Back in the Brazilians Bed [with Bonus short story] (Hot Brazilian Nights! #4) By Susan Stephens

Did not finish.
First, the Hero's name doesn't sound very Brazilian.
Second, it was depressing :s 9780373133963 Very dark story. After her one night stand with hero, heroine not only loses her baby, but she is moving on to a new relationship with an abusive man who beats her and almost rapes her. Depressing book. 9780373133963 while i was reading the book i thought it was a bad book. hero is arrogant, and heroines brother is also arrogant and bully towards her. so it was a bad book for me. but at the end, public just went from bad to horrible.
i hate public displays of marriage proposal and undying love. 9780373133963 A nice read.

Years ago they shared a hot passionate night together. Finally believing that Dante loved her too, Karina is crushed when Dante treates her like a mistake. Dante afraid of his feelings for her and his belief that he is too young to be tried down breaks her heart.

Years pass......Dante goes about his arrogant playboy ways while Karina overcomes a painful secret and an abusive relationship to owning her own catering company.

They meet again to plan the Gaucho Cup on Dante's estate: Dante is intrigued by her and can't stop thinking about that long ago passion. Karina on the otherhand does not want to get involved with the heartless man again. Passion rears its head leaving both unable to fight their attraction but Dante will need to work extra hard to keep Karina.

A nice passionate read, but some areas were sad and others kind of dull.....not sure what happened but the storyline and characters were not woven together with same thread. 9780373133963 First turn off - stupid grammatical errors. Don't get me started on the dumb storyline. However, the bonus short story by Maisey Yates included with this book had me hooked from the beginning and I will definitely make a point of reading more books by Maisey Yates! 9780373133963

He's back in her life…

Events planner Karina Marcelos has risen to the top of her field trying to forget lothario polo player Dante Barracca. Ten years ago he took her innocence, but that wasn't all she lost after that fateful night…

She's back in his bed!

With the Gaucho Cup to organize, Dante knows Karina is the best person for the job. But the buttoned-up woman he hires is a shadow of the vivacious girl he once knew. No one can hide under the glare of the Brazilian sun, and Dante plans to lift the lid on Karina's secret before he lifts the champion's cup! Back in the Brazilians Bed [with Bonus short story] (Hot Brazilian Nights! #4)

FREE READ Back in the Brazilians Bed [with Bonus short story] (Hot Brazilian Nights! #4)

I am no stranger to Mills & Boon books but this one is utterly ridiculous. It's filled with all manner of implausibilities, extreme emotions and extreme actions.

I cannot fathom how this was ever given the go-ahead. Wait! I do know: The 'hero' has a magic penis and 'fixes' the heroine, freeing her from the trauma that's overshadowed her entire adult life.

9780373133963 ok 9780373133963 Another enjoyable romance by Susan Stephens. :) 9780373133963 I loved the story, she was a strong woman that overcame issues that happened to her. Which helped her to heal and also with the help of male lead character Dante (which I loved his character), I also liked the his personality and the way he handled things! It was a good short read!! 9780373133963 The whole mysterious past was a bit too played out for me, it's used as an excuse more than halfway through the book. So it got old quick, especially since we didn't know what had happened as a reader either. And after the mysterious past, she stumbled into an abusive relationship, which again is not fully explained. It's not clear at all to me what happened there exactly. I found that quite frustrating.

But besides that, I did like the relationship between Karina and Dante. They were too young when they first got involved, and they needed that time apart to grow up and become their own selves. Now they are ready for a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. At no point does Dante doubt what he wants, which is Karina back in his life. He doesn't use any dirty tricks or doesn't rely on miscommunications or misdirections to win her back. He says what he wants and he goes after it. But he also doesn't push her too much. He uses the Gaucho Cup as a reason to keep her close yes, but he doesn't push her in any other way besides that.

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