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Awesome finale! Gah I want to read West's book now but my Kindle needs to be charged! Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal 4.5 stars
Overall this was a satisfying conclusion to the series. It wrapped everything up nicely. I wasn't left with many questions when the story ended, although I think the author could write a whole new set of books based on what happens after the events in the final book.

This series took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I have. I really fell in love with the characters in the series. There were so many, but each one was unique. The plot was interesting and all of the books were well paced. None of them felt like filler books. Don't get me wrong, this series was not without its problems. The back and forth between Ember and Eli was a bit much at times and some decisions the main characters made had me wanting to smack them, but these issues were not enough to take away from my enjoyment of the story as a whole. I'm glad I decided to give this series a chance. Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal Opinion: This is book 4 in the Darkness series by Stacey Marie Brown, and let me tell you…it’s on f*****g fire. I did a review on book 1, Darkness of Light, where I ranted and raved about how AMAZING the first book was. Though I did receive the first book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, I naturally had to order the rest of the series on my kindle right away. So instead of giving you a play by play of each book, and because I honestly didn’t want to take the time to write a review in between each book (yeah, it’s that good), I decided that I would just review the last book in the series. This way I can give a general review of the entire series as a whole.

This series started out with our main character, Ember, discovering the truth about why she is so different from everyone around her. Not only is there actually mythical creatures and demons in the world, but she is a mixed breed that is called a Dae – a half demon and half Fae (fairy). This series takes the reader into the life of Ember as she struggles to find out about a world that she should be calling home. As Ember struggles to grasp her new reality, she and her fellow dark dwellers are forced to now deal with the war that is slowly brewing between the creatures of the darkness and the creatures of the light. Soon Ember is taken under the wing of Lars, the Unseelie King of the Dark, to be able to control her powers and defeat Aneira, the Seelie Queen of the Light who wants to steal her powers and destroy Earth. Soon the first knight of Queen Aneira, Torin, tries to help Ember and claims that he would do anything to keep her safe. But Ember has to decide who she can and cannot trust, and in this world, just because creatures are from the light…it doesn’t mean they are good. As the complicated relationship between Ember and Elighan starts to grow and become something more, Ember discovers that she has a much deeper past into this other realm and with Torin than she might think. This series is full of blindsiding twists, heart wrenching drama, and magnificent adventures that will keep readers on edge until the very end.

I finished this series a few weeks ago, but I have just now gotten around to finishing up my review for it. This series definitely has a lot of the same themes as The Mortal Instruments, but ends up having more mature content in it once you get past the first book. I could not put this series down, and the only time I did was so that I could eat, sleep (very little sleep was involved I will admit), and go to work. Since I have already compared this series to The Mortal Instruments, I might as well give a few more options as to how they are similar and different. Firstly, the obvious fact that the Darkness series ventures from being YA Fantasy in the first book to Mature Adult Fantasy throughout the rest of the series whereas The Mortal Instruments stays in the YA genre. Secondly, the overall storyline is about demons, Fae creatures, gnomes, magic, and a yearning for the realm of the magical to want to abolish Earth for making them hide for so long. Thirdly, we have a love triangle between our main heroin and two VERY different brooding male characters. Elighan is very much like Jace from The Mortal Instruments in the sense that they are both arrogant, obnoxious, and have an overly fantasized notion in their heads that they are the most terrible thing to walk any realm. So be prepared for the exciting, and at times annoying, flying emotions that surround Torin, Ember, and Elighan. Fourthly, deaths are not always as they seem to be. No, I will not explain further. ;)

I loved this series, but of course I wish there was A LOT less sexual content. I am not one for that genre at all, so the fact that I so willingly and easily looked over those parts of the series and can STILL claim my love for it…must tell you how amazing it really is. I am honestly very surprised that this series is not more popular or more well-known. These are books that you can get completely lost in and that will make you forget what a social life even is. Though I do wish the main character, Ember, could be a bit less melodramatic about everything, I still think she is one fierce female and a force not to f*** with. I thought the ending was perfect, I loved the twist and how the author showed that not everything is what it seems or about one character.

If you haven’t bought this series yet, YOU NEED TO GET ON IT!! I cannot stress this enough, you NEED to read this. It’s a YA/Adult Fantasy that has the volume on full blast and refuses to be turned down. Enjoy this as much as I did, you need it in your life!
Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal Pardon me if I break down in tears throughout this whole review. A series that I have come to love so much has ended for me. I’m so sad.

I feel like I waited forever (it really wasn’t forever) and then it ended too fast because in typical Heather fashion, I devoured this book as soon as I got it. 330 pages done. I don’t even remember what time I went to bed that night. I just kept reading.

In Blood Beyond Darkness we have our characters that we love returning and we have the characters we hate returning (read that as the evil freaking queen). Ember has decisions to make that are so tough, she has truths thrown at her that are so hard to hear, and amidst all that she has to prepare for battle.

There was so much Eli and Ember in this book! I LOVED it. These two and their back and forth quick witted banter are amazing to follow during this journey. They play off each other so well, especially when one is upset with the other one. The chemistry between these two is explosive, chaotic, and absolutely crazy hot. I love them together.

Simmons and Cal are two of my most favorite characters in this book/entire series also. Cal cracks me up. If you have a pixie that you have ticked off, you should worry about pee in your soup and glitter on your butt. :D

There were moments that I laughed out loud, moments when I had tears running down my face, and one moment where I literally gasped, had my hand over my mouth in horror, and felt completely heartbroken. I can’t tell you what moment it is, because that would spoil it, when you get to it, you will know what I am talking about.

Stacey Marie Brown does not let your emotions off the hook until the very last few pages. You have no idea how it is going to end. You can hope, I did plenty of that. I think I might have even said a prayer in the middle of the battle that she would change directions. Cuz praying AFTER the book has been written is going to change the words on the page. :)

Blood Beyond Darkness was so amazing. Tons of drama, the crazy hot scenes between Eli and Ember, the different characters that have become like family to Ember back in this final book to play the role they were destined to play.

Now I am going to find a corner to cry in until Stacey releases another book for me to read.

I want more Eli and Ember though.

Yes, I might have whined that a bit.

Thank you so much for my copy of Blood Beyond Darkness. It was even more than I imagined it would be. 5 stars!

Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal 2.5 Blood Beyond Darkness Stars

I liked it but didn’t love it.

So many things I didn’t like. Some I did.
But I felt it was just meh. :(

It makes me sad because I was hoping this book would redeem it for me for the series.

MAJOR Spoilers of what I didn’t like so if you don’t want it ruined DON'T CLICK!!!!

I think I was just over all disappointed, I wanted more from this book.

I am looking forward to West! :)

*You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.* Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal


Blood Beyond Darkness was above and beyond better than what I thought it was going to be. I knew that this book was going to be extremely good, but it was epic. I have been a fan of this series since book 1 Darkness of Light. I have followed Eli and Ember's journey, and I freaking love those characters like they are my family members. Stacey has created a world that I will never forget, and I hope you guys won't forget this awesome series as well.

I cried, I laughed, I yelled, I cursed, and at one point I thought my heart had stopped beating. Blood Beyond Darkness was by far the best book that Stacey Marie Brown has written. Half of the time I did not know up from down. I literally could not book this book down. I can not tell you how long I stayed up just to finish this book. To say I devoured BBD is just a statement. I lived it, I breathe it, and most of all I loved it. Stacey kept me on the edge of my seat biting my nails because I was afraid of what was going to happen next. It is crazy, I am sitting here crying as I am writing this review. I know for a fact that my review will not even come close to how I felt about this book. I am so sad to see this series end, but at the same time I can't wait to get my hands on Stacey's next book. If you have not read this series, I think you definitely should, because you are missing out on one kick ass series.

Best part, but yet worse part about this book...all of the characters really grew up in this book. Don't get me wrong they were still crazy and funny, but it is just something about knowing you or someone you love may die that changes the way you see the world. Before I talk about Eli and Ember, I want to talk about Kennedy, Embers best friend.

Kennedy was one of the main people that really grew up in this book. She was always the quiet and reliable friend. But in this book she was a leader. At first I was hesitant about this new Kennedy, but I changed my mind quickly. I really liked this new Kennedy. I think Ember was really shocked at first too. That is just how much she changed. That battle at the end... yeah AMAZING!

Ember and Eli on the other hand did not really change that much, and I am so glad Stacey kept them mostly the same. Their flirty banter with each other has always been so cute , but it was even better this time around. The sexual chemistry between them was always hot, but this time it was burning up the pages, and I loved every moment of it. I have always loved Eli, but I love him even more. He was so sexy, protective, sweet, just... he was Eli. Stacey, Thank you. That is all I have to say.

Okay, I hope someone agrees with me. Simmons and Cal; which are the 2 pixies, are the funniest. They were cracking me up through out the entire book. I freaking almost peed my pants while reading the scene with the glitter and Eli! They were the best most loyal pixies ever!

Thank you Stacey for this awesome world, and these amazing characters. You are a extremely talented author, and I am so stoked to read your next book. Again if you have not read this series, please give it a read because you are in for a serious treat!
Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal Before Reading

The ultimate sacrifice?

Eli better not fucking die.
He NEEDS to live for Ember.
Ember can't sacrifice him...there's no way. Right? RIGHT?

After Reading

The plot was FANTASTIC.
The end was PHENOMENAL.

Ember & Eli: a summary

Overall, it's just...

Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal 3.5 ⭐⭐⭐✨

“Love is not a substantial enough word for how I feel about you, Brycin. Never has been.”

Wow I did not expect this at all, what an ending😮!! Though I initially thought that the first half of the book was like a filler but thinking about it now I like seeing the scenes of Kennedy with Lorcan😏😍. Their banter was refreshing compared to Ember and Eli’s hot & cold relationship.

Speaking of Ember, she was still stubborn as hell even at the ending and it was kinda annoying😞. All throughout the series I felt that she was always being saved. She is powerful, it was mentioned several times. With her Dae and Dark Dweller powers combined she kept losing, even at the end she had to be saved.. I expected a lot from her 😞.

As for the war between the Seelie(Light) & Unseelie(Dark) wow just wow!! I love it! What makes me like it more was the losses, it made it believable. It was heartbreaking💔 but believable. I wish there was a little bit more of the battle.

All in all I may not be a fan of Ember but I liked the series. 👌🏻👍🏻
Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal (4,5 stars)

Whatever materializes tomorrow, you know I will always follow you, woman, wherever you go. Even in death.

This is a one POV book, told by the POV of Ember.

I loved how the sexual tension and chemistry between Eli and Ember has been kept throughout this whole series. It never got boring or dull. I loved these two together and they definitely give off power couple vibes.

What I absolutely loved in this book were the side characters and all the character development and the different relationships that started to build. It felt like even more depths was added to them. I especially loved Kennedy and how she has developed as a character. I can´t wait to dive into her and Lorcans series next. I liked how everything came together and everybody kind of found their place in this found family dynamic.

I liked the plot a lot, some of the plot twist I didn´t see coming at all. It felt like a good ending to the series with everything coming together nicely. I have to say there were a lot of C names, we have Cal, Cole and Coop (Cooper) so also all of them quite similar to each other, which made it a bit confusing for me at times. I kept confusing Cal and Cole until I remembered again who was who. I liked the pacing, it definitely sped up in the ending.

Overall it was an amazing read and a fantastic ending to this series. I can´t wait to dive into the novella and the other series in this world next.

trigger warnings: depression, panic attacks, loss of loved ones, war Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal Rating: 3.5 stars

“Your body we can train, and train we will, but your mind and heart are what will win this war. And it will win, Ember. It must.”

“He held me with a deep desperation that set me on fire. We kissed with awareness of knowing it would be our last. He pulled away first, leaning his forehead into mine. “Now go save the world, woman.”

‘Blood beyond Darkness’ is the final instalment of the Darkness series by Stacey Marie Brown. After finally locating the icon that will end the Seelie Queen’s reign and end her life for good, Ember and Eli have been taken back to the Queen’s lair as captives, shackled in irons and destined for a cruel, slow death, with the sword now out of their hands and survival out of their reach. As dark and uninhibited Ember’s powers have always been, as much as she struggled with its disparaging capacity, Ember has come to somewhat accept the responsibility of playing host to them for better or worse…that is until the Queen strips Ember of her gifts, taking them for herself, leaving Ember vulnerable and without her identity and her fire.

“You have grown weak in mind and body…but this is the most important.” He tapped on my head again and then at my heart. “These are the most powerful weapons you can have.”

Still coming to terms with friendship betrayals and duplicity, Ember finally once and for all finds out the damning truth in all its unsettling dismay from the one person who is her enemy, shattering her world and breaking her heart into splinters. Ember thought the Queen was her biggest threat, but Ember’s trusted ones just may be the biggest fabricators of them all, the threats she did not see coming…and their secrets are the ones who tear her world asunder. Battling deep wounds, Ember cannot forget the bargain she made with the Queen, the bargain which will instantaneously claim her loves life should she wield the Sword of Nuada against Aneira. Can Ember trade the lives of millions and the survival of both worlds for the life of one man…the one man who walked into her life and changed everything when she looked into those deep, green penetrating eyes and knew he was meant for her. This is not just a battle of power and magic anymore but it one of will, mind and heart, of love versus duty – but if Em is the one whom the prophecy speaks of, will her heart survive a world without Eli Dragen? Did Ember only revive Eli only to suffer watching him die again because of a deal she made?

“Whatever materialises tomorrow, you know I will always follow you, woman, wherever you go. Even in death.”

They are still on the hunt for Kennedy, who was kidnapped by Lorcan and hasn’t been found since, but minor rivalries are soon set aside as is the Dark Dwellers’ desire to return to their homeland because they would not have a home to go back to if there is nothing left for them – a greater evil needs to be vanquished and an army must be rallied as the fate of Earth and the Otherworld rests in the hands of the autocratic Queen Aneira and the precarious hands of Ember Brycin. Lives are not guaranteed and now technically a princess, next in line for the throne, Ember has not only the responsibility of dethroning the current sovereign, but learning to rule as a leader when the time comes…but is Ember ready to lead a court and the truth is she may not want to. Her wants are not her own anymore, paths are laid ahead for her, eradicating her own choices and Ember might lose herself in the process to make sacrifices that her heart cannot handle.

“I didn’t know what was better: trying to be someone you were not, or accepting what you were.”

This book opens with a big bang of action and twists from the very beginning, it’s explosive and thrilling. It’s gripping and fast paced, with all the things you seek in a paranormal romance rooted in a world of magic and the Fae. This series is not without its problems and I’ve had dilemmas with this series from the get-go, but it is vastly enjoyable because of the characters and the humour, its just not life changing. It explores the darkness of secrets and lies, the power they hold, whether keeping them is worth the anguish they cause and the lives they destroy. Secrets can shatter everything and not even Ember’s fire can heal the aftermath once the truth has been unleashed. Majority of the characters are morally grey and what people do is often driven by duty, circumstance, and determined by forces internal and external, sometimes that which Is also out of their reach. It’s important to understand that there is no moral code for most of these characters (what with being a different species altogether), they accept what is and what they are as the Fae have never nor will ever play fair but that doesn’t mean that they don’t grow, change and adapt once lightness enters their world and Eli Dragen is a brilliant example of this.

“But I was a different person then. We have changed since being on Earth. You changed me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve never had someone who has completely undone me. I probably won’t ever do the right thing, but I won’t be without you. Not anymore.”

In addition, it deals with complex family dynamic and relationships, how those relations change after heartache and disloyalty and whether crimes can be overlooked if the intention of a crime paints it differently based on intent and motivation. How judgments, perceptions of the mind and surface level thinking can forbid the mind of ever seeing past what it wants which is something Ember deals with a lot. Her own pain can sometimes stem from the barricades her own mind creates and establishes. Stacey Marie Brown has crafted intriguing and addicting characters, some of which I adore, some which I don’t and some that have made me fall on my ass and slapped me silly with shock, changing my perceptions of them. Overall, despite this series’ downfalls and imperfections, it did have the potential to be extraordinary and brilliant, and I was let down on that front, but it still managed to pull me in enough to be absorbed and for that I am glad to have read it. Much like Shatter Me I felt like the end wasn’t ‘the end’ and I can see a whole new set of books that could be written, continuing this series on for Ember and Eli and their adventures post-war.

“Eli and I would always be complicated. Things would never be easy for us, but he was my home. He got me on a level no one else ever would. Beyond blood, beyond darkness or light we were connected. We would fight for the new world together. And we would fight for each other. Always. I probably should seek therapy for that.

“I love you”. My eyes transferred to his.
His bad-boy grin tugged the side of his mouth. “Love is not a substantial enough word for how I feel about you, Brycin. Never has been.”

Warning: Mentions of marital affairs, cheating, sexual abuse and physical abuse.

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Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal

After months of searching, Ember and her friends have finally located the Sword of Light, the only weapon capable of destroying Queen Aneira and ending her rule. This is Ember’s destiny. Or so she thought. Now a pact to save the man she loves changes everything.

In this final installment in the Darkness Series, when the truth comes to light, Ember will learn some things are better left in the dark as her world is ripped even further apart. It is no longer a rabbit hole, but a never-ending black void full of endless lies, betrayals, and secrets.

The fight for Earth has begun, and Ember will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save millions of innocent lives and those she loves.

But this price may be too high—even for her. Blood Beyond Darkness (Darkness, #4)