Born To Be Wild (The Lake #1) By Chicki Brown

Another great read

I thought that I gave my review when I first read Born to Be Wild, but anyway Ms. Chicki you have done it yet again. I always enjoy your books I'm never disappointed. Tangela and Reese's story was great, I'm so glad she didn't end up with Johnnie she would have been miserable. Keep writing Ms. Chicki and I will continue to keep reading. Chicki Brown Sweet

Every woman wants a man to treat her, like Reese treats Tangela. He took the time to get to know her ,actually they both took their time . By the time they were intimate , it felt right and I felt they had a special connection. I really enjoyed , this old fashioned love story , with a contemporary edge , read it , you’ll feel the same way. Chicki Brown Solid Read

I really liked this book. Tangie was your typical small town girl that had gotten a glimpse of life beyond her small town and Reese had the bad boy look, but he was a wonderful man. It’s funny because the title had me thinking Tangie was going to “wild out”, but really she just broke free from the chains her family and the small town had on her. Chicki Brown You just might need a RUB!

It's amazing what you might find in a small town. In fact you might find a RUB... A Rich Urban Biker... I have a few biker friends who are professionals so I knew what to expect. In this story, a small town book store owner met a biker on his way to a rally in Florida. Although Tangela was in a boring relationship when she met biker Reese Turner, her life brightened when she decided to take a ride on the wild side and give Reese a chance... A nice easy read... Chicki Brown Just.couldn't put it down...

Another one! What could I say about Born to be much! Tangela and Reese's story pulled me into a romantic frenzy. I loved the fact that she found someone to release her wild side on and cuddos to Reese for being the worthy recipient. Great story. I'd !k be to get more from Tangela & Reese but I'm sure Bree has a lot to give to us hopeless romantics as well Chicki Brown


review Born To Be Wild (The Lake #1)

A quiet bookworm, Tangela Holloway has always been content working at her an independent bookstore in the sleepy little town of Eufaula, Alabama. But lately, Tangie discovers that she’s bored and frustrated, especially since the man she’s been dating for two years seems to care more about his business than he does her. When Reese Turner rides into town on his Harley, Tangie’s heart feels like it’s beating for the first time. She not only sees the most exciting man she’s ever met, but also a chance to experience something other than backyard BBQs and fishing at the lake.

After ending a drama-filled relationship with a high-maintenance fashion model, Reese wants nothing more than to make a road trip to Florida with his motorcycle club. Never did he expect a quick stop at a small town bookstore would introduce him to a shy bookworm who makes him re-think his vow to remain single and unattached.

**This book is part of a series but it is a standalone novel. No cliffhangers.*** Born To Be Wild (The Lake #1)

4.7 out of 5 Stars

One of the best romances via my kindle that I've read in a very, very long time! I devoured this book in a few days tops. Not quite when opposites attract deal but two well written characters who keep surprising you and refuse to be the cookie cutter cut outs--Tangela isn't just the bookworm who hides out in her bookstore. Reese isn't just the biker who rolls through town. They keep evolving as people on the pages as they go through stages of what the other means to them, what they want out of life and what life hands to them....Goodness.

This was such a great read. On another note you learn about the responsibilities of a small business owner (shout out to the small time bookstore owners) and you learn about biker culture. (gives me a new appreciation to be honest) There were so many themes running through this book as well: Finding someone with that spark (because chemistry is a factor), Feeling appreciated (Showing your significant other that they are special)...Perhaps the biggest lessons that are to be learned are taking a risk, stepping out and not settling for who you have because of your age, your upbringing, of what's familiar. There was some campy dialogue that popped up on a few pages but it can totally be forgiven because the characters are all rich developed (side characters are not exempt! You will love many if not all of them)

This is a book that I want to reread now while typing up my review!!!!! A lovely romance with an interracial couple that's not white! (Black Woman/Native American Man) An adventure of two adults with families, businesses, hopes, dreams and a chance meeting that changes them forever. A special thanks to the WOC IN Romance twitter for their work because this is how I came to buy and read this gem!

Chicki Brown Tangela is a serious sister who has her own Indie bookstore. Her aunt was her shero and inspired her to dream and live.
However, her love life is near zero, even though she has been in a so-called relationship for two years. One day, while at work, in walks the sexiest, chocolate brother , dressed in leather she has ever seen. After finding the air in her lungs, she says hello to Reese. He is there to purchase a book on his way to a Biker rally.
Reese is floored when he spies the sexy sister with curves. He needs to get to know her like he needs his next breath.
Reese takes Tangela to lunch so he can get to know her better. However, their lunch causes the whole town to talk and it gets back to the guy Tangela has been seeing.
Reese is determined to get to know Tangie by any means necessary. Johnnie (who was Tangela's love interest) is in for a wakeup call because Reese wants Tangie.

Great read, watch how secrets and lies almost cause Tangie to quit.Watch how Reese proves he is a man who has given up his player card even though others are questioning his intentions. Chicki Brown What a wonderfully romantic story of two people from different lifestyles coming together and finding the perfect love.
Who would have thought a small town Alabama bookstore owner would find adventure and love from a Biker passing through.
Reese Turner stops into Eufaula’s only bookstore Aunt Charlene’s Bookstore expecting to see an little old lady, when he is surprised by a lovely young lady who affects him in ways he never expected. Aunt Charlene’s Bookstore owner Tangela Holloway was surprised when the tall handsome Biker came into hehop looking for a special book as a gift for a friend. Never had she ever been affected by the feelings evoked by this tall drink of water! With pasts that are a little complicated, both Tangela and Reese have to look past t they have been through to see what can be, if they tried. Tangie’s love life is in rut, she wants more out of it than her beau does. He is satisfied with life as it is and is in no rush to chance. Reese has had a trying time with his ex, but will always be there hen he s needed. Together they find a love they never expected, but with family and friends poking around, will they even have a chance? I loved the characters in this story, they are down to earth and “real”. They have a way of pulling you into the story and hoping things work out for them. A great read, funny, romantic and real! Well Done🌺 Chicki Brown Title: Born To Be Wild
Author: Chicki Brown
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Series: Book One in The Lake Series
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

Born To Be Wild by Chicki Brown

My Thoughts....

This was a sweet love story that involved two people who were opposite being from two different places however the hero was quite a likable guy that literally stole the heroine heart making this one wild and beautiful read. Tangela and Reese's story had the prefect chemistry and I would recommend this novel as a good read. I do look forward to other series by this author. I see we have a Lake Series with Breelyn's [Tangela's best friend] story coming next. I wonder if we will hear any more about Johnnie, Carlton or Dashay? Anyway, we will be waiting! Chicki Brown Good Story

Likable characters and a somewhat believable plot will do wonders for a book. Even though the tale was predictable, with minimal angst, it was still a good read.

Buy it, read it and enjoy.👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥 Chicki Brown