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Boundaries s fourth book. Guided by the graceful, territorial, fiercely protective spirit of Mountain Lion, Lighthorse takes us on a healing journey through our developmental lacks and traumas to find the unique medicine in each situation. Gently but firmly, she also guides us to recognize where we have violated others boundaries, to grow our humility, and to make amends.

This is a book for deepening our relationships and intimacies, for developing vitality. Where our boundaries were violated as children, where our caregivers did not adequately protect us, we may unconsciously be living out the same patterns in the present and perpetuating them into the future. This book helps us to see those imprints, and gives us the courage to start to change, to advocate for ourselves, and to mend our fences.

With 52 short, powerful chapters on different themes, Boundaries and Protection is designed for journeying. It is meant to be carried as a companion and reread at different seasons of life, its many facets revealing themselves in the fullness of time. Boundaries Protection


This is a great format book. Short chapters that you can read, think on or come back to when it feels right. I feel like this brought so many topics to the front for me, like a guiding light on what is reasonable and respectful while trying to find my North Star again. Thank you Pixie Lighthorse This is such a positive book. Unlike many energy protection books this one that Pixie has crafted shows you how to be far well rounded and mindful of not just yourself but of those you care for. I love that it focuses on boundaries as a whole. This is a perfect book for professional healers, energy workers as well as those interested in the subject and obtaining tools to strengthen their boundaries and acknowledge the ones set by others. Pixie Lighthorse Product arrived on time and as described Pixie Lighthorse I absolutely love this book! Shadow work is a fairly new concept for me so finding pixie lighthorse has been so very helpful! It has been designed with powerful little segments that are easier to absorb than reading paragraph after paragraph on a specific topic. I cannot believe how much she can pack into one page! I will often just read one or two segments so I have time to absorb the concepts and to make changes accordingly. I am also so very grateful that she has shared her knowledge with so many people. Thank you Pixie ♡ Pixie Lighthorse This was like a philosophical discussion about the idea of boundaries than anything with much substance. I would read the same section over and over again trying to figure out the point the author was making, and I would not come up with any thesis statement or conclusion. It read like an unedited diary. I walked away from this book with nothing. Pixie Lighthorse

Pixie has been an infinite source of wisdom for me for years. Her latest book, Boundaries & Protection, is thoughtful and insightful. It has not only been a great resource on my own journey, but I find myself reading bits and pieces of this book to my six year old daughter, who has recently been dealing with some bullying at school. Just having someone put into words the dynamics that we may not see without stopping to analyze them has been very helpful for her. (I also think that it helps that they are Pixie's words, and not mine.) As always, thank you for your insight. Aho. Pixie Lighthorse I have never written a review for a book until now, and I feel that I must, because the reviews for this one just seem so off. Why do people love this book so much? I wanted to love it too; the other reviews seemed amazing and the high price for such a small book seemed worth it. Upon opening the book, I was immediately shocked to realize that there was only text on every other page. I think this was meant for the reader to digest the information in easy and small parts, but I feel that for an already small $20(!!!) paperback book, this was quite a rip off. Additionally, these pages were not really filled with applicable ways of applying boundaries and protection in one's life that needed lots of time or effort to digest, but seemed to read as an overview of what boundaries are, and why boundaries and protecting oneself is important. I have read many books on this subject, and I was just really disappointed by the glossed overview of this book. I think the only relevant and usable information that I got from it was the very last few pages in which the author listed a bunch of sentence frames that the reader could use when setting boundaries with others, which I could also find by an easy Google search on the internet. Besides that, I found myself waiting for the book to really begin, the entire way though. I would not recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about HOW to actually set better boundaries in their life. On that subject, I would readily recommend an author such as Melody Beattie for learning comprehensive information about boundaries and applicable means of setting them with self and others. Pixie Lighthorse A few pages in, I stopped to to recommend this book to my 30yr old daughter and some friends.
It was intense at times as it has brought up some things I needed to process. I love the phrase I'm in process. Because we are all, always processing, however, only the brave, will go through the fire rather than walk around it.
This book had given me some fire proof protection and technique to stand up, speak and live with power and awareness.
Thanks to Pixie, for your deep contribution to a higher way of existence on this planet. A gift to the world, indeed!
And I will read this again and again as I apply this new way of being to all my relationships.
Lisa Tompkins Nasser Pixie Lighthorse So much gratitude for this book and Pixie Lighthorse's work! This is my first P.L. book 3 Katie R. Pixie Lighthorse This book spoke to me from moment one. My family has been going through absolute havoc over the past two years, and being the people pleaser that I am, I have often felt stuck in the crossfire of everyone else. Pixie is amazing. I’ve taken several of her online courses, begun to dabble in Shamanic journey and just love everything this spirit of hers brings to my table. I have just purchased Honoring Voice and already own Prayers of Honoring. Religiously, I was raised Catholic, though for me, straight Christianity never felt quite right. But regardless of your own religion or spiritual path, Pixie’s teachings bring us back to Nature, to Source, to the Divine, by tapping into what our souls truly know already. Pixie Lighthorse