Berlin Then and Now (Then amp; Now (Thunder Bay Press)) By Nick Gay

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The Brandenburg Gate, seen in times of war and peace. The Kaiser Wilhelm memorial, once towering over a large square, is now long gone. The Berlin Wall, an icon of a divided city, now not much than memory. The images of Berlin's history tell a story that moves from prosperity to chaos, ruin to restriction, before returning once again to stability and confidence.In Berlin Then and Now, vintage black and white photographs from throughout the life of the city are seen next to amazing color photos of Germany's capital today. From the Charlottenburg Palace, than two thirds destroyed in World War II but lovingly restored today, to the Kroll Opera House, a luxurious building once used as a temporary hospital during wartime and whose site is now a beautiful park, the city's most remarkable sites show why Berlin has long fascinated historians and tourists alike. Berlin Then and Now (Then amp; Now (Thunder Bay Press))

Bought as a gift for my Mum, who grew up in Berlin. She loves this book as it's reminds her of where she grew up. Hardcover My wife and I took a visit to Berlin and spotted this book in a shop. It was very expensive at the time and we decided to look on when we got home. Very happy to have found it and at a great price! The book is lovely quality with large before Hardcover Hi, This book is great. It's large, the photos are clear, and there are lots. The photos show key spots in Berlin (if you have visited only once or twice then many places will be recognisable). There is also a decent description under each comparison, full of Hardcover The book was interesting. I had hoped, however, that there would be photos.Some text would have made the pictures interesting as well. Hardcover Quick postage arrived in excellent condition and my boyfriend loves this book. Thanks Hardcover

Ich liebe diese Buchreihe und kaufe mir alle Städte zusammen zu denen ich einen Bezug habe. Mittlerweile befinden sich ca. 15 Bücher in meiner Sammlung und ich finde jedes einzelne Buch wunderschön. Die Bilder von damals und heute, die Erklärungen zu den Bildern, es sind wunderschöne Erinnerungen and die Vergangenheit und an die Reise die man jetzt unternommen hat. Ich kann diese Buchreihe jedem empfehlen, der gerne in Erinnerungen schwelgt und sich auch darüber informieren möchte, wie die Orte früher ausgehen haben. Ich hoffe, dass diese Reihe um noch viele interessante Städte erweitert wird. Hardcover I was rather disappointed in this book and if I had known about its content rather than judging by the title alone I probably would not have purchased. Hardcover Having grown up in Berlin I wanted a book that really showed the then and now of the city.This book was so great I have given it as a gift to a friend who is going to meet her Berlin relatives for the first time.She really loved it! Hardcover Tan bueno como el resto de la colección. Lo coloco junto a los de Roma y Londres que ya tenía. Para los que nos gusta saber como eran nuestras ciudades favoritas y saber lo que había antes donde nosotros estamos ahora. Hardcover I bought this book prior to visiting Germany. After my visit I enjoyed it even as I could look through and remember the places that I visited and how breathtaking they were.My trip was wonderful to Germany and this book is a favorite of mine now. Hardcover