Barry Galbraith Jazz Guitar Study 3 -- Guitar Comping: With Bass Lines in Treble Clef, Book CD By Barry Galbraith

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This is for the advanced jazz guitarist who can read music proficiently. The chord voicings are exceptionally good. The backing tracks on the companion CD are very helpful. There are NO chord charts or TABS included. Barry Galbraith was one of the greatest jazz guitar players, although less well known (i.e. of a studio musician). Pocketbok For a book entitled 'Guitar Comping' this product is singularly unhelpful for the guitarist. All the chords are shown as block chords in standard notation and apart from the odd string number over a chord (indicating the location of the top note in the chord) nothing whatever by way of advice or instruction specific to the guitar. Also some of the chords seem as odds with the chord names above them. For example, the first chord in the first piece, 'Shiny', is called Gm7 yet the notation gives the notes Bb, D, F and A, which says Bb major 7 to me. If we want the chord to be some kind of G minor chord with those notes in it, then it needs to be called something like Gm9 (no root), or there needs to be some overarching EXPLANATION about what he is doing with the chords. The recordings on the CD are OK, but then you could just listen carefully to your favourite comping guitarist. I can't recommend this book. In general I find the Jamey Aebersold books expensive (for what they are) and overrated. Pocketbok Any student of jazz guitar can enjoy and learn from these masterful examples of comping.Tasteful and challenging..always worthwhile.Complements Jim Hall, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Freddie Green and all the other rhythm greats.Highly Recommended..!! Pocketbok This is a great book for learning improvisation concept. There is no fingering for guitar makes so need to work to figure out.Expect to invest some time to practice tru the book. Can wait to go Jerry's next book. Pocketbok Great for studyingJazz Guitar accompaniment Pocketbok

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