Bluewater Sailing on a Budget By Elfers

Loaded with detailed information. Would have preferred color photos. Gave my husband and I good information to consider in our boat purchase. Paperback

Expert advice on how to find (and purchase and outfit) that safe, affordable, and responsive sailboat to take readers around the world, or around the bay

Unlike other books that go into fundamentals about rudder designs, etc., Bluewater Sailing for Any Budget concentrates on specific advice about the search process, the buying process, and final outfitting. The centerpiece of the book is yacht delivery captain and marina owner James Elfer's analysis of 20 offshore-capable sailboats available for under $50,000. This one-of-a-kind list of boats is based on an exhaustive survey of industry professionals, and the boats are readily available for purchase in most regions.

Unique, well researched and well-founded list of capable boats
Includes first-person accounts from owners
Table of data for each boat, including important capsize number (an indicator of stability)
Multiple photos and lines plans Bluewater Sailing on a Budget


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