Hot Mess Love By Aria Hawthorne

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Ah sex toys, who can't get enough of them. Conchita is offered a job helping to bring a Sex Toy Company called Boink'd into the twenty first century by using her social media expertise to help bail the company out. What she doesn't know is that the man she becomes attracted to after one night of sex after a couple of tries that is, is the same man who is going to close it down.
Christopher is an American who was raised in Britain, he finds that Conchita is the one he never thought he would find.
Neither of them ever thought that marriage was in the cards for them. Working through everything that is thrown at them they finally see a happy ever ending for them. You will love Snarky Brat and all of her comments too. Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit Boinkd
Aria Hawthorne

I’m not one for dissing books, it’s not my style, but sometimes the story just doesn’t work for me. While this is a non flattering review it my my opinion, but please make your decision Conchita was possibly the most annoying character I have ever “met”. Her hashtags were annoying and I won’t talk about the confectionery. If she had good gait, it was her way with the feminine products.

I can’t say to much about British company owner, Christopher. He was just… errrr British. So yeah I’m done!
Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit 3 1/2 Stars

Conchita just got a new part-time job doing social media for an adult toy company ... and the same day she meets Christopher. Christopher is a billionaire Brit who has come to America to deliver some bad news to a company that he has been floating for 3 years ... an adult toy company. Can Conchita save her new job? Will she be able to convince the Krusty old Brit to re-invest?

I liked how Conchita and Christopher didn't know who each other were ... because they acted so differently in person and by email. I just found all the hashtags distracting from the story ... I know it's because she was a social media expert, I just found it too much. Otherwise the story was a cute, sexy and funny romance.

I received an early copy courtesy of French Kiss Press through NetGalley in exchange for a hones review. Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit This was my first read from this author and I can't stop smiling. It was funny. smart. well written, and I fell madly in love with the characters. There were a few times when it felt a bit like I was reading a teenage romance with all the hashtags, but I found that they fit well with the story and the banter was great. Overall I thought the story was fun and refreshing. It would be perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon guilty pleasure.

~ Kimberly Anne

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Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit The attraction between Conchita and Christopher is instant when they meet at the sweet shop she works in. The same day Conchita gets a job offer to work as the social media director for an women's intimate accessories store website, the same company that Christopher plans to stop funding. Will Conchita be able to convince him otherwise?
I absolutely loved the banter between Conchita and Christopher when they both are unaware of each other’s role in the company, Boink. It was witty and hilarious. And their chemistry is super hot. For two people not looking for anything permanent I liked the fact that they didn’t really fight they connection. Boink’d is a fun and smexy read, that I immensely enjoyed. My only suggestion would be a little less #tags. Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit

Available Oct 15, 2019: Okay, it’s true. I am totally the thirstiest single girl in all of Chicago for wanting to drink those dimples right off his beautiful, Euro-chiseled face the moment he walks up to my candy counter and says, “Cheers” with his posh British accent and deliciously devilish smirk. #EarlofStudlandia

He’s offering me a one-night stand in his penthouse hotel suite and I’m the kind of habitual hot mess who’s willing to accept it, if I wasn’t already overcommitted. #MistressofMisbehavin

You see, I’ve been suckered into accepting this crazy second job. Despite the fact that I’ve never held a respectable, responsible job for more than a month in my life, I’m now the social media director of Boink, my favorite online store selling “intimate accessories” for single girls like me who not only want to have frivolous sex in the city, but who also don’t want to wait around for Prince Charming to magically swipe right, just so I can experience my nightly Mighty O’s. #MyPleasureChest #MyFemaleEmpowerment

But there’s just one problem—Boink’s old crotchety chief investor, who I’ve never met, is determined to force the business into bankruptcy, and the only way I can keep Boink afloat—and my new job as its Director of Cumbacks in play—is if I can convince my newest nemesis, Mr. Kit Crusty Balls, that I can turnaround his failing company faster than its JackRabbits can make me say, Ooh-ooh-ooh-OOH-LA-LA-LAAAAaaaaaaa.

And hopefully, whenever he returns to Chicago, Earl of Studlandia and I will finally have our royally raunchy romp, despite the fact that our impromptu texting affair and unexpected emotional connection might be softening my noncommittal Snarky Brat heart into the fantasy of something more than just one night of whoreplay. After all, I’m now the respectable, responsible social media director of Boink. Maybe it’s time for a sexy international man candy of mystery to persuade me to find love within my own pleasure chest. #OnlyFoolsFallinLove #FirstTimeFanGirlofFoolishness Hot Mess Love

Absolute cheers for a great ending. Fun rom-com overall. 4.5 stars
There were a few things in the story that really got to me. Boink’d is written with a YA style but the characters are late 20s and 30s – I'm trying to remember. It was fine with Christopher’s character but Conchita got a little out of control.

The story is a fun rom-com with great characters. Conchita lives her life on her terms. She even had her own alter ego in the book. Bit strange sometimes. LOL

She was given a dream job in social media and took it to the max. That meant hashtag sayings were #SprinkledThroughoutTheEntireBook!

While it’s part of the humor of the story and her great sense of snark, it was extremely distracting to have so many. 99% of them I skipped over.

In the beginning of the story we were kind of tiptoeing around trying to get these two together. However, it was the last third of the book that really turned the story around for me and brought the goods.

I adored Christopher. His sense of decency, emotion, and his incredibly talented bedroom skills really made the story what it is. Spicy!!

Hawthorne worked hard with the story. It certainly shows through her fun loving and careful crafting of two great characters that truly were made for each other. It’s definitely a story that you will want to read again and again.

I can see why Hawthorne is a much loved contemporary romance author. Fun stories with hot connections that seem like your friends. Boink’d is a perfect example!

* copy received for review consideration
Full Review - Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit #FunAndFlirty #Hate2Love #HotAndSteamy.

This was an extremely contemporary book which brought in some of the fun of social media. Parts of it reminded me of that hilarious hashtag skit on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon where Jimmy and Justin Timberlake go back and forth talking in hashtags. In this book, the heroine of the story is named Conchita and she works part time at a Candy store, but her brother in law Harvey gets her a second job working at a sex toy company named Boink that is behind on the rent in a building he owns.

He thinks Conchita can help their business by being the social media director. She takes to the job immediately, posting all over various sites with pictures of their products and funny hashtags. However after only a few days she hears from the company’s owner that the man that backed them with the funding, Mr. Griffin, is closing things down. Conchita pictures a stuffy old dude, so she starts to hassle him by tagging him in all her posts and calling him names like #CrustyBalls.

Conchita and Mr. Griffin end up in bit of a social media war. Little does Conchita know, that Mr. Griffin is the same guy she met as Christopher at her candy store job and she has been flirting with him and is planning to go out with him when they can align their schedules.

The book has some really funny parts and when Christopher and Conchita discover that they have been having an online war with each other, the story really starts moving forward. I genuinely liked Conchita, she has this inner voice she calls “Snarky Brat” and it is Snarky Brat who thinking all of these hilarious hashtags and funny nicknames even when she doesn’t happen to be posting online. She calls Christopher the Earl of Studlandia because he is British and she has a ton of names for herself.

The romance between the two main characters is super hot. Snarky Brat comes up with plenty of awesome hashtags to prove it. Conchita gets a pug puppy from Christopher and names it Mr. Barney Snuggles or Mr. Snuggles for short, because that is the kind of person she is. I have wanted a pug puppy for quite a while, so I was extremely jealous of her (yes I do know it is crazy to be jealous of a fictional character), but everybody goes a little mad sometimes, right?

Thanks to Netgalley and French Kiss Press for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review. Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit What a cute, adorable, and fabulously funny story! I absolutely loved Conchita as a heroine. She was super sassy who had no shame. She owned her sexuality and spoke her mind. She was refreshing.

Her hashtag thoughts were perfectly timed and brought great amusement to this story. Her twitter war with @crustyballs had me rolling. And...this girl had a sex toy shrine. #bowtothequeen

Oh Christopher, what a British hottie you were. As hot as you are, you may have been outshined by your lover, but that's ok. You have an awesome accent and you are a billionaire. Enough said. Ok, I liked him more than just as Conchita's loverboy. Their first encounter was smokin, and all the sexy times after? even hotter.

I get such a kick out of a playboy falling helplessly in love for the first time. Especially when they own it. This couple was such a treat. They were open and honest with each other while still having some mystery to uncover. They had fun and played as a couple. That's a rare gem.

This was funny, sexy, romantic, and a dash of seriousness. I highly recommend!
Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.

After a gap in writing Aria has still got what it takes. I loved this story about Conchita and Christopher. They meet in a sweet shop that she is working in and have an instant attraction. The story follows her new job as Social Media Director of her favourite website for all things of an intimate nature. She is instantly a huge hit and sales rocket! But the investment company have decided to pull the plug, can she turn things around?

It also features Conchita's sister, Alma and her husband Harvey plus their baby Marisol who stops Conchita and Christopher on not one but two dates!

I laughed and cried reading this book. Very enjoyable read! Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit I can’t remember as to when was the last time I truly enjoyed a contemporary romance. This book kept me spellbound right from the beginning until the end.

It’s a delightful romp with a pretty sassy heroine Conchita who’s a no holds barred young woman in her late 20s. She works part time at a 🍬 candy shop, also part nanny to her niece, and suddenly the newly hired social media director of an online store that sells intimate accessories for women.

Her oozing charisma attracts the dashing Christopher (Kit) the hot, filthy rich British/American guy who has a few secrets hidden up his sleeves, and by the way did I mention that he is also the chief investor of the company where Conchita works at. #Uh-oh #complicatedlove ❤️🥰🤭

The first reason why I love these two is that right from the beginning they have this instant attraction that they didn’t deny, even though they were both not looking for something permanent. Second reason is that they are two headstrong people that are willing to make sacrifices for the people they cared for and their beliefs. Third reason is that I love their social media banters. And the last reason but definitely not the least is Conchita’s cheeky internal monologues and hilarious and sometimes snarky hashtags.

Things haven’t been easy for these two. Their simple encounter turned into something more than they expected. Overall, what I found was more twists and turns to the story revealing the depth of each character that kept me peeled to the book.

I can go on and on why I love this book 📖 , but you should just go ahead and read it already. This book is a sexy rom-com with a little bit of heat that any romance reader would definitely enjoy.

Would I recommend this book? ... Totally Yes! #SizzlingHot  #VerySaucy

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Note: An ARC was provided by the publisher/author for an honest review. Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit


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