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It was a very complete and detailed look into the last days of a city specifically Berlin. Because of this attention to facts , it sometimes became tedious. For a student of history it had great detail. Antony Beevor This book will take you places that if you were there probably would make you crawl into a hole and hope the world goes away. So much detail about the fighting and the plight of the people, civilians just terrible. I feel this is in some ways a reflection of what is Antony Beevor Excellent book about the last weeks of the capital. Antony Beevor Mr Beevor is one of my favourite war historians.This book gives the reader an impression of what went on at the end of the war and the chaos in Berlin. Highly recommended. Antony Beevor Speedy problem free delivery, product as described! Antony Beevor

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A definitive account of WW II events related to and during the fall of Berlin. Antony Beevor This is a very interesting read, but it is primarily focused on the military history of the fall of Berlin. I personally prefer reading about social and political history and those parts of the book were really wonderful. However, the reason I gave this four stars is that, Antony Beevor I wanted to find out how an army and a nation can keep fighting when all's lost, and this book gave the facts. But I wish it offered of the human side: the gallows humor of the Berliners was a needed, if too sporadic reminder, of the day to day struggle we too often Antony Beevor This book by Beevor is the most interesting and gripping account of all the events which transpired since the time the Germans lost at Stalingrad and went on the defensive.It details the brutal war, the brutal conditions during the war, the brutal toll it took on civilians Germans and refugees.It also details, in a heartbreaking manner, the rape of Berlin, literally and metaphorically.All WW2 history buffs must read it for the details, and for setting the context correctly in any discussion.Anyone else should read it because it describes the absolute worst that can happen to a power which wages a war without motivation and material manpower to win it. Antony Beevor I like history and just visited Berlin I wanted to know it's recent history. I looked at the reviews and this book seemed to gain a good write up. Easy to read and absorb historical information without it being a 'text book ' Written in an easy to understand format without being to heavy. I used a tourist map and could identify with locations on the map as well as where I had visited. A great absorbing read Antony Beevor

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