Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) By Jenna Gunn

Bringer of earth shattering O’s.
Yesterday my one night stand. Today my off-limits Boss..

It was supposed to be my dream job.

Ocean rescuer on the highly respected Southern California team.

But he happened.

A few hours ago Bryce Archer wasn’t my boss.

Or my anything for that matter.

He was a one night indulgence.

One that left my voice shredded and my body in withdrawal.

But my new job on his team doesn’t allow us to mix business and pleasure.

The rule book says we’re done.

But the electricity between us says we’re not.

So my dream job hangs in peril.

If I become the secret lover…it could all come crashing down.

This badass job and perfect seaside town are everything I want.

But now I want him too.

Enough to risk it all.

Enough to follow his reckless lead and break all the rules.

It’s a dumpster fire in the making.

One that might leave me knocked up, broken hearted, with my dreams in tatters.

Boss Rules is a steamy stand-alone book in the Archer Brother's series. Scorching passion, plenty of humor, and lots of adventure action set this seaside love affair apart from the rest of the pack. No cliff-hangers and no cheating in this HEA. This one will melt you and your Kindle! Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1)


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Boss Rules: A Knocked Up Romance by Jenna Gunn is the first book in the series. A romance story of Bryce and Raven. they met on a tour train and their attraction is undeniable and they had a one hot night together not knowing they going to meet again the next day for Raven interview for Ocean Rescue her dream job and going to work together and they know the rules no fraternizing so they need to stop seeing each other but it easy to say than done. they do alot of rescuing work and gets a lot of publicity and calling them the Hot Rescue Couple. and the night of a Banquet they gave an speech regarding their work they couldnt stay away to each other and spend the night in a hotel . the next morning someone saw them leaving the place.both reprimanded and suspended from their work and raven found out that shes pregnant she decided to give her resignation later and look for another job,she didnt want for Bryce to sacrifice his job,his legacy for her but Bryce didnt want that because she smore important to him than his job..An emotional,touching,entertaining and steamy romance story that you will love and enjoy!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) Boss Rules is a stand alone contemporary romance with a ONS that ends up a surprise baby trope. Its the first book in the Archer Brothers series with lots if action, steam and humor. This book has no cheating, no cliff hanger and a HEA.

Bryce Archer meets Raven Ray Carson on a train and the seat beside him is the only one left. They have immediate chemistry and he writes his number on her arm and asks her out for that evening.

Bryce shows up at her hotel room and the date is forgotten for a night full of steamy action that results in a broken condom. Come morning, Bryce heads to work and she heads to an interview. Turns out she's interviewing with Ocean Rescue for a Lifeguard position and Bryce and his brothers will be her bosses.

The job forbids them to be romantically involved but that doesn't keep them from remembering their one night and wanting more. Ray is determined that he is not worth losing her dream job over but will Bryce be able to walk away or will they both end up with everything they've ever wanted? Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) For me this was going to be a solid 5, and I was surprised because this is a pretty new author but then something I started to really hate happened, the female protagonist gets mad and blames the male for something she would have be mad if he does, but not only that, she would have judge him just like she did 2 chapters before. I really despite when females ask for something they don’t give back and then when hero says something they are the bad ones because they are the male🙃🙄 I loved every other aspect of this book but that scene alone made me take 1 whole star of this book😭 and I am really mad bc this is a pretty f awesome book

Couple minutes later...
4.5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 I lied, I was mad but that only scene does not deserve me taking a whole 🌟 but I really hated it😭 Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) This is the first book in the new Archer Brothers series and is Raven and Bryce's story.

After meeting a stranger on a train and having mind blowing sex with him all night, imagine Ravens surprise when she went to her interview for her dream job and he was going to be her new boss.

They are really attracted to each other and because there's no fraternisation in the work place how are they going to work together when thinking about having sex again, can they manage to find a way to secretly have a relationship or will they get found out?

This book keeps you wanting to turn the pages to find out what happens, it keeps you interested from the start to the end, this is the first book I have read by this author and wont be the last, I loved this story. Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) This book is steamy hot, and it also is a great story.  Raven has moved from Texas to California to pursue her dream of being part of Ocean Rescue there.  She has a very rare sizzling hot one night stand with Bryce, whom she met on a train.  When the next day, she goes to her interview and finds out that Bryce will be her boss, I was thinking that this was going to be the same old story that I have read multiple times before, but I was very much mistaken.  What develops is an original, fresh story that I could not put down.  It really pulled me into it.  It sometimes would have you reaching for a fan, and other times it would make you laugh out loud.  I really enjoyed reading this book, and therefore, I highly recommend it.  Also, Bryce has four more brothers, so I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

I received a free copy of this book, via Booksprout, and also purchased a copy, and am voluntarily leaving a review. Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1)

This is the first book in the new Archer Brothers series and is Raven and Bryce's story. A cute insta romance that was a good read about a taboo romance. Their company not only has a no employee relationship rule and to make things worse he is her boss. Amazing how chemistry takes over and the rules go by the way side. A cute romance was was a quick read with an HEA. I read a free arc via Booksprout and voluntarily chose to review it
Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) “Boss Rules” is the first book in the new Jenna Gunn series about the Archer Brothers.

“Raven Carson, you pose a dilemma for me.”
Her eyes dance. “Well, Bryce Archer. It’s only a dilemma if you let it be.”

Raven Carson, just moved to California to peruse her dreams and escape her past demons. She’s a determined young woman, that is used to only being able to rely on herself.
The first day she arrives to California, she takes the coast train to see the view and meets Bryce. The Caribbean eyes hunk that is sitting next to her.

“Sniffing, she digs out a tissue from her bag and continues to laugh. “That woman looked at you like you were dessert in a five-star restaurant.”

Their chemistry is instant and off the charts and they give themselves to pleasure that same night... only to find out the next morning that Bryce is Ravens new boss, which makes their relationship impossible to progress.

“You shouldn’t walk around like that.”
Or I might do something really rash.
Like, drag you off to some utility closet.”

This book was very nice, the insta attraction and romance between the two is cute.
Our heroine is super strong, doesn’t give up no matter what you throw at her,... she is a role model for every woman. I love her!
As for Bryce he’s a little too pig headed, but overall a nice hero too.

This is a fun light read, tho I did feel like the narrative was dragging a little and that could have been a little more exploration of certain situations. Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) OMG! The chemistry between Bryce and Raven is off the charts! This is a sexy couple from the get go.
The set back of becoming off limits to each other does little to less the attraction and the feelings they have, and, like a ticking time bomb, it all explodes sooner or later.
This book is a real page turner. I couldn't put it down.
Can't wait to see what jappens to the other alpha males in the family.
I received a free ARC copy of this book and this is my honest opinion. Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) WOWZA!! Jenna absolutely kicked this series off with a flippin’ hot bang!!!!!!!

It’s no secret I am a HUGE fan of Jenna’s, her first series is one of my absolute favorites. This new series has such a different feel to it but of course her incredible writing that I love so much still shines through.

Boss Rules revolves around Raven and Bryce, from the moment these two meet the explosive chemistry is completely apparent. Unfortunately, for them, circumstances arise that complicate the situation. Raven is a beautiful, independent heroine who’s strength throughout the book is exemplary. Bryce is a sweet seriously HOT hero, living in the shadow of gossip and legacy. Their story is full of mouthwatering longing and enough steam to fill a sauna!

I cannot wait to see where Jenna takes this series, absolutely worth the read. Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1) I love finding a new to me author and that is exactly what I found with Boss Rules and Jenna Gunn.
This is the first book in a new series and oh my this couple is sizzling off the pages.
Meet Raven Carson and Bryce Asher. The moment this couple meets on the train it is smolder, chemistry and undeniable pull towards one another. Bryce leaves his number and the ball in Ray's court. She is now alone in her hotel room and still cannot get the handsome man with the piercing blue eyes out of her head so she calls him.
One night and so much more than either expected but tomorrow is going to bring an unexpected twist to their Trist. Ray finds herself sitting across the conference table from her new bosses and those piercing blue eyes have once again landed on her.
Bryce and his brothers are the leaders in the ocean rescue squad and are conducting interviews for the new hires today and they have just found the perfect candidate and what a coincidence that she was in Bryce's bed last night and his dreams this morning! As Bryce says Raven Carsen you have posed quite a dilemma for me with her eyes dancing well Bryce it is only a dilemma if you allow it to be ! Get ready to navigate the waters with Bryce and Raven !
~~Michele McMullen ~~ Boss Rules (Archer Brothers #1)