Baby Orca By Mary Batten

Gave it to my granddaughter along with a small stuffed orca because she loves whales. I was concerned the book would be too childish for a 10 year old but she loved it. 32 pagine I learned a lot from reading this book to my son. So much factual information about orcas. Very well written. 32 pagine great photos could have been pages 32 pagine My kids love the book. Every time I read it they bombard me with questions and talk all about the baby orca and the orca pod. My daughter says she wants to go orca watching now. 32 pagine Our little cousins in Germany loved these! Easily translated in the Google app for them. They love orcas! 32 pagine



Young readers will love this fun, fact filled introduction to one of the most fascinating sea creatures!Baby orca lives in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean with her family. They click and whistle to communicate. Baby orca spends her days playing with friends, napping, and swimming. As she gets older, she learns to hunt. Eventually, she has her own baby orca to take care of! Baby Orca