscriptions. Next, the search for original data, untainted by theories and preconceived notions, took many years to gather and examine in the context of the Biblical account. What she discovered as she worked on the timeline was that it fit the events of the Exodus perfectly.
Battle for the Firstborn lays out the evidence. It also tells the exciting story of how Ron discovered the true Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia.
The story of how these discoveries were made points to the Divine origin of their revelation. Ron never took any credit. He believed our Creator preserved all these things for this particular time in earths history and he had the great honor of participating in the work of uncovering these great evidences. He also believed that part of his responsibility in presenting these discoveries was to present the significance they have for us today. They verify the complete accuracy of the Bible which will strengthen the faith of believers. And hopefully, non believers will see the precise truth of the Scriptures and decide to accept the great offer of salvation and eternal life.
Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen

Very enlightening helped my need to know and my study of the bible.The Lord indeed worked along with him..thank you for his wife writing this book.a good supplement to the Word Studies.I have always been curious about that King Tut! Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen This book is a really good read while the information can seem overwhelming at first (as it’s a lot and nothing in ancient Egypt is simple!) the information and research in the book is incredible.I have been studying the exodus for some time and I am completely fascinated with the five Books of Moses. This book is a perfect tool to help you in gaining a deeper understanding of scripture.Mary really does make an incredible argument regarding the exodus, Moses & Tut and I have to say I completely agree!!!! Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen Thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t put it down. Concise and extremely well written. A tremendous amount of research has been done to write this and has been backed up with evidence throughout. I love Ron Watts research and I hope through this book people will see the work that he did and be amazed as I was. His hope that people would see and understand the evidences of the biblical accounts and believe in the one true living God is a hope that I share. You don’t need to be a believer to read this book. This is fascinating for anyone interested in ancient Egypt. Mary Nell Wyatt has done a brilliant work everyone should read it. Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen I heard about Ron Wyatt’s theory back in the 90s, and have read quite a lot trying to ‘fault’ the hypothesis. Much of the ‘party line” information about Tutankhamun and Akhenaten is based on the beliefs of researchers in the 1800s, with little or no supporting evidence. Mary Nell worked from the inscriptions alone, and discusses the different interpretations of their import. The Wyatt scenario FITS the BiblicalNarrative with the archaeology. So far I cannot find any concrete evidence against it. Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen Well researched and presented with compelling evidence. Great value. No fluff. Must read. Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamen