Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) By Ronin Winters


Love this series!!!!

This whole series is a great read. The books have substance, like a full length book. It's not watered down like most short stories. And from page on I was fully engaged. Each author brings a little something to the table and the Blue Collar Wolves bring a little naughty with the nice. I hope these authors continue with this brilliant collaboration idea, but with full length books in a series! Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) 2) Brick and House have grown up together, but each was an orphan. They rely on each other to function. Now, they must decide to mate Mel, Melissa, who has a son, Danny. The guys already are a constant in her life and Danny's. The attraction has reached a high mark, and she must have them both, but do they both want her? Do wolves share a mate ?? Deeply thought-filled characters, an interesting story line, and super hot sex scenes make this heart warming tale wonderful. True love and emotions, her ex shows up, the guys are so terrific, suspense, happiness, acceptance and understanding, all of these things are here. Highly recommend, ENJOY !!! Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) Love Times Three

I must say I'm very impressed with the way Ronin handled the three some story of Brick, House and Mel. It's was very well written. It was hot and passionate without being crude in any way. After reading Iron, I was hesitant to read Brick House because of the crude wording in Iron. I'm extremely pleased that this book wasn't written in that way. The story of Brick and House's love for Mel is great. The way the men interact with each other and Mel is wonderful. Both men understand that Mel is a package deal with her son Danny. They show Danny and Mel they are capable of loving and taking care of both of them. I'm excited to read Steel next. As with Iron, I just love all the characters. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) Brick & House are 2 wolves in the pack. They know Mel is their true mate and have spent a lot of time showing her they care and will take care of her and her son Danny.

But Mel is human and was confused about what was going on. She thought wolves only had 1 mate so why are both of them always around and why is she attracted to both of them? Can she deal with having 2 mate?

This story was really hot. I love the plot line and how both guys have been taking care of her and her son while getting their life's together. I loved this addition to the series. I can't wait to see what happens next in the series.

So much fun I couldn't put the book down.

Book given for an honest review and I honestly love it. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review by author Ronin Winters. Brick/House is book two in The Blue Collar Wolves series and part of the Mating Season Pack Series. The author give us the story of Brick and House were-wolves and Melissa Harris 'Mel' is a waitress in the bar Iron owned, she is Bella's best friend, Danny's mother and apparently Brick and House true mate. A very fantastic and enjoyable read you'll not put it down. I can't wait to read more Ronin's Blue Collar Wolves. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2)

Melissa has not been lucky in love. Her first love abandoned her after she got pregnant while in high school. She is a human but has grown up among the wolf shifters in the area and counts several as her good friends. She is not sure what to make of Brick and House. They both kind of act like they are her mates but she hasn't heard of someone having two mates.

When they are there for her in an emergency, she realizes how much they mean to her and takes a chance. She is still scared but can't risk the appeal of two sexy shifters wanting to please her. Who would want to?

I really enjoy the menage stories and this one is written well. The men have an unusual history together and are invested in making it work with Melissa. They love her enough to not rush her when she needs time. They also are great to her son. I like that the characters from the first story are still part of the story and you get to visit with them again. I look forward to reading more stories in the series. Mating season is a lot of fun in this community.

I received a copy in return for a honest review. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) Many, many years ago, when I was young and beautiful, I dated a guy who was built like a brick house. Thankfully there wasn't two of them, each one named Brick and House. If that element were simply removed from the book, what a much better story it would be.

Hot wolf sex. Plenty of that here. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) Yummy menage read

I really enjoyed this second book in the series. Mel is an awesome sassy gal! I love her dad and the way he is kind of a father to the pack as well, even though he is human. This was a great story and the menage was uber hawt when they made it to the bedroom.

My only complaints on the are that is is all from her POV and we seem to be short changed when it comes to the guys. I don't thinks their whole back story was as well fleshed out as it could have been. I felt a disconnect with then as a reader because so much was missing. With such quiet brooding guys you need that inner monologue to really get them.

This ends much like the first book did, with a tease for the next book. I really like the way these books are layered over each other in a swift timeline. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) Characters are all right. One of the better books in this series so far. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2) Much better and nicer than book 1.
I have owned these books for ages and had reviewed them previously but a lot of reviews written directly from the back of a book have disappeared. I thought I would review them as I was rereading them for the third time.
I really liked Melissa, she is one tough cookie, a single mum who knows all about the pack as she grew up with Iron, Bella and Steel.
Mel works in the bar as well as keeping the books for the garage Brick and House run.
Brick and House are new to the pack but have known from day one Mel was their true mate.
They have protected her and her son Danny but not pursued her as they wanted to establish themselves and their business so they could be good supporters. Also Mel was not in a good place emotionally.
Their attitude was fantastic and I loved them both to bits, especially when the ex-came back making threats.
Bella and Mel having their little breakfast chat was so enjoyable.
I really enjoyed this book as it had a very enjoyable storyline without the rough crudity of book 1.
Be aware these are short stories and I did not pay the current asking price. Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2)

A 'Mating Season' novella.

Two wolves with the same true mate is rare. Two wolves who hate each other with the same true mate? It’s a reality Brick and House live with.

Melissa Harris may have the occasional fantasy about being caught between the two rogue wolves who entered her life last year, but with reality including single motherhood and aging parents with no one to help her, well, who could blame her? No woman could look at those large, hard bodies and not be tempted.

When Mel’s past becomes a threat to her present, can two lone wolves figure out how to work together to protect the woman who owns both of their hearts?
Brick House (Blue Collar Wolves, #2)

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