Blaise (The Blood Lake Chronicles, #2) By Amy Kuivalainen

'The stories claim I was born from a union of a demon and nun...well, least they got half of it right.'

Eldon Blaise, magician and misfit, has arrived at Gwaed Lyn to turn Rosa's life upside down. Not only is he claiming to be the lost son of Eli Vane and his human wife Deryn, Rosa's ancestor, but that he also used to be none other than Merlin Wylt, the magician of legend who fought by King Arthur's side.

The curse the Autumn Queen has placed over the Aos Si is breaking, but she isn't prepared to go down without a fight, and releases the one person that brought the great Merlin to his knees...Nimue.

Her spirit broken from a lifetime imprisoned by the Autumn Queen, Nimue must convince the Vanes to trust her. She wants to be free of the Queen forever, but winning over Merlin is going to be no easy task. She broke his heart, and being together again will bring back a life of pain and passion that neither of them can fight.

To defeat the Autumn Queen and protect Gwaed Lyn, Merlin will have to stop running and become the powerful man he used to be...that includes having the fearless and formidable Nimue by his side.

Blaise is book two of The Blood Lake Chronicles available now! Blaise (The Blood Lake Chronicles, #2)

Another amazing book!

I love this series! It pulls you in like your right there beside the characters and can feel their happiness, joy and triumph! I can't wait to see what happens next! Blaise (The Blood Lake Chronicles, #2) Amazing

Great follow up to the first book. Amazing twist on the merlin ledgers loves it. Being on the next one Blaise (The Blood Lake Chronicles, #2)


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