Black Elk Speaks By Christopher Sergel

I liked the book and it was interesting to hear of Black Elk's vision and the changes that occurred as his country was overrun by Europeans. However, it was a very sad book because of the damage done to the native people so long ago; the damages done then still affect them still today. 9780871293046 Heartbreaking and very well done. A strong, moving story...very heavily male tilted (from a performer need perspective) but other than that easy to stage simply. Makes you want to both reread and rewrite history. 9780871293046 It's unclear how I feel about this book. To begin, I'm not someone who believes in any higher spiritual power, and yet much of the book is Black Elk detailing his visions from the Spirit World in his attempt to use them to save his people. While I fully appreciate and believe that he believes this, it's hard for me to look past that aspect and I must confess, much of it did not hold my interest. On the other hand, and as an account of much of the history in the late 1800s between whites and American Indians, I found his stories fascinating and revealing about parts of USA history that I had never been taught or had been poorly taught. It is poetic and well written, but the biggest question, the biggest thing that gives me pause in the whole book, is the numerous footnotes saying that the interviewer/documenter had added a paragraph or a sentence in that Black Elk didn't say. It feels like artistic/journalistic/historical dishonesty and a lack of integrity that Black Elk's works were not enough, that the white man he is speaking to must inject himself into the book for it to somehow be incomplete. I also did not have the time to chase down every footnote, so it became a guessing game where Black Elk actually said the words, or when he was being embellished on. I was glad to experience this book, but I wish I had read it as part of an American Indian studies class, so that I could have an educated professor to guide me through it, and a classroom of others whom I could consult with my questions and concerns. 9780871293046 A comprehensive, insightful dialogue from the view of Native Americans, specifically the Lakota Sioux's spiritual leader Black Elk. Dispels the notion that these gentle people were savage warriors. Instead, the book highlights typical struggles that might occur within their own tribes, their relations with others moving across the plains and the simple life the Lakota Sioux's day-to-day existence brought them - from joy to sadness, just like any other human on Earth. An important read as it brings a more personal story to native peoples, really of any nation that faces threat from a superior power. 9780871293046 A chance to hear the story of America's settlement of the Mississippi Valley by our brave and honorable forefathers, from the mouth of one of the original inhabitants of these empty lands. His descriptions of the dishonorable men who stole his people's home is heartbreaking, but he still has words of praise for the few whites who treated them fairly. 9780871293046

Black Elk Speaks

I don't know if it is such a high wind blowing or if the screaming is only in my mind.

It has been a long time since I have loved a play this much. It is as beautifully moving as it is hauntingly disturbing. I'd love to see it live. 9780871293046 It was an interesting book, but I would probably not read it again. I had to read it for one of my college classes. I think it went well with what we were talking about in class, but I just wasn't that into it. 9780871293046 One of the most profound books I have ever read. Devastatingly sad. 9780871293046 Its my FAV!!! 9780871293046 Also pivotal on my journey traveling into the American West. Gave me an incredible perspective on Native Americans and the wonders of true epiphany. 9780871293046

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