Between Worlds Two (The Occupation Saga Book 2) By J.L. Williams

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Even better than the first one and kept me engaged throughout. Skimmed the sex scenes when they went on a bit, but the balance with the story and relevance of said scenes to the plot were good. I look forward to the next book. J.L. Williams Great read Great Story

First off this was way better than the first one, which was good. But this one had humor, sex and intrigue all in a great story. I hope the next ones will be even Bette. I love the characters and their progression J.L. Williams More of the same as the first book. The main male human character, 19, with super libido has sex with female aliens, while chiding them internally for sort of patriarchal type sexism. This time, there was a focus on romancing a female furry who looked like a werewolf. Not my particular cuppa. No interaction with the romantic interest (Either male or female from the first book), which I was bummed about.

Other males are rarely mentioned, which seems weird and sort of fan-servicey. Main character appears to be building his own harem, accepting female aliens willing to share him.

Why am I reading it? There is something engrossing about it.

Would still like to see Tarcel from the first book. The romance was mentioned towards the end of book 1, but nothing further, which is a shame.

Overall, I like it, but it does get a bit tiresome that Jason is wanted and desired by most female characters he meets. J.L. Williams Loved it

A great series that makes you feel like your there in the book.Well written and the nonstop action and smart deadly ladies makes for a good read.When’s book three coming out? J.L. Williams A good follow up.

Slow burning but a good story line, enough for me to pay for a second book. I like a cool hand MC who doesn’t seem phased by the scenarios he finds himself in. I will look forward to more in the series. J.L. Williams

Between Worlds Two (The Occupation Saga Book 2)


Much like part 1, a mix of an enjoyable SF military story and one that goes into gender dynamics, politics and world building. The resolution of the plot was a bit quick, but I enjoyed the build up, getting to know all the people involved, making the twist at the end certainly more enjoyable. I do hope we get to stick with at least some of the characters we know from either this part or the previous one and not end up with a dozen or so new characters. Really curious were things are going. J.L. Williams As good as the first one

As good as the first one. Jason still gets in trouble, but this time in a tin can picket ship's crew. Still a fun read. J.L. Williams Good read

Like what I am reading so far. Finished the book in two days. Wouldn’t mind more fight scenes but all in all. A series worth keeping up with. J.L. Williams An excellent continuation to the story! If I recall there were some small punctuation errors, but it didn't affect my enjoyment of the story. Oddly enough I enjoyed the politics in it all. Excited to read the next one! J.L. Williams Rating 4.0 stars

A good continuation of the series. The MC has been sent to a backwater planet to start his service. He is suffering the consequences of his actions in the last book when he shamed the Nobel. He doesn't get to go to school like every other recruit and has to go straight to service. A good continuation of the series even though the supporting characters are different. J.L. Williams