Break a Leg: The Kid#39;s Guide to Acting amp; Stagecraft By Lise Friedman

Break a Leg: The Kid's Guide to Acting & Stagecraft | Friedman, Lise | ISBN: 9780761122081 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Break a Leg: The Kid#39;s Guide to Acting amp; Stagecraft

This contains terribly outdated cultural references and photos, and there are some suggestions for movie watching that could easily get a teacher in hot water these days (nude scenes in Shakespeare in Love, for instance).However, this is a fabulous book, and there is simply nothing else like it available.Very hard to find and expensive, so it's not practical to have one for each student in a drama class, not to mention that it's a very ephemeral paperback. Classroom use would need a hardback format. Lise Friedman I bought this book to gain new ideas for a drama class which I teach. This book is written for kids that are interested in a career in acting, but I have found some really great information and ideas that I can use as a drama teacher and I am also going to encourage my students to read parts of this book! It is very well laid out, starting with the basics of the acting craft and then building all the way into an explanation of how to get started in the industry. All along the way, the main text is highlighted by quotes from real child actors as well as interesting side notes on various subjects. As someone who has been acting in community and professional theater since I was four years old, I was surprised at the amount of information in this book that was either new to me or written in such a way as to make me totally re think things which I already knew. I would definitely recommend this book to any child interested in acting, parent of a child interested in acting or drama teacher who works with children. Lise Friedman I checked this book out at the local library and after renewing it twice, I decided I had to buy it. After going to 4 bookstores that did not carry it (or even anything similiar) I realized was my only hope. Book came much faster than expected.It was also far cheaper than I thought it would be and the book was in tip top shape! I'm a former theatre actress, who is now an elementary school teacher, and I have to say my students LOVE this book. It is absolutely perfect at peaking the interest of young stars. Lise Friedman I love this book and have for years! I bought a NEW copy for $13.20, now the book is $40.00+ ! I was going to order a class set! What happened? Lise Friedman Great resource. I do wish they would update the examples used, like current comedienes. It would be nice to use examples of plays, actors etc. that 9 to 13 year olds recognize. Outside of that, this is a seriously great overview for kids interested in theater and the perspective of the child works! Lise Friedman


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