Bennett: On the Ice (Boston Bay Vikings #2) By Lexi Buchanan

Oh my days!!! This book pulled me in from the first page. It picks up from where Camden finished. I love guys, they are close knit and have each others backs and welcome the women into their fold. First, Molly, Camden's wife and Scarlett, her friend.
But what Bennett feels for Scarlett is more than friendship, although he is reluctant to admit it. Until a woman from his past tries to cause trouble.
There were so many moments where my heart was in my mouth or trying to beat out of my chest!! This author does that so well!! And I would not have it any other way!!
Absolutely fantastic read! I cannot wait for the next in this series!! Kindle Edition 3.75⭐

Bennett: On the Ice was an easy, almost angst free read. That was packed full of hot moments between the captain of the Boston Bay Vikings Bennett and student Scarlett, who he rescues from a bad situation in book one. And it was good, but it was also a bit samey with some inner turmoil from Bennett over whether he should act on his growing feelings for the younger innocent virgin Scarlett and an ex reappearing to cause havoc. Kindle Edition DNF. I really tried to complete but the story was not for me and I gave up half way through. Kindle Edition


Lexi Buchanan ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD

Boston Bay Vikings: hot enough to melt the ice.


My friends whispered between themselves when I decided to move Scarlett into my apartment. I was the Captain of the Vikings, did the interviews, so the others didn’t have to. I preferred my own company and my friends to that of the puck bunnies who tried to catch my eye. Yet, when I’d first met Scarlett, I told myself I was getting her out of a bad situation at home. However, I find I’m unable to get her out of my head. Frustratingly so. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I hardly knew the girl.


When Bennett didn’t give me any choice but to move in with him, my world had turned upside down. I had plenty of space, and he vowed that he wouldn’t cross the invisible line he’d drawn. My confidence had grown because of him, and it was time to go after what I wanted, the man himself. Even with my stepsister and someone from Bennett's past trying to break the thread, we knew our obses Bennett: On the Ice (Boston Bay Vikings #2)