Become A Sissy Maid By Janice C. Parker


Janice C. Parker invites submissive males to learn proper behavior in this erotic guide to becoming a sissy maid. Do you long to serve and obey the lady in your life? Are you willing to defer to her feminine power and authority? Do you enjoy housekeeping chores? Are you a submissive cross dresser? If so then Janice C. Parker urges you to enjoy this informative guide on how to become a sissy maid.
Janice understands your need and desire to serve. She will nurture and grow those sissy tendencies that are hidden inside of you until you can’t help but be of willing service to all superior women.
You will learn what tasks women most want from their maid. You will learn how to dress for domestic service and how to act while serving as well. You will be proud of your ability to perform as a maid, emulating a feminine maid with both charm and refinement.
By the time you complete this instructive material you will curtsy for your Mistress and happily perform domestic chores for the woman that you love. You will be confident that you are pleasing her and providing service that she will cherish for a lifetime.
So dear student it’s time to put your girlish attire on and enter the erotic world of submission like only Janice can describe. Become A Sissy Maid

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