Banes Heart (Avaleighs Boys #2) By Sandra R. Neeley

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Bane is solid, dependable, jaded, and painfully lonely. He is also a bear shifter, hot, sexy, dominant and panty-dropping gorgeous. He’s spent his entire life protecting his older brother from the cruelty of others, including their own parents. He’s never thought he was worthy of anything, much less a Mate. Then he sees her working in the only grocery in their small backwoods town, and he’s stunned. She calms him, gives him joy, makes him hope. His heart comes alive. But she’s young, and she’s quiet; he fears she’ll run from his obvious dominance. He decides to move slowly, earning her trust one day at a time. Then, just as he thinks things are falling into place, she crushes his soul, and disappears.

Janie has spent her entire life protecting herself and her mother from the terror that is her father. She’s always been made to believe that she was less than. She has accepted that her life will be spent alone, plain ole’ Janie, working her young life away in the local grocery. Then one day a beautiful, sexy, confident man comes into her store. She knows she’ll never be able to do more than admire him from a distance, until he smiles at her and makes her feel like the sun. But her father notices her interest in Bane, and demands that she cut him out of her life. He has other plans, and they don’t include a man in Janie’s life. He needs her submissive, and untouched.

Ricky is a small town hood and drug dealer. He’s surrounded himself with what he thinks is a powerful and imposing gang. But they made one mistake; the woman they agreed to take as settlement on a debt is Mate to a shifter. Never take a shifters Mate and expect to live! When Janie is traded to the drug dealer as payment for her father’s debt, it brings the wrath of an entire clan of shifters down upon the heads of Ricky and his gang. Will Bane be able to save his Janie? Will Janie be able to accept Bane’s true nature? Can they forgive each other and find the happiness that every shifter prays for?

This book is the second in a new series, Avaleigh’s Boys, about a group of shifters who make their home in the backwoods and bayous of South Louisiana. Their clan consists of a mix-matched group of five shifters who depend on one another and are loyal to no end. These are their stories. Banes Heart (Avaleighs Boys #2)

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AHHHHH OMG This book!! SO if you read book 1 (if you didn’t then why haven’t you?) you aren’t shocked to know that Janie is Bane’s mate. She is a bit younger than him and so he approaches her slowly to make sure she won’t bolt. He slowly starts to let his feelings be known for her and she’s over the moon. How can this hottie like her? How can he even look her way when he has all the “grocery store groupies” dying for his attentions.

Janie has some super big secrets in the closet. She and Bane have so much in common but because she is silent about her family life, he has no clue. When Janie’s drunk, no good dad decides to put an end to Janie and her romance, Janie is super upset but does what she can to keep her mom safe. That wasn’t enough because her dad sells her off to the local drug lord. What a great father!!
The couple must overcome A LOT to be together. He must save her even though he has the shattered heart. He can’t let his mate suffer even IF she rejected him. They also must face the fact he is afraid of him and his family. Shifters are scary if you don’t know what is happening!! Needless to say, the pack family is there to help them figure everything out!!

I feel like we got an extra bonus story about Goldie and Sadie. I was super excited to read the short chapter.

GAAAAAHHHHH Bam……when did he steal my heart? No clue but I need for him to find love so badly. He is such an amazing guy and then to find out about his ability……..the whole Daisy story and then YIKES what he tells Kaid….eeeepppppp. I am so ready for book 3!!!!!!
Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction Firstly I had the privilege of reading the Beta copy of this book. Thank you Sandra you are truly a lovely lady, i'm so glad that we are cyber friends


This is the 2nd book in Avaleigh's Boys series. I strongly suggest that you read I'm Not A Dragon's Mate before reading this book to get an insight into the characters. There are lots of pov's in this book so you get an insight into all the characters. There are the people from the 1st book and some new characters some are nasty and vile but the rest are lovable.

Bane goes to the grocery store to settle his-inner self, his bear. The woman that calms him is Janie, she's beautiful, but she's young and would never be interested in him if she knew he was a bear shifter. But she is interested in him. Could Janie be his one, his mate. He meets her and takes her lunch makes her feel special, then she breaks his heart by rejecting his love. He finds out she has been left in the hands of a drug dealer, thanks to her father. They rescue her but when she finds out they are shifters she is scared and calls them monsters. Bane feels so rejected by his Mate yet again, but will do anything for her including giving her up if that makes her happy.

Janie has a bad home life her dad is a drunk that physically and mentally abuses her and her mother constantly. She works at the grocery store and the hottest guy she's ever seen comes into the shop on a daily basis. He seems to seek her out but she thinks she's imagining it, because she thinks she's boring and plain. But Bane confesses that she is the reason he is always shopping there. Things at home get much worse with her dad and she breaks Bane's heart because her dad has threatened to hurt him or her mom if she carries on seeing Bane. Her dad is worse than her mother or she thought and he sells her to a drug dealer to pay his debt off. Luckily there are a lovable group of shifters that come running to her help, one problem Janie thinks they are monsters.

I've got to mention Bam here Bane's older brother. He has no self worth thanks to the people who raised him but he is so lovable and always putting other people first. But he's been hiding a little secret from his brother and the rest of his family clan. He always seems to talk in riddles and doesn't make sense, but people need to listen more to him because he's normally spot on. He is a special caring man filled with so much love and compassion. I really hope he finds his Ever.

Will Janie see past the Bear and still love Bane regardless?

Will they both get an HEA?

At the end of the book you get to read about the oldest member of the clan Goldy in Goldy's Girl. Goldy has gone his whole life without a mate, when he's least expecting to find his one she turns up out of the blue needing help. Kaid is also in for a surprise! Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction I really enjoyed this one. And the bonus short at the end was a plus! Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction
I hate misunderstandings but this was still a good book :) Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction Bane's Heart is the second in Sandra Neeley's Avaleigh's Boys series. This story focuses on Bane, another bear shifter from Kaid's clan, and his search for his One, the true soulmate he, and all other shifters, search for. Not every shifter finds their One but when they do, it's magical and forever!

Bane is the younger brother of Bam, another bear shifter of the clan. He's taciturn, a loner, and has spent his entire life protecting his brother. He, like the rest of the members of the clan, have grown to love Avaleigh but she's found her One, Daniel, a true dragon shifter. Bane has closed his heart and knows he'll never find his One. It's enough that he's part of the clan and can protect Bam.

Janie is a human female who works in the grocery where the clan shops. Janie has plenty of troubles. Her father's a drunk, drug user, and abuser. He not only beats and abuses her mother but he's turned on Janie as well. She's so beaten down she can't see any man caring for her. While shopping for supplies, Bane happens on Janie in the grocery. He and his Bear immediately know; they've found their One. But Janie's so meek, mild, easily startled. Bane and Bear both know they have to take this slowly or risk scaring Janie and losing her forever. They can't take that chance!

After that, Bane ensures he's the only one to get the clan's groceries. He finally approaches Janie, who's awed by the huge, handsome man who pays her so much attention. But she just can't believe that he'd be interested in her. She's just a mousy little nothing. What could he possibly see in her? But Bane patiently, calmly, quietly persists, slowly gaining Janie's trust. Bane and Bear are both happy, excited, joyful. They've found their One, and she wants them. Janie doesn't know about Bear or that Bane is a shifter, but they're taking it slow. It'll be alright.

Things are going so well. Then, one night after work, Janie's father springs a trap. He's seen her with Bane, and he's not at all happy. He orders Janie to end things with Bane or he'll kill her mother. Janie's terrified. She adores her mother, who's the only reason she's stayed at home all these years. But she loves Bane, and he's so protective. If he finds out about her father and the abuse, her father might well kill not only her mother but Bane as well. She has no choice. She has to end things with Bane. At the grocery the next day, Janie does just that, breaking Bane's heart into pieces, and her own as well.

But Janie's father's not done with her. He owes a huge debt to his drug dealer with no money to pay him, so he decides to sell Janie to cover his debt. The dealer accepts and kidnaps Janie. When Janie disappears with no explanation, her mother soon finds out what her husband has done and takes matters into her own hands. Although she knows little about Bane, she has to try to save Janie.

From here, the story bursts into a flurry of action-packed, fast-paced activity, full of twists and turns. Can Janie's mother find Bane? He's basically hidden from his entire clan, including his big brother with whom he has the closest connection. Even if his clan can find him, and Janie's mother can find them, will they be able to find Janie? If they do, can they save her? And there are still yet unknown others in play, waiting in the shadows to thwart the plans of the clan. Will Bane, Janie, and the clan survive or will the unknown destroy them all? The drama comes at you fast and furious. Bane and Janie's story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of happiness, tears, joy, terror, fear, desperation, and emotions of every kind. This isn't just a romance novel. Ms. Neeley is a true storyteller like the bards of old with the ability to take the very best elements of paranormal, action, adventure, and romance storytelling and weave them into an intriguing and spellbinding story that will keep you riveted from beginning to end.

One last note. This is an ADULT book with adult themes, explicit language, and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy erotic romance with explicit sexual scenes, then PLEASE carefully think before buying ANY BOOK IN A GENRE YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY. There's always a book synopsis at any bookseller's website, as well as reviews on Goodreads and numerous booksellers' websites and Facebook pages. PLEASE use these resources so you're sure the book you're buying is what you want. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW OF A BOOK YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY AS IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know before you buy a book that you'll object to the subject matter, you're doing both yourself and the author an extreme disservice. If you do enjoy hot, erotic paranormal/shapeshifter romances, I highly recommend Bane's Heart! I give it my best recommendation without reservation!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading! Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction


This is the second in Ms. Neeley's series of Avaleigh's boys (and I hope not her last). Bane is all man (and then some) and the last thing he needs in his life (or thinks he needs) is a mate (or any woman for that matter). All he needs is his brother and their make shift odd family of shifters. But when he sees Janie in the grocer store where she works he makes every excuse to visit her there every day (even to shopping every day). The two start to develop a relationship then she disappears. When Bane learns what has happened to her he vows to get her back and move anything in his path to do so and calls on his family to save her but will they get there in time to save her? And if they do will she be able to accept him, Bear and all, or will she have been damaged beyond repair by what she has seen and gone through? This book is intended for mature readers who don't mind lots of cuss words, steamy hot sex and some violence. This books shows that true family isn't always those related by blood and god help those who get between a man and his true mate. I'm looking forward (i hope) to the rest of Bane's family finding their true mates. Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction I love her series. On to book 3 :) Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction So much fun to read.

This is the second ( and best ) book in the Avaleigh's Boys Series.
Bane's Heart made me happy. Good flow and never boring.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading. Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction I am totally loving this series!

As expected this sequel is just as good as the first…no, even better. I loved every minute of the story and am looking forward to the next installment, “Kaid’s Queen.”

I have to say I absolutely loved Bane and Janie together. They were so wonderful and seemed to fit together well. Both were so sweet and caring towards one another. It was easy to believe the love they felt wasn’t just the insta-love mate bond.

The short story at the end called, “Goldy’s Girl” was a perfect addition to the story. I loved that Goldy was able to have his mate and how she was connected to Bane’s mate.

Oh, and teaser at the end of Goldy’s story was perfection!

Writing quality: Good
Violence: Some
Sexual content: Some
Narration: Third person
Plot: Some twists
Mood: ranges from hopeful to dark to light-hearted
Pace: Steady & Fast
Character development: Developed

Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction This was a lovely sweet book. It will cheer you up when you are down. Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction