Basic Box Making By Doug Stowe

a lot of pictures, but you will need a table saw to make the items. Basic Box Making I haven't finished reading the book, but it covers every aspect of building each box and details how to prepare the wood through finishing and gives ideas for options on how to individualize each box to your tastes. Basic Box Making Exactly as advertised. Basic Box Making Very informative, nice pictures have enjoyed making some boxes since reading this book. Basic Box Making Great book! A must for box builders. Basic Box Making

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I was wise to ignore the negative reviews. This is simply a beautiful, inspiring book. Maybe a little short on detail, but who cares? Basic Box Making This book is exactly what I was hoping for. A real good practicle guide to building beautiful wood boxes. The photos are great, the description is bang on. I can't wait to make a few. If you like comprehensive instruction books that give you the plans and the Basic Box Making Un bellissimo libro, pieno di fotografie e oggetti d'arte. Tantissime idee e creazioni diverse tra loro. Per tutti gli appassionati. Basic Box Making This is a great book to start making boxes. Very well explained and clear pictures. You do need a table saw and router table but if you want to make boxes you do need those anyhow.The sizes are in inches, but that's ok, you can just multiply everything by 2.5 to convert to cm.I have now made 5 of the boxes that are in the book and have learned an awful lot from them. Would seriously recommend this book as your first buy. Basic Box Making Je suis un peu déçue.Outre le fait que ce livre est en anglais, ce que je savais bien sur, je me rends compte que l'auteur dispose de matériel professionnel imposant qui n'est pas à la portée de tout le monde.Je pensais que les modèles proposés étaient réalisables avec seulement une scie à chantourner et ce n'est pas le cas. Basic Box Making

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