Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile By Kim-Joy

This book is so much fun! Kim-Joy is so talented, and all of her bakes are so bright and cheerful. I loved looking at her creations and reading her carefully planned recipes. 9781787134584 Joyful and creative! 9781787134584 Kim Joy is a legitimate joy! I loved her baking book! This is the first cook book I’ve read cover to cover and I loved it. I love that she included both measurements, not just metric. 9781787134584 Who doesn't love Kim-Joy? I'm looking to inject some color and magic into my baking game to impress some Very Important Kids in my life, and this book is putting me on the right trajectory. Can't wait to bake and decorate Baby Yoda cookies with the semolina flour and royal icing recipes this Friday--and make either the rainbow or carrot cake for Easter! And, as soon as my friends can gather together post-COVID, I'm going to try the Space Turtle Cake. It's not quite the cute space turtle cookies Kim-Joy made on the Great British Baking Show, but it's close! Turtles in space on a cake! Out of this world! What more do you need? 9781787134584 This is joyful. I am yet to make any of the recipes, but I keep borrowing this as an ebook, and reading it again. There is a halloween cake with meringues as ghosts and some spooky pears. I am sure that everyone needs a space turtle cake in their lives with the incredible colours it provides. There are pages of instructions for some cakes but this seems helpful rather than overwhelming. The recipe I want to make first are the Tangzhong Cat Buns (think a tin of bread rolls that look like sleeping cats), but first I need to add some food dye to my kitchen supplies. The Space Turtle Melonpan Buns also look joyful. Macarons are turned into many animals including cats and koalas. The lemon tarts with meringue cats also look lovely as do the Pigfiteroles in Mud (choux pigs in chocolate).

This would be an interest addition to reading group discussions. 9781787134584


Free read Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile

Infuse your baking with a sprinkle of glitter, a rainbow of colors and a menagerie of woodland creatures with the help of this unique baking book from everyone's favorite Great British Bake Off finalist, Kim-Joy!

If you've ever wanted to know how to bring your baking to life, Kim-Joy will show you how in this fun and practical book. As well as basic cake mixes, cookie doughs, fillings/frostings and decorating techniques, she shares 40 of her wonderfully imaginative designs for iced cookie creatures, big occasion cakes, character macarons and meringues, ornate breads and showstopping traybakes. Recipes include step-by-step photography and adorable illustrations accompanied by little messages of positivity throughout.

Whether you want to learn how to make a llama cookie, a cat paradise cake, a panda-madeleine or a choux-bun turtle, there's something here to capture your imagination and spread a little (Kim-)Joy! Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile

I Love the details of the book, and the recipes were easy to follow! It's really nice to recreate Kim-Joy's bakes from the show, and it's great for anyone who's a big fan of the Great British Bake-Off (Great British Baking Show for US watchers) and enjoys adding a touch of creativity and flair to their baking. 9781787134584 I flipped through this cookbook but didn't try any of the recipes, let alone decorating ideas. I am in awe of Kin-Joy's talent! I could possibly manage the breads. The little turtles were cute. I appreciate how she gives options for flavors for those who may not like one options can use another. The directions are clear and seem easy enough to follow but I'm not an artist so I didn't try anything. My almost 14-year-old niece squealed when she saw the cookbook. She and her mom ooohed and ahhhed over it. They asked to borrow the book and I handed it over and will let their talent and imaginations do the rest. I will report back if they make anything! 9781787134584 As a vegan and very lazy baker, I didn't think I'd really find much use for this cookbook —I just wanted to enjoy reading about Kim-Joy and seeing her cute designs. BUT I WAS WRONG. There are several clever and delicious-sounding vegan recipes in here, and I'm beyond excited to try them out! Also, some of the ultra-cute designs don't even look that hard to make. I might actually make something adorable for my extended family's first post-COVID get-together! 9781787134584 Time perfect as the Great British Bake Off starts this Tuesday Kim -Joy 's new fun cake book comes out , every bake with a funny story.
This an interesting collection of adventures cakes The Vegan Chocolate Cake, Spiced Carrot Walnuts, The Rainbow cake that was made on GBBO to Snow Christmas Cake. The fun cookies cat biscuits to the cat buns Space Turtle Buns.
The square cakes are most interesting as so fab .
Over all this a cake bake dream with great photos of the cakes ,tips on icing each recipe is writen well 9781787134584 So, a little spoiler... I LOVED THIS. After watching Great British Bake-Off last year, Kim-Joy was definitely my favourite and so to see her debut baking guide released, I had to borrow a copy from the library ASAP. The guide is so colourful, well-illustrated, handy tips and easy to read baking recipes. I would say that it is very accessible and as for myself trying to bake, well, I burn 99% of things I cook, so maybe the baking might not be as pretty as Kim-Joy's...

Highly recommended! 9781787134584