Bridget Joness Guide to Life By Helen Fielding

She'll help you get your life in order. She'll help you get your home in order. Or she'll at least help you place a take-out order.

Cuisine is not merely a question of ordering a pizza�no! Many factors come into play�including finding the pizza menu, decision-making, and obtaining a clean knife with which to cut it.

How true this is of all life.

In this elegant and practical handbook, Bridget Jones�the intrepid thirty-something Singleton on a permanent but doomed quest for self-improvement�offers a road to perfection in the fields of cooking, streamlined inner thighs and poise, spiritual and romantic nirvana, accounting, an understanding of Feng Shui, what men think they might feel they want, and creating a fragrant home. She's read the self-help books�all of them. And committed most of them to memory. Now Bridget breaks out on her own to give readers the benefit�benefit?�of her rich experience.

Bridget Joness Guide to Life


Helen Fielding º 6 Read

short and fun read English Light, witty, insubstantial. I remember when I first bought this over 10 years ago I thought it was just as funny and brilliant as the Bridget Jones novels. Now it’s enough to entertain me for 45 minutes or so while waiting for my car to be serviced, but it didn’t make me laugh out loud like it used to – probably because it’s a very condensed version of recycled ideas from the novels, and contains very little new content. English Hum. Well, this was fairly fun. But the price tag of $5.99 (I didn't pay this) is a bit steep. I think if I'd paid this much I'd feel a bit duped. It's really short with lots of pictures and blank spaces. It feels like Helen Fielding saw an opportunity (and good for her, who an blame her) with the current, at the time, success of her other Bridget Jones books. So, I had to only give this 2 stars. Fair? The way it is. English Bridget Jones, the heroine from Helen Fielding's popular novels, takes it upon herself to write a self-help book for thirty-something-year old single women like herself. I would recommend reading this before reading Bridget Jones's Diary; otherwise you'll just get a 60-page rehashing of some of the novel's funnier parts. luckily, that's how I read it in the first place, so there were no problems for me. English Warning to potential readers; this guilty pleasure pamphlet does not constitute the label 'book'.

A worryingly accurate portrayal of the decay of the modern woman! I will demonstrate with the following small extract:

The Store Cupboard

A well-stocked store cupboard is the key to not having to go out to the shops too much. Here are my top five store cupboard must-haves:

- Silk Cut

- 4 bottles of white wine
(at least - you never know who will come round)

- Matches

- Canapes (i.e. crisps)

- Not Marmite*

- Fridge magnets are nice.

*As may make one depressed if no bread.

Need I say more? English

This was a short, but funny book told through the eyes of Bridget Jones. It was funny because it was pretty much the first two books combined into a concise guide book on how to live like Bridget. She has always made me laugh and this book did not disappoint. The way she views life; from food and finance to romance is hilarious and could probably make anyone laugh. If you have read the Bridget Jones's books and have seen the movies, then this book is sure to make you laugh. English I didn't expect much (differently than many other readers out there, especially those who left reviews here), so I wasn't disappointed. It is just Bridget Jones like stuff, probably how her journal would actually look like. Very quick, funny at times, overall enjoyable read. Would I read this again? Of course not. Would I recommend it to someone who hasn't read all Bridget Jones books (I definitely wouldn't.)
But for the time being, this one time reading experience was alright. English Funny and full of useful tips for every modern woman :p. English This isn't really a book, so much as it was a short booklet intended to wring money out of Helen Fielding fans. It's about 50 pages long and averages maybe 50 words per page in which Bridget offers advice on topics from Cheese (1. Find bit of cheese in fridge. 2. Cut off mold. 3. Eat.) to Feng Shui (Don't put a wastepaper basket in your relationship corner.) It's fairly dumb, but at the time that I bought it, $1.00 of the cover price went to famine relief in Africa. This is no longer true (as near as I can tell, the book is now out of print), so if you see it in a used bookstore, you shouldn't feel guilty about standing there and reading it for free, as it will only take five minutes. English This book is so funny and quirky, and actually has some sound advice. It's almost as if your best friend is talking to you through this book. This is the only Bridget Jones book I've read but I absolutely love the movies💕 can't wait to read the rest of the series!! English